Several years ago I started a Facebook page called, "What's Going Around" mostly because so many people suffer from the same illness all around the world, with the same symptoms, duration and suffering level.  I am NOT an, anti-antibiotic person but I am a firm believer that we are misusing antibiotics to treat viral (not bacterial) illnesses...and you know SUPERBUGS are created by this misuse.  My thought process was, well if you had a place to go to see, "What's Going Around" you may skip that visit to the Dr. and know that others are also suffering from the same thing.  You know, like the Puking flu!  God I hate the puking flu more than anything, seriously, I would rather give birth than get that flu.  I wanted people to be able to see; ok, l a lot of people have this lasts 24 hours and don't trust a fart!  You all know what I am talking about there.  馃槈   I also wanted to clear up certain misconceptions, like green snot means bacterial.  THAT IS Not TRUE, but a myth that is hard to put away.  The vast majority of illnesses we see all over the globe are viral, but people still insist that they NEED antibiotics.  I say, your illness will go away in a week WITHOUT antibiotics or 7 days with.  But, the problem is still the misuse and overuse of antibiotics.  People just want a quick cure and think antibiotics will do it, but in most cases they don't and people can actually become more sick because these drugs are not discriminatory, they just go into your body and attack good and bad cells.  And ladies, let's not forget about the dreaded yeast infections.  Ugggg...

So back to my FB page.  In the fall, I keep track of how well or how inefficient flu vaccines's not hard as flu symptoms are pretty standard.  The majority of people I talk to who are sick during flu season have had their flu vaccine.  This year was a particularly interesting one, especially in Oct-Jan.  Generally, the flu doesn't rear its ugly head this early in the year, but I was noticing that a LOT of people were coming down with, "flu like symptoms" in early Oct.  Here is what I wrote on my page from Oct. through Dec. regarding this unusually early respiratory illness.

What's going around?

October 5, 2019 路 

So, is What's Going Around right now the flu or just a horrible sickness? I say it is a FLU virus!
By definition: What is influenza, aka the flu?
Influenza, commonly known as the flu, is a contagious respiratory illness caused by viruses that infect the nose, throat, and lungs. It can range from mild to severe. When ill with the flu, people often feel some (or even all) of these flu symptoms: Fever or feeling feverish/chills (not everyone with the flu actually gets a fever) Cough, Sore throat, Runny or stuffy nose Muscle or body aches, Headaches.

So, from what everyone has told me and I have heard and have been a witness to, what is going around is indeed the FLU! But what strain? And if they were tested and the test was negative, that would only be because the strain(s) that are in the flu shot is what "they" test for. So for those who have gotten the FLU shot and come down with what's going around, that is a two-fold problem. #1, most people are just now getting a flu shot and it takes weeks for the body to build up antibodies to the strains injected into your body. #2, this strain of influenza may not be what's in the vaccine this year.

My grandson in Hawaii contracted the FLU in early Spring, even though he had been vaccinated against it in Oct. He tested positive for the virus that was included in the last vaccine...that is how they knew he actually had the flu because they test for the viruses that they have used in the vaccine.

So bottom line, if you have ALL THE SYMPTOMS of the FLU, it is a very good (excellent actually) chance YOU HAVE INFLUENZA! And if you go to the Dr. sick as a dog to get tested and it comes back, Negative, you can ignorantly say--"WOW, I dodged that bullet!" And then go through the rest of the winter and say, "Well the shot worked, I didn't get the flu." 

So, in early Oct. people were really sick.  Now I want you to go back in time to last Fall, Oct-Dec.  Try to remember how you or a member of your family, a friend or a co-worker felt.  

I posted this, Oct. 17th, 2019

What's going around?

October 17, 2019 路 

So, there is this starts with you losing your voice and then progresses into a Horrible cough that lasts FOREVER! Who has had it?

Nov. 14th, 1029

What's going around?

November 14, 2019 路 

Good Morning! Firstly, I am NOT A DOCTOR but I can say with all certainty that, What's Going Around the globe right now is the FLU. I can also make the claim that this strain of virus was NOT included in this round of Flu Shots!

Which brings me to the validity and effectiveness of this vaccine. So all the people who visit their doctor with this horrible sickness--you know the one: Knocks you down for a few days, then you lose your voice with a stabbing sore throat for approx. 5 days and THEN comes the debilitating cough...that sickness! So, those of you that have gone to see the doctor and are tested for the flu (the ones that are in the vaccine) are told that you have something other than the flu--use your logic! I have spoken to many such people who have been convinced that they have something else other than the FLU. There is a reason for this and that is because they can only test for the viruses that are included in this year's vaccine and if you don't test positive for one of those--well, then you don't have the flu! SCIENCE! 馃槈 This is how manipulating the data (and people) works.

So how do those in the medical profession know that the shot was ineffective for a particular year? Simple, they obviously send their data of those they treated for Flu symptoms (the flu) but tested negative for what was included in the vaccine. The biggest problem I see here is that we have thousands, if not millions of people who actually have and are spreading the FLU and are told that they tested negative for the Flu, and then the next year, when they have forgotten how sick they were (kinda like childbirth) claim the effectiveness of the flu shot with sentiments like: "I get the flu shot every year and I haven't gotten the flu!" It is truly mind-boggling how persuasive the power of suggestion is!

I live in a relatively small town and I would say that at least 1/3 if not more of our population has had this virus and we haven't even gotten into the full swing of it yet.

And please note that I am not trying to dissuade anyone from taking the flu vaccine, I simply want you to be more educated about what you put in your body and understand how this all works. AND, if you have or come down with the virus that is going around and have these symptoms:
"Usually self-diagnosable:
Symptoms include fever, chills, muscle aches, cough, congestion, runny nose, headaches, and fatigue.
You have the FLU! You may not have the virus that was included in the vaccine, but you have the flu.

So, when next year rolls around and you are lining up for your flu shot, claiming that you didn't get the flu "last year", I will promptly remind you that you were sick as a dog, barked like a dog and coughed for 5 weeks! 馃槈

Dec. 3rd. 2019

What's going around?

December 3, 2019 路 

Hey folks, anyone or their kids have this fever thing going on? Granddaughter is on day 2 of 102-degree fever.

Dec. 9th, 2019

And then...after a least a decade of not being sick....

What's going around?

December 9, 2019 路 

Well...after several years--a decade actually of not having any serious sickness, I have falling prey to this cold thing going around and I can now EMPATHISE with those who have it or have recovered from it.

So I am on Day 3 and can 100% say that this is a FLU! Day one came with a nasty headache and I had pretty severe body aches. I could feel a tightness in my chest and knew that a cough was forthcoming. Day 2 I tried to go about my day with the help of pharmaceuticals...dayquil you have let me down. I went to bed at 5:30, but sleep would not come, even with help. The cough is way down deep but not persistent like the other cold thing going around (much worse and lasts longer). Worse at night when laying down. This is not the barky cough that the other cold presents, but it does take some doing to reach way down into the bowels of your lungs to bring up that Fiery Phlegm.

So far it hasn't debilitated me, although I almost took a nap on our couch--something I have never done--I've never even sprawled out on my couch before and let me tell you it is one heck of a comfy couch! But alas had to take hubby to physical therapy, or else I so would have napped!

Right now it is 5:30 and all I want to do is go to bed. But on the brighter side, my husband caught this prior to his knee replacement surgery so he was so drugged up he didn't even realize what was causing his suffering...and besides a slight runny nose and lingering (slight) cough, he is good to go. So, this cold, which we will call, "The not so bad one" lasts about a week.


Dec. 14th. 2019

What's going around?

December 14, 2019 路 

Ok, so now that I have become extremely intimate with this Bronchial illness, I have more first-hand knowledge to share. I am on day 8 and just starting to feel like I can breathe again. This is EXTREMELY Bronchial and way deep. At this point, I can stave off the symptoms with regular doses of Dayquil and Nyquil, but the moment it wears off! COUGH COUGH. There is a lot of wheezing and lower lung gurgling in this VIRAL infection. I have found that once you can cough up the phlegm in the lower lung, you are ok for a while. Today is the first day that I haven't had to be on time with my Dayquil so I am hopeful... Sleeping with a few pillows seems to also help with the wheezing and gurgling.

I am not sure why doctors keep prescribing antibiotics for this flu as it is viral and the only thing antibiotics will do is create superbugs and lower your body's ability to fight future infections. We must stop using antibiotics as Placebos!

This is a long-lasting virus but it will pass. Just talk to your friends and neighbors who have had it...they will tell you.

In hindsight, my husband and I had all the markers for Covid in December!  I actually thought I had pneumonia.  Another interesting thing, looking back, the hindsight I have now, after months of COVID research, is that my husband and I complained of losing our sense of taste during this weird respiratory sickness.  This really sucked for us as all we had in our wine cellar was expensive bottles of wine...we had already drank the cheap ones, and we couldn't taste them.  For you wine lovers, YOU FEEL MY PAIN!  It wasn't until a couple of months later when THE COVID hit the news that we realized that we most likely had the RONA as loss of taste was one of the strange symptoms!  Interesting side note: Our good friends came back from China early Jan. 2020 sick as dogs with the exact same acute respiratory illness that we had in early Dec.  China?  Weird right!  And just think, we didn't have to go to China to get it!  

What is the media saying?

"The coronavirus was likely in the US before anyone knew it existed. It's now hard to believe we ever assumed otherwise."  ~Business Insider June 7th, 2020

"On January 19, a 35-year-old man walked into an urgent care center in Snohomish County, Washington, with a cough and a fever. Four days earlier, he had returned from a trip to Wuhan, China.

A test revealed his diagnosis the next day: The US had its first case of COVID-19.

But he was almost certainly not the true first. Since then, a growing number of puzzle pieces have revealed a different picture of the beginning of the country's outbreak 鈥 one that in retrospect seems so obvious it's hard to imagine we ever believed otherwise. The coronavirus probably began spreading in the US in December, before we even knew it existed."

"SEATTLE 鈥 In a county north of Seattle, two people who came down with respiratory illnesses in December now have antibodies for the coronavirus. "  NYtimes June 1st, 2020

"In Florida, a public health official who got sick in January believes he had Covid-19."  NYtimes June 1st, 2020

 鈥淲ho got sick in November or December and it lasted 10 to 14 days, with the worst cough that wouldn鈥檛 go away?鈥 the posts say. 鈥淚f you can answer, yes, then you probably had the coronavirus. There were no tests and the flu test would come back negative anyway. They called it a severe upper respiratory infection.鈥潂 USA Today  March 26th, 2020

A lie and some truth:

"Researchers have tied the origin of the virus to a live animal market in Wuhan, China. The World Health Organization first received a report of the outbreak on Dec. 31, but the virus originated in China more than a month earlier than that. A study published in early March by researchers at ETH Zurich puts the origin of the virus in the first half of November."  ~ USA Today  March 26th, 2020

Are we to believe CHINA?

So, China claims that this flu came from a bat, eaten by a sexy chinese woman, bla bla bla...jumped species, more bla bla...and this all happened in late Dec. 2019.  Oh hogwash!  I think we all know by this point that this is a virus, developed in a lab, somehow got loose, intentionally or unintentionally and traveled all over the globe as early as November, perhaps even Oct. 2019.  I also firmly believe that the HUGE spike in infections but a decrease in "presumed covid deaths" is related to the fact that those who had the infection, say in Dec, Jan, Feb and thought they just had the seasonal flu are simply testing positive because they have antibodies, which may show THE COVID in your body even though you aren't infectious anymore.  You will also notice that it used to be that you could ONLY get tested if you were symptomatic, but now, heck, they have McDonalds drive through like testing centers everywhere and people who are not sick are getting tested by the hundreds of thousands!  So many POSITIVES---PANIC!  But death rate going down...hmmmm

So Tomorrow...

Now, because I want to know, and my 21 year old son thinks he has THE COVID because he has all the symptoms, tomorrow I am getting the Antibodies test.  I told my son, "don't you remember when I had this sickness?"  And like a true man he says to me, "No mom, you weren't this sick!  I don't remember you being sick at all!"  Arggg, to all the Moms and wives out there...I get it!  

I will update this post as soon as my results are back.  Cheers!  

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