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It's been two weeks since the good folks of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho came out to protect their local downtown district against any possible ANTIFA antics.  In these past days I have had a chance to talk to some people, locals and visitors alike about their reaction to seeing SO MANY PEOPLE on a 6 block strip, all armed.  And I don't mean, concealed, I mean, right out there in your face, big guns...Ak's, AR's, 12 gauge shotguns, hand guns of every sort,  and most people didn't just have one gun, they had several.  There were moms, dads, college students, army vets, bikers, grandmas and grandpas and a variety of good ole boys.  The main street was was bumper to bumper with jacked up trucks with heavily armed people riding in the bed, American flags flyings from their tailgates, minivans, hybrid cars, old junkers and sparkling fancy cars, the scene almost rivaled our famous Car d'Alene event.  It really was something that none of us in this quaint little tourist town had ever experienced!  I for one was so proud of our town that it actually brought tears to my eyes.  And when my sons informed me that they were going downtown to help, I felt a twinge of anxiety mixed with extreme pride that they wanted to be apart of this, to protect the community where they were born and raised. To be clear, my sons are not members of the redneck, good boy club that so many in the media are insisting the majority of our residents are; one is finishing college in Aerospace Engineering and the other a suit & tie wearing executive...so there was all walks of life there.   The really interesting thing about that night is the town was FULL of tourists.  Coeur d'Alene is a tourist town and since Idaho opened May 1st and many other  places were still in a contrived pandemic, HOSTAGE situation, by June 1st we were pretty full or folks looking for, some, "normal."  Not sure this is what they expected.

Families on vacation were packing the restaurants, I saw lots of little kids, couples holding hands walking their dogs, bands playing in clubs...and thousands of guns!  As I drove down the strip I didn't see any panic on ANYONE'S face, people were laughing, conversing, having dinner on the outside patios and it was like a normal, extremely busy night, REALLY BUSY night on the town, except for the 1000's of guns!  And NO, I am not exaggerating...I know, my husband has told me a trillion times not to exaggerate, but there were literally 2-3 guns for every person and there was at least 1000 people protecting our city at the height of the evening. Only a few stores had boarded up their storefronts anticipating the worst. Mind you, the night before, Spokane Washington was unexpectedly hit hard by  "visitors" and the inflicted damage and terror was  like something Spokane has not experienced before. These Coeur d'Alene businesses didn't expect the type of protection that they would get that night, or for the following 5 nights.  

Imagine by Dustin Wiggins

Imagine by Dustin Wiggins

Oh, which brings me to the reason I am writing this follow up piece.  So, I was thinking, what is the difference between our little town with heavily armed citizens protecting a 6 block area and the  Capitol Hill area of Seattle Wa, with ANTIFA THUGS terrorizing a 6 block area?  Population?  I mean, well, Coeur d'Alene and its surrounding towns  have a population of 158,000 and that is our entire county and man, that sounds like a LOT of people to me, but then I looked up the population of King County; 2,204,229...WHATTTTTT...holy heck now that's a LOT of people!  If only a fraction of a percent of their population went out to deal with these ANTIFA terrorists, they could whoop their arses!  But they're not...WHY?  Well, I actually have the answer, which is really the main reason I am writing this follow up article.  

Photo by Mark Addy

Imagine by Dustin Wiggins

I have been talking to a lot of people about the June 1st event and the majority feel as I do...pride.  However, there are some, mostly transplants to our town that think much differently.  Our community is diverse as most tourist towns are...and it is very artsy which brings in the Liberals.  The Liberal transplants have a VERY different view regarding what they experienced that night and the follow 4 nights.  As most of the country knows our town, well actually a neighboring town, Hayden (we are all connected geographically) has a history of a racist group which relocated here from California,  known as the Aryan Nation and run by a man named Richard Butler.   Butler came here in the early 70's, set up his racist camp...it was ANTI-GOVERNMENT, and very racist.  Kinda like ANTIFA with a twist as ANTIFA hates everyone no matter their color if they don't agree with them. Anyway, Butler was a bad dude and his group fizzled out in 2000.  No one appreciated him in our town, he was not liked. At one point of their tenure here, members of his group placed several small bombs in buildings in the Downtown Coeur d'Alene area as a distraction for a bank robbery which was unsuccessful...that was 20 years ago!  But there are still those Liberals who live here who saw the night of June 1st. as a reenactment of WHITE SUPREMACY from the time of the Aryan Nation!  They missed the entire point that the enemy was a HATE group very similar to the Dixie South racists, or even in recent history the  prominent, Democrat Senator, Robert Byrd who was an extremely high ranking Klansman.  The group that was here was ANTIFA and they only spread hate and violence no matter your color.  To them it is only about your politics!  I guess we could call them an equal opportunity hater!  And even then, they are out of control when they go into a town to wreak havoc and they don't read the memos on your door explaining your political ideologies...heck they would destroy an Apple store while they film it with their Iphones.  Their agenda is purely political and with ALL political narratives, they couldn't let a good CRISIS go to waste...enter George Floyd.

Imagine by Dustin Wiggins

So, Seattle won't fight back because they have been conditioned to believe that they can't, they feel that they are powerless against a group that, on one hand has been promoted to be the champion and changer of all things bad in this country by the Media Monsters, and the crooked, liberal politicians.  To fight back would be to go against all those ideologies they have come to agree on and the reason they all have planted themselves in that Alt-Left city.  They won't fight back because in their heart of hearts they believe that this group (ANTIFA) is actually doing a good thing by seizing part of their city, by force, using the same weapons they detest and promoting a lie they they continually spout---"black lives matter, government bad, we want free stuff, and this is how change occurs!"  All the while they are being promoted by their favorite media darlings who are daily claiming that these people are, "heroes", "defenders of equality" and represent "true patriotism."   This is exactly what political brainwashing does...this is the REASON that we had a few business owners in Coeur d'Alene disgruntled at the hundreds of armed citizens standing guard over our local businesses.  Even though they saw with their VERY OWN EYES on our local news the destruction that occurred in Spokane the night before, and even though they knew our local law enforcement had intel that this group was planning to come to our town to cause trouble, they still viewed the good guys with guns as a scary threat and a representation of White Supremacy that had once lived here.  ANTIFA coming would have been a problem, but seeing roughly One Thousand gun toting, camo wearing, flag bearing citizens coming together, without much organization but with a SINGLE purpose, was quite terrifying to them. Liberal conditioning runs deep.

Photo by Mark Addy

So as I sit, typing this out, hearing the chatter about the Patriots who intend to head over to Seattle and deal with their domestic terrorists I have mixed feelings.  On one hand I am giddy with renewed sense of patriotism at the thought of rival biker gangs dropping their animosity for each other and coming together for a cause,  truckers who are coordinating  together to seal off the area, HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of military veterans all communicating their strategy to invade and conquer those who have seized, by force an area of our country, holding 6 city blocks hostage.  The thought of that renews my faith in the citizens of this country to STAND UP and remove this plague that has replaced the RONA!  On the other hand, I want Seattle to deal with these thugs on their own.  I want the citizens of that city to see first hand the lie they have been fed, ingested and thrive on.  I want those business owners here in Coeur d'Alene that are mostly Liberal transplants to watch these criminals who strive for Anarchy, finish off those business that are located in the 6 blocks  of Seattle that were already financially damaged by the manufactured crisis of the RONA to fall into complete financial ruin...to never reopen again.  I want the progressive Liberals, especially those in my town, to see first hand the LIE they have come to believe.  I think Tucker Carlson sums it up extremely well in his video Report.

So, while our little community took the possible ANTIFA invasion threat seriously and marched on the OFFENSIVE even to the anger and resentment of a few local, liberal business owners, what a grand prize it would have been for this TERRORIST group to have captured the SIX BLOCKS our community protected!  We are NOT a town of "white supremacists", we are not a community of hate mongering "racists", we have never espoused the KKK ideologies of Richard Butler's, Aryan Nation as some local liberal transplants claim...NO, what we are is a committed, tight community who will converge on a moments notice to protect all that we hold dear, and we don't stand guard with pitchforks, tire irons and molotov cocktails, NOPE we use guns and lots of them!  And NOT ONE SHOT was fired!  Not one "trigger happy redneck" lost his cool and not even one accidental discharge occurred, June 1st, 2020, when Coeur d'Alene, Idaho came together to protect our businesses, the peaceful protestors and even the liberal's who call our town home but will never understand the difference between our ideologies and those of the Progressive Liberal cities they came from.  

Imagine by Dustin Wiggins

Daniella Cross

Daniella Cross is a research writer, novelist, and social media truth warrior.  Her goal is to present information that is not readily found on the mainstream media and to promote conversation, intellectual honesty, and truth.

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  1. It was nothing but echo chamber LARPing, with a 0% chance of personal risk and harm possible in C D’AL. Without question, that’s why Cuckservative Inc. was numerous, out and about, with bright shining expensive toys in tow.
    I’d be shocked if the LARPing Cuck, East Coast Kerodin, wasn’t there dick-riding events, trying to lip siphon credibility points for himself.

  2. That’s how Idaho rolls 🖐🏼

  3. Good job Idaho

  4. I was so proud to hear the June 1st story of the patriots of Coeur D’Alene, Idaho! I only wish I could have been there to participate. But I live in near a small town in semi-rural Southeastern Pennsylvania, about 30 miles north of the lawless city of Philadelphia. I am a retired family physician, a Catholic Christian, a husband of 52 years to the same woman, a father and a grandfather. I have been a Conservative all my life. I have an ancestor who served in the Continental Army during our Revolution, a great great grandfather who was wounded in battle will serving with the Union during the Civil War, and a father who flew 30 combat missions over nazi-occupied France and Germany during WWII. I am a vehement supporter of our Constitution, especially the 1st and 2nd Amendments. So you can see that it pains me greatly to see what i9s going on in places like Seattle, Spokane, Portland, Minneapolis, New York, and other wonderful cities in our great country. Many of my friends and neighbors are of the same ilk, but I must admit that there are a lot of leftists here too. I would like to start a Patriots group such as yours here in our community. Can you explain to me the best way to go about starting this? How can can I pull the folks together who are ready, willing and able to defend our homes and property like you did in CdA? Thank you.

  5. Nice!!!

  6. This is the dumbest article I have ever read.

    1. Thank you, we enjoyed your article.
      Wish more people would show up and stand up.
      If we’re going to win this battle better get the younger generation out of the college’s where they are being brainwashed and expecting everything handed to them on a silver platter….free!!
      Seattle has so many transplants, no spine, no brains.

  7. Congratulations to the Citizens of Coir D’arleens for having the backbone to stand your ground and protect your community against these thugs. Sorry I wasn’t their with my share of hardware to join you.
    God Bless you one and all.

  8. I love it! Good for all of you to stand up and protect your city.

  9. That was just beautifully written. It’s inspiring and like you, proud of what we did. As one who participated, I felt proud to be an American who loves this country enough to protect what’s ours. Well done.

  10. Daniella, thank you so very, very much for your article!
    My husband and I fled Portland, Oregon almost 5 years ago and have never looked back.
    We went into downtown CdA the night our wonderful locals decided to protect the city.
    I have never, ever been as PROUD as I was that night!
    The decent, hard working, peace loving, and intelligent men and women living here, will NOT tolerate violence, mayhem and destruction in our town, and these good people came out to protect their city, their businesses, and their families.

    Coeur d Alene residents will NOT bow down to political correctness, nor will we take a knee to violent, vicious, hate mongers and insurrectionists invading our town.
    A large number of retired police and military have retired to North Idaho. We are also a gun culture, like it that way, and plan to keep it just as it is.

    Unfortunately, I have spoken to a number of transplants who despise everything that is North Idaho, and are trying to change Coeur d Alene and environs into the dystopian hell holes from which they fled (they’re usually from California).

    I invite anyone who was terrified, intimidated, frightened or dismayed at the display of strength shown in Coeur d Alene to PLEASE checkout Oregon, especially the Portland, Hillsboro, Salem, Corvallis and Eugene areas.
    You will find a Multicultural Paradise in any of these cities.
    The folks in many of Oregon’s cities, especially those cities in the Willamette Valley, are artistic, open minded, irreligious, multicultural, and oh so very tolerant.
    You will not find many gun owners there, nor will you find very many conservatives or Trump supporters; however you will find “loving” liberals who will welcome you as one of their own (as long as you share their viewpoint).
    The weather is infinitely better in Oregon than here in North Idaho, in fact you can protest pretty much year round in Oregon!
    So transplants to Coeur d Alene who hate it in here in North Idaho: I have the names of a couple of very good real estate agents who would love to help you with your move to the Great State of Oregon!
    Call me, I’ll tell you exactly where to go!

  11. Nicely written Daniella. Maybe SEATTLE is a wake up call to some liberals who may still have some neurplactisity left between their eardrums.

    1. Yes! Great article!

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