Jewish Dr. Hated by the left is nominated to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for his COVID CURE

I don't think there was a single conservative who woke up the morning of Nov. 4th, 2020 and didn't think they were living in a parallel universe!  Even many Democrats were left scratching their heads when the election results were announced.  And then...chaos ensued!  

Even though many of us sat through dozens of hours of first hand testimony, expert forensic witnesses who laid out indisputable evidence of voter fraud and 75+ million Americans who watched in dismay as it was reported that thousands of ballots were dumped into the voting system, all for Biden, in the wee hours of the morning.  And then as the days continued video was produced that showed black suitcases pulled from under tables, batches of ballots running through machines multiple times, poll workers streaming on their cell phones their participation in nefarious activity, even truck drivers claiming that their semi's, full of ballots simply disappeared in the middle of the much evidence of voter fraud it should have been impossible to look away from that train wreck!

Which brings us to some folks who actually did something to prove what so many suspected, A RIGGED ELECTION!  The good people in Arizona's, Maricopa County found so many discrepancies in their election ballots that they petitioned the court to perform an independent forensic audit and they won!  Ironically, the Judge, Daniel Martin, is a Democrat appointed judge who approved this audit!  

So now the Maricopa County audit has been completed and we should be hearing the results sometime this week...maybe as early as Monday, June 28th.  

As the Democrats scream, cry and have fits of hysterics over the thought of being caught in their 2020 election scam and trying their hardest to claim that ANYONE who believes the election was fraught with fraud is a "conspiracy theorist" they are going to loose their grip once the evidence comes out in Arizona.  Remember these are the same people who claimed that COVID came from someone eating a bat in the wet markets of Wuhan, China, and allowed millions of people to die because they wanted to push a money making vaccine instead of repurposing drugs like Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin that had been PROVEN to save lives and also called President Trump a Xenophobe for closing our borders at the onset of this "pandemic."  And this is the main reason that the Democrats and the Mainstream media MUST push the Jan. 6th lie to its fullest!

More states to perform election audits!

After many state officials have toured the Maricopa audit facility and have experience firsthand how this process is being conducted, it is being touted as the "Gold Standard" of election audits.  This revelation has inspired others to request election audits in their state.  

Georgia's, Fulton county for instance has received a  court ordered to review of 150k ballots, to which the Democrats are losing their mind over and have hired criminal attorneys to STOP this investigation.  What are they trying so hard to hide?  

A little farther to the East, Sen. Doug Mastriano is calling for a similar audit in Pennsylvania after touring the Arizona audit facility and as these other audits begin to reveal widespread fraud, those Leftists crying, "conspiracy" will be the actual  be revealed as the true CONSPIRATORS that we all knew they were.  Remember, up is down right now.  


Voter fraud is nothing new and sometimes it is more blatant and obvious than others...the image link above will give you an idea of how rampant voter fraud really is in this country. But what happens when fraud is exposed on a grand scale as is suspected in the 2020 elections? Some experts are saying that if the audit in Arizona proves that Biden actually lost in that state then that states electoral vote would have to be recalled and given to Trump.  And if the dominos  fall to other states  and they demand the same type of transparent forensic audit, quite possibly Biden could lose the alleged electoral votes that got him into office.  THEN WHAT?  

That seems to be the question many are asking and no one seems to have an accurate answer.  I am convinced however, that as Biden continues to destroy this country  by creating a dire financial catastrophe as well as putting our country in a National Security crisis by allowing criminals and terrorists into our country at our Southern border, more and more states will be asking for a forensic audit. 

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Daniella Cross

Daniella Cross is a writer who seeks out the truth that the mainstream media ignores, evades, or otherwise conceals from the public.
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