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While researching another op-ed I was going to write I started watching the House Select Committee on the origins of Covid (3/8/2023).  The panel of experts were 4 well known and well respected Doctors/Scientists/Scientific authors & editors.  

Four medical experts testify as to the origins of COVID-19 Lab Leak

Although there were very few Democrats in the session of this hearing as to the origins of COVID-19, there was one Democrat Congressman in particular that completely blew the lid off Darwin's Theory of Evolution.  Raul Ruiz, Democrat, representing California's 25th district went on a compassionate tirade regarding a book that Dr. Wade, a panel member wrote in 2014.  Now mind you, Ruiz is also a medical doctor, a general practitioner, so one would presume, especially considering he is a liberal,  he would espouse Darwin's Theory of Evolution.  But NO, Congressman Raul Ruiz completely denied this evolutionary theory, especially survival of genetic fittest as being describe in Dr. Wade's 2014 book, A Troublesome Inheritance.  Ruiz stated, "The notion that people of different racial or ethnic groups are more successful or intellectual superior to another because of predisposed genetic makeup is grossly inconsistent with the consensus of scientific and medical scholarship."    

Let's listen to how Congressman Ruiz denies Darwin's Theory of Evolution while criticising Dr. Wade's 2014 book as being grossly unscientific and racist propaganda applauded by "White Supremacists."  

Although I haven't read Dr. Wade's book, I did research it and read several excerpts and it didn't seem racists or filled with White Supremacists rhetoric, but more of an uncomfortable conversation that many on the Left refuse to participate in...but very aligned with Darwin's ideologies of how genetics and society play a large role in selective breeding, and the obvious outcomes of survival of the fittest.  Here is an excerpt from Amazon Books (note the highlighted portion):  

I do believe that the Lunatic left, back in the early to mid 1800s twisted Darwin's theories to deny God as the Creator, which was their goal, but conversely the Religious right who felt God was being attacked missed Darwin's point regarding natural selection and survival of the fittest where genetics played a huge role in all biological advancements both in animal and humankind, specifically survival of the fittest and natural selection.  However, the Lunatics, in their passion to deny God as the Creator of all living things push hard on the evolutionary theory of, from goo to the zoo to you and went so far as to lie and piece together bones from various creatures to prove evolution and missing links.  The Theory of Evolution, from Goo to You has been widely accepted, and taught in public schools and colleges as fact.  Even our very own, self proclaimed expert on all things science,  Dr. Fauci's NIH defends Darwin's discoveries on how genetics play a part in creating superiority in the animal kingdom.  They  call the lion, The King of the Jungle for a reason!  

"Darwin's contributions to evolutionary biology are well known, but his contributions to genetics are much less known. His main contribution was the collection of a tremendous amount of genetic data, and an attempt to provide a theoretical framework for its interpretation. Darwin clearly described almost all genetic phenomena of fundamental importance, such as prepotency (Mendelian inheritance), bud variation (mutation), heterosis, reversion (atavism), graft hybridization (Michurinian inheritance), sex-limited inheritance, the direct action of the male element on the female (xenia and telegony), the effect of use and disuse, the inheritance of acquired characters (Lamarckian inheritance), and many other observations pertaining to variation, heredity and development. To explain all these observations, Darwin formulated a developmental theory of heredity - Pangenesis - which not only greatly influenced many subsequent theories, but also is supported by recent evidence."  ~2009;50(3):177-84. doi: 10.1007/BF03195671.

If you listened to Congressman Ruiz in the video above, he is completely denying the majority of what Darwin was explaining regarding genetics and basically calling these scientific truths the ideologies of White Supremacists.  And why do you think that Congressman Ruiz went on this rant while in a hearing regarding the origins of COVID?  Was he simply trying to discredit the character of Dr. Wade as promoting White Supremacy in his book, A Troublesome Inheritance?  Or, was he trying to suggest that creating a virus by manually manipulating the gene sequence to create a genetically superior virus (gain of function) was nothing but a racist idea, thought up by White Supremacists?  

Either way of thinking, in essence, this Congressman is calling out Darwin as a Racists and his theories of genetic superiority for the survival of a species to be akin to White Supremacy.  There is just no other way to interpret his statements.  So it seems, Darwin is dead and now we can move on to men being women, men having babies and the re-defining of genetics and biology...because all that type of Darwinian thinking regarding genetics is just racist!  And obviously to even suggest that the COVID Virus was genetically manipulated to be a superior virus, made in a Lab is a conspiracy theory of White Supremacists, like Darwin himself.  So, if what Darwin wrote about in his book, The Descent of Man, then we should completely throw out the Darwin's Theory of Evolution and STOP teaching it to children.  We can't teach the ideologies of a RACIST!

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