So, last year, Fauci’s own NIH knew that a natural CV-19 infection provided long lasting immunity, even before millions of Israelites proved this to be true.  Although he rarely spoke of this fact, his team of independent researchers had been doing research on those who had recovered from this virus and had robust natural immunities from CV-19 and its variants..  Here are a couple of quotes from the study.

The researchers found durable immune responses in the majority of people studied. Antibodies against the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2, which the virus uses to get inside cells, were found in 98% of participants one month after symptom onset. As seen in previous studies, the number of antibodies ranged widely between individuals. But, promisingly, their levels remained fairly stable over time, declining only modestly at 6 to 8 months after infection.”

Here is a little fact about antibodies: over a period of time, generally a couple of months, one no longer needs the antibodies, as the body is not sick, needing to fight off infection and these are replaced by T&B memory cells which remain dormant until they see a familiar virus.  These are the same cells (B&T) that the majority of us have from past infections like chickenpox, measles, mumps, etc.  

A most transparent admission that the generally public NEVER heard, LAST YEAR!  “Several months ago, our studies showed that natural infection induced a strong response, and this study now shows that the responses last. We are hopeful that a similar pattern of responses lasting over time will also emerge for the vaccine-induced responses. DrDaniela Weiskopf La Jolla Institute for Allergy & Immunology  (emphasis mine)  

RIGHT THERE!  We see the very clear statement that natural immunities far surpass those provided by the so called, "vaccine."  So much so that the immunologists were "hopeful" that they would see the same, long lasting results from the SHOT.  This was known last Jan. 2021!  And yet, for almost a year, those with natural immunities who were logically refusing to inject themselves with a experimental gene therapy have been mocked, disregarded, fired from their jobs and treated as if they carry the plague when in fact they are the most protected from COVID-19 and its variants.  And Fauci knew this at least a year ago, if not longer.  

So now Omicron and natural immunities...  I have found ZERO data, using actual numbers from the population that PROVE OMICRON EVDES NATURAL IMMUNITY.  I have read a LOT of information that uses the words, "studies suggest, perhaps, may, could..." and so on, but when I search out how many people with natural immunities to COVID, without a vaccine--meaning those who have natural immunities who also DID NOT GET the shot and have been reinfected, I find ZERO confirming information on that question.  From the data I have seen, it claims that roughly 57% of those with natural immunities from past infection have also received the vaccine.  I also do not think that we should NOT trust the PCR test that confirm a positive result on a nonsymptomatic individual and we have most recently seen regarding the new the (home) rapid antigen CV-19 test, they can not differentiate between a Sars-CoV and Sars-CoV-2 the virus that causes CV-19.  The FDA fact Sheet on these tests state this.  The CDC has also stated that the PRC Spin Cycle Threshold (CT) is set so high that it will pick up pretty much anything, including DEAD COVID virus particles for months after infection.  And at this point the CDC has recommended that those who are vaccinated are tested for reinfection at a much LOWER CT # than those who are unvaccinated.  Why would that be?  

BinaxNOW can pick other virus

BinaxNOW FDA fact sheet states that test can NOT tell difference between SARS CoV and COVID 19.

What my research has found, contrary to what the US Liberal media and the Government funded medical community would have you believe, is that natural immunity has been proven to be far superior than that of those who have taken the SHOT.  And I firmly believe when the honest data comes out regarding the mild Omicron variant, we will see that those with natural immunity fared far better than those with waning vaccine induced immunity.  We are already seeing the Omicron variant seeking out those who are fully vaccinated AND boosted!  I am also convinced that we will be made aware that those with natural immunity who were infected with ANY variant of COVID, were also those who were vaccinated after achieving natural immunity. And, after more data is made available it will be shown that the vaccines actually deplete the body's natural immune system and not "boost" it.  There are many scientists that are trying to sound that alarm right now but are being silenced.  WHY?

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Daniella Cross is a writer who seeks out the truth that the mainstream media ignores, evades, or otherwise conceals from the public.
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