I just finished reading an article in the Indystar that was discussing how a White woman pretended to be a Black woman, for years evidently. "Born Jennifer Lynn Benton, their name was legally changed to Satchuel Paigelyn Cole  in 2010 in Hamilton Circuit Court, according to the online court docket. Cole is the latest in a string of white women who have admitted or been outed for presenting themselves as Black." ~Indystar  I would like to say the word choice "their" was a misspell but I am pretty certain it was an homage to the LGBTQ community.  Anyway, the article talks all about how the Black community is all up in arms and extremely offended by the fact that this woman, Satchuel, aka Jennifer, had the audacity to pimp herself out as a Black woman.  So, evidently this is a thing. And here I thought it was only Rachel Dolezal; you remember her, the White woman in Spokane, Wa. who transformed herself into a Black woman and wound up leading the NAACP in her neck of the woods, which is also my neck of the woods.  Nope, not just her. But it is not these pretenders that I really want to discuss here, it is the offense Black people are showing over the actions of these dare them identify as Black.  I mean, come on, Obama did it!  He outright picked Black to identify as.  He could have just been happy being biracial,  half Black and Half White, but no, he decided to identify as 100% Black.  Not a single Democrat called him out on that!  

Rachel Dolezal identifying as a Black woman who was born a White woman. Photo Credit: The Economist

you can't identify as black if you haven't experience being black!

Why are people upset about this? This Liberal ideology was created decades ago and most certainly embraced and endorsed by the Left in the last decade. If a biological man can pretend to be a woman and surgically augment themselves to appear as a woman, even though they have NEVER experienced what it is actually like to be a biological woman...we are told that we MUST accept this "lie."  There are NO, if, ands or buts about...we must accept them for who they identify as.  It doesn't matter that they will never know what a biological woman experiences, if they want to identify as a woman, I MUST be accepting of that, or I will be shamed and called all sorts of names by the Left. 

What about Transvestites (Drag Queens) who make themselves into gross caricatures of women, who offend real, biological women with their over-sexed appearance and immoral attitude. Should we, as real, biological women be offended? I a sure am. But I am called a bigot for having such opinions.

How is it then, that a White person identifying as a Black person is so offensive to Black people? Is it because they have never actually experienced what it is like to be Black and they are just pretending?   I have literally seen videos of Black women beating the crap out of a White woman for wearing box braids.  Cultural Appropriation?  What if the woman in the video--oh yes, if I had to watch so do you--what if a White woman attacked a black trans women?  Or a Black Transvestite for "gender appropriation" (I made that up) Oh, the outrage would be all over the news!  But it is no different.  We have been indoctrinated to accept anything! Except evidently a White person identifying as Black...that is a NO NO!  

So again, I must ask, WHY are Black people offended when White people impersonate them? Perhaps they should just accept it like a biological woman must accept these fake women! Who are you to say what these White people identify as? You must accept them for who they identify as! If you don't then YOU are the racist!

Black is the new white

Every day we see more and more useful White idiots joining in on the BLM movement, holding their fists up in mock rage, wearing Black power shirts and some even so brazen as to confront conservative Blacks and claim that that are more Black than an actual African Black...yes White people are doing that.  I have yet to hear that the Black BLM members are kicking those White fellow rioters out of the gang.  Sure haven't!  And these White people are regurgitating the same rhetoric as the Black people, like they have experience being black and not in a sympathy way but an empathetic way.  Where are the offended Black people over this?  Ah, these useful idiots are actually helpful to the BLM terrorists. Much like the stupid, ignorant young people who ran off to play a dangerous game with Al Qaeda, thinking they were empowering these terrorists who only wanted to share the peace of Islam---REVOLUTION! Ummmm, really just a hostile takeover.  But if you think about it, the similarities are striking. 

identify as whatever you want!

Hasn't this been the mantra of the Left for the last decade?  It doesn't matter who you offend, just do what you want, be who you want.  If you are a man and want to be a woman, DO IT!  If you are an oversexed drag queen and you want to let little kids sit on your lap and read them stories at a public Library, well then, heck, if that's who you are, we can't judge that.  If you want to be called, their, they, them, Ze or whatever, we will force schools and universities to make that so!  And by all means, use whatever bathroom you want and we will heap shame upon shame to those who don't want to undress in a locker room with biological, penis bearing men who want to identify as women.  Nore should anyone, especially women be offended when a biological male, invades their sports.  What a bigot you would be if that offended you!  

It only makes sense that if you want to identify as being Black, NO ONE should shame you!  You shouldn't have to apologize for your lack of pigmentation and your natural blonde, straight locks, and if it makes you feel like you fit in better, get a tan, perm your hair, you could even polish up on your ebonics...  Seriously, WHY would everything else be ok, and encouraged but not this?  What's next, shaming someone who get eye surgery to look Asian and dyes their hair black so that they can identify as Japanese?  Maybe they want to get into a better college?  Maybe they live to eat Sushi or want to become a Japanese chef?   Who knows?  

The Liberals have created this culture and now they really need to embrace these White Black people.  It's only fair!   

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Daniella Cross is a writer who seeks out the truth that the mainstream media ignores, evades, or otherwise conceals from the public.
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