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From its earliest inception the US media has been biased.  Ben Franklin was perhaps one of the very few individuals who desired to share all sides of the story.  The bias was so blatant that in 1798 Congress passed the Alien and Sedition Acts, which made it a crime to print "false, scandalous, or malicious writing" against the government and even made it a crime to print any opposition to any US law or Presidential Act. In 1801 this act was abandoned.  And from that moment forward the political stronghold on the media grew exponentially to exactly what we see now...

Our current mainstream media has lost all credibility, as actual News Outlets and they are now Political Lobbyists for the Left.  Although we are seeing an insurgence of  grassroot organizations popping up with, "alternative" AKA, Conservative News, the majority of the population is still dining on a steady diet of what we now call, Fake News.  This comes in all forms, ranging from downright lies to knee jerk reaction reporting, and we are seeing more and more of both of these tactics being served up to the American people at every meal.  

We are simply FED UP with the large portions of crap being shoved down our throats, albeit there are many out there who not only gobble this fodder up, they also quickly regurgitate it, spewing it everywhere, like diarrhea of the mouth .  And like the infectious lies it contains, it spreads very quickly on Social Media. 

I want  people to think of MAC as a containment and sanitation portal...The Crap stops here!  Because this is a Collective, we need your help, your comments and your posts to combat this Lunatic, Progressive, Liberal Media Machine.  THEY NEED TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE by the general public.  WE MUST stand and be heard that we will not tolerate a Mainstream Media that only exists to be a Political Lobbyist for a Left Wing Agenda!  "Freedom of the Press" is not a license to lie, to fabricate stories, or to promote violence.  The goal of MAC is to eventually enact laws to impose severe and hefty fines and in the most egregious and blatant misuse of the privilege of The Freedom of The Press to revoke Media Licenses for those outlets that knowingly disseminate Fake News, Hoaxes or report unsubstantiated "news" in such a way as to promote violence against citizens.  

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