In a recent Town Hall President Biden spews misinformation or lies about fully vaccinated people not able to get COVID!

When is someone going to do something about this farce we have as a President!  Good Lord, how long can the media protect this bumbling fool?  Remember when the Lefties claimed that President Trump Downplayed the virus?  Yeah, when he was banning travel & Speaker of the house, Pelosi was telling folks to head on down to San Fransisco's, China Town--IT'S ALL SAFE HERE!  And Joe Biden was calling him a racist, xenophobe!  In reality Trump didn't want to cause mass panic.  Like you know, people running out and buying all the toilet paper, hand sanitizer and Lysol!  Yeah, who would do that?  But, the media had a meltdown and claimed that President Trump was caviler about the seriousness of this virus while he was issuing a travel ban, sending huge medical ships to NY (which went unused), recruiting companies to make ventilators, building a hospital in NY's Javits Center and gathering the best scientific minds in the world to create a vaccine that those on the left demanded...all while being impeached on a Quid Pro Quo charge for asking Ukrainian President, Zelensky to look into Hunter Biden's illicit activity in that country. Keep in mind that the FBI had Hunters Laptop at that time and KNEW all about the Biden criminal activity, including Joe Biden's.  The Public, however, didn't know that fact!

So here we have President Biden, once again telling BIG FAT Lies to the American people regarding COVID and the vaccine.  I would assume that his handlers were just a bit upset with this entire "Town Hall" fiasco, but the Media, as usual tap danced to their damage control music and only a few caught on to these BLATANT LIES!  When a pre-screen and pre-selected member of the sparse audience asked about the CV-19 variants and the vaccine, Biden opened his mouth and flat out lied.  "the Delta Virus is much more deadly, in terms of unvaccinated people."  This is a fear-mongering lie!   

"You're gonna hear a lot of fear-mongering about the Delta variant, so let me break it down. It is about 40 to 60% more transmissible, but no evidence that it's more deadly. We were told the B117 mutation was more deadly, and the research came in showing that it's not. But because it is more contagious, we're seeing those who are not immune, primarily the young, see more cases.  We're also testing too many people who already have immunity. That's in violation of the CDC guidelines. Nursing homes, hospitals are testing people already immune with no symptoms, and that's what's driving up some of those case numbers that look like Delta hospitalizations. So, we're not going to see a surge in cases, but we’re probably going to see a surge in PCR tests among those asymptomatic, with colonized Delta strain in their nose, but they are not transmissible and they are not sick from the illness."  Johns Hopkins, Dr. Martin Makary

There is an abundant amount of evidence that show that the Delta virus is much more transmissible and in many cases immune to the vaccine, it is also less deadly.  You can look that up on your own time.  But we have President Biden saying, really, one of the most ridiculous things considering how many people that have been vaccinated are being infected with COVID or The Delta variant.


Oh really Joe?  And he wasn't simply referring to the normal strain of COVID he was also answering a question regarding the new "variants" floating around and; this is Biden's, medical misinformation!  Ya just can't make this stuff up folks!  I have to wonder if this man, this cognitively struggling, OLD MAN, the leader of the Free World, has ANY IDEA of what is actually going on, and it seems that CNN's Don Lemon didn't have the sour seeds to call out Biden on this medical misinformation he so passionately spewed out.  Come on man, even CNN's health reporter talked about COVID infections in fully vaccinated people back in April!  

CNN admits vaxed people get COVID

CNN reports that fully Vaccinated people are getting infected with COVID!

truthful cdc report

Although, this was reported back in April of 2021, the CDC at least told the truth in regards to those who are fully vaccinated contracting COVID: "The findings in this report are subject to at least two limitations. First, the number of reported COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough cases is likely a substantial undercount of all SARS-CoV-2 infections among fully vaccinated persons. The national surveillance system relies on passive and voluntary reporting, and data might not be complete or representative. Many persons with vaccine breakthrough infections, especially those who are asymptomatic or who experience mild illness, might not seek testing. Second, SARS-CoV-2 sequence data are available for only a small proportion of the reported cases."

The irony is how the medical community downplays asymptomatic or mild symptoms in those who are infected with COVID who are vaccinated as opposed to someone who is unvaccinated who contracts COVID with those same symptoms...get your ass into quarantine you unvaccinated peasant...oh and by the way, you will most likely die from this virus that has a 99% recovery rate!

And contrary to the irresponsible, cognitively impaired, barely understood, utterances of the most ignorant LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD, the CDC had this to say: "Vaccine breakthrough cases are expected. COVID-19 vaccines are effective and are a critical tool to bring the pandemic under control. However, no vaccines are 100% effective at preventing illness in vaccinated people. There will be a small percentage of fully vaccinated people who still get sick, are hospitalized, or die from COVID-19."

Hmmm, so even though the CDC tries to SPIN the fact that fully vaccinated people are still susceptible to contracting COVID with the words, "effective" for a vaccine that is hardly EFFECTIVE, I am seeing that the vaccine death rate and the breakthrough cases are neck in neck...but vaccine related hospitalizations are hitting 2 million with about half of those suffering serious injury.  But ya know, "safe and effective."


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Daniella Cross is a writer who seeks out the truth that the mainstream media ignores, evades, or otherwise conceals from the public.
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