Fauci pushes fear mongering as cases of non-deadly Omicron rise.

I am so sick of hearing that those who contract COVID after being double vaccinated and booster suffer only mild symptoms strictly because of the foreign, spike protein clogging up their capilariar, veins and arteries, oops, I mean protecting them.  Seriously, NO ONE has any idea, NO ONE, as to the symptoms someone would have after being vaccinated with this experimental mRNA shot! 

I spoke with one man who was extremely ill after contracting COVID while being fully vaccinated.  He claimed that he would have certainly died had he not been vaccinated!  He truly believed this!  People all over the world are being brainwashed to believe this! Remember when it was touted by "Resident" Biden, GET THE SHOT AND YOU WON'T GET COVID!  The simple reason that they were so wrong on that front is that they had no idea if this experimental shot would work.  And then when it was abundantly evident that it didn't work as planned the propaganda machine kicked into full gear, with the mainstream media in cahoots with the CDC and the US Government, they changed their canary tune to, IF YOU DO GET A "BREAK-THROUGH" INFECTION, IT WON'T BE AS SERIOUS AS IT WOULD HAVE BEEN HAD YOU NOT BEEN FULLY VACCINATED!  They have ZERO way of knowing this to be true.

The majority of folks who have gotten this shot do not have natural immunities; meaning that they have not contracted this virus.  The fear-mongers would have you believe that 100% of the people who come down with CV-19 or any of the variants will become seriously ill and possibly die...  Here is Biden fear-mongering and in usual form, simply lying...AGAIN!  We already heard him flat out lie to the American people claiming that if you got this experimental shot that you "WOULDN'T GET COVID!"  That was a full blown lie!

Ok, as much as I would love to sit here and write about the deceitful  imbecile that is rumored to be running our country, that is NOT what I want to focus on here.  My point is, that the vast majority of people who contract COVID, 98.899% will fully recover.  As the data shows, most will have mild flu-like symptoms, some will have severe, like the seasonal flu type symptoms and a fraction of a percent will succumb to this virus...these are predominately the very elderly and those with severe comorbidities.  And as the data is showing, those who are fully vaccinated, contracting this virus, who are extremely ill and are dying also fall into the above category--older with and/or with comorbidities.

To claim that science proves that those who have been vaccinated and boosted and have this made up word--"break-through" case are less likely to become seriously ill is just HOGWASH!  No one knows, not even Lord Fauci.  They can speculate all they want but the fact is, this is NOT a vaccine in the classic understanding of the etymology of the word, no matter if the CDC tries its best to redefine what the word, VACCINE means.  This is much more like a seasonal flu shot that waines over a brief period of time, NOT an actual vaccine that prevents one from contracting a disease.  So, no one really knows how Mr. Smith's body would react to contracting CV-19 with or without the vaccine.  All anyone can do is speculate.  

Which brings us to the Omicron variant.  Data has shown that this virus affects both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated in the same manner, mild symptoms although you will be hard pressed to find anything online regarding this other than the fact that Omicron is infecting fully vaccinated and boosted people.  Take Germany for instance, 71% of its population is fully vaxed and yet,  96% of the Omicron cases are fully vaccinated.  We can also look at Vermont which is the most fully vaccinated state in the US, with the highest number of vaccinated CV-19 cases.   But in a twist of Laugh Out Loud  irony they seem to want to depart from the old-school COVID fear-mongering propaganda and made this claim, "At one point, it appeared that deaths were higher for vaccinated Vermonters — but experts have cautioned that without taking the ages of victims into account, the data can be misleading." (   HOW CONVENIENT to point out that the older one is, the closer to death they are.  Weird that wasn't the case before the vaccines came out!  Now it seems that we must take certain things into consideration, like a 85 year old person in hospice who died with a positive COVID test but NOT OF COVID!  The money must be running out!  

So, although you will read a LOT of fear porn from US Doctors and Hospital workers and even from our President, that the unvaccinated will die of the Omicron virus, this is what the South African Doctor that discovered this new variant (Angelique Coetzee--chair of the South African Medical Association)  had to say about the patients she had seen, "But for now, even the patients that we have seen who are not vaccinated have mild symptoms. I’m quite sure… a lot of people in Europe already have this virus."  

But what about the Houston man who is the ONLY person in the US to have allegedly died from the Omicron virus?  Well, although the producers of the provocative fear porn jumped on that bed before the sheets were even dry to proclaim that the US saw its first Omicron death!  But is that really true?  Martha Marquez of the Harris County Health Department (Texas) stated, “We can’t confirm that the patient died from COVID, but we can say that he was omicron positive at the time of his death,”  Ok folks, we ALL know that if this guy had actually died of Omicron, it would have been 100% confirmed...quite the contrary actually happened, Marquez had to make a point to let people know that this Houston man was allegedly positive for the Omicron, and die with it, not FROM IT!  But that didn't stop the Media from spewing their stuff all over the place that this UNVACCINATED man from Houston, Tx died from Omicron!  So, if we are going to use the media logic, then we can all say the Sir George Floyd died of COVID!  Remember he tested Positive post mortem, even though he had already recovered from a COVID infection months earlier!  

Ok now, before you get all uptight and freaked out about what you are hearing on the news about Omicron, keep in mind that this is EXACTLY what those, in control want you to feel as their virus, their cash cow, their experimental vaccine that does, WHO KNOWS WHAT to the human body, as their vaccine mandates and everything else about COVID starts to spin down the drain...they want you to be afraid!  STOP BEING AFRAID!  

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Daniella Cross is a writer who seeks out the truth that the mainstream media ignores, evades, or otherwise conceals from the public.
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