When I first started this page, I had NO IDEA that people would even read it.  But in the last 30 days we have had over One Million Viewers!  Holy heck!  I suppose I am not the only one who is sick and tired of the Media Monsters slanting every single thing we hear and read.  And it is not just the Liberals either, it is also some in the conservative media that put their  bias or a slant on what they report. Like Fox News...so disappointed.   It became so frustrating and disheartening to me and that was the reason this site was born.  

I started out with a low cost hosting plan, but within a few days of posting, "Idaho Stands Up-Antifa Stands Down" I had so many people on this site that my Web Guru son (couldn't have done this without his help) had to upgrade our servers 3 times to handle the amount of traffic we were seeing every day and our costs more than quadrupled!  So, my son who already owns an online clothing web store, created some really cool shirts to put on this site to differ our costs.  Our shirts by the way are quality made here in the US, but right now, because of this STUPID COVID, our orders are backed up a couple of weeks. So, let me apologize if your order is slow in coming to you.  It will get to you, I promise.  

That being said, I had a delightful man write me and say that he wasn't interested in shirts but would love to donate to keep this site up and running.  We didn't put to put annoying ads here, cause ain't nobody got time for that, but below you will find a Paypal donate button.  I know that all the kids these days use other payment types, but I am old school and I TRUST Paypal.  If you do feel inclined to donate, any amount, you will notice that the name on our PayPal is 4Earth LLC.  That is my organization and my original posting site (4earth.com) that I created 2 decades ago just to piss off Liberals.  And maybe one day, they will get so disgusted that I OWN their sacred name and will buy it from me for ONE MILLION DOLLARS.  I can hope.  But until then, your donations are greatly appreciated.  Thank you~Daniella

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