It is not unusual for me to see myself sitting in Facebook jail, nor is it uncommon that the things I post do not go unpunished with the all too familiar GREYED-OUT Facebook censor that attempts to thwart free speech and opinions.  And now, with people leaving platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for other  independent, more Conservative places like Gab, Mewe, and Parler that are not hellbent on censoring everything they may not agree with the social media giants may be feeling the loss.  After all, organizations like Facebook and Twitter are NOT a part of the Mainstream media that has a theoretical "responsibility" to report the TRUTH to people.  No, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram exist to share ideas, opinions and yes of course cute animals pics...your latest dining experience and those adorable photos of your newest grandbaby.  Billion dollar companies like Facebook and Twitter are even given SPECIAL governmental protection but these days they have become such forces, like the DARK FORCE, that they ultimately have the ability to do such things as sway an election, promote propaganda like the Russian collusion hoax or even influence opinions on an Impeachment trial!  Yes, they are that powerful!  And, they enjoy not only government funding to the tune of billions of dollars.  According to the Guardian, 9.3 Billion in 5 years, but they also receive special protection under Section 230.  

"Giant technology companies in the US, which include some of the world’s most profitable firms, have been pledged at least $9.3bn in state and local subsidies over the last five years – much of it coming from the coffers of cities and states with failing infrastructure, struggling schools and broken budgets."  These are in the form of tax and subsidy packages.  

section 230 protection

The gives a condensed, user friendly explanation of section 230, which I am posting below.  I trust that you can do further research if you want to know more. section 230

Section 230 according to Social Media Giants so they can censor free speech free of liability.

I am not sitting here, writing this necessarily to bring reference to Section 230, which these Social Media GIANTS, that are worth BILLIONS are hiding behind.  Nope, my goal here is to investigate the so-called  "fact-checkers" that Facebook employs to put those Grey warnings up or to even remove content they find disagreeable or offensive to THEIR political platform.

So, today I watched this little diddy called, The Plot to Steal America.  I enjoyed watching it and it contained content and opinions greatly shared by the majority of Conservatives as it has been viewed 1,350,225 views since Dec 7, 2020.  I am posting it here so that you can watch it and then tell me what you think.  

I thought that this was worthy of sharing on my personal facebook page.  I added my passionate opinion and the link into my comment section and hit POST.  As soon as it posted this is what I saw.  

Facebook Censor message

I wanted to "SEE WHY" Facebook banned the transparency of this video and deliberately hid it from public view.  So, I clicked on the "see why" link. 

"independent fact-checkers say this information has no basis in fact."

"Learn more,"  well OK!  Now the fun begins as the rabbit hole is just a hop away.  Let's see how deep the hole is.  

I click on the blue link, "Code of Principles." Shouldn't have been a RED link!   WHOOSH! Here we go!  

I am now falling through a web of good looking, warm and fuzzy WORDS.  Words like, "commitments," "promote excellence," "nonpartisan and transparent."  Check out their site and you may also get mesmerized with the matrix of check marks!  But ONE word stood out to me, POYNTER!  The word itself derives from the Latan, meaning to pierce.  It is (or is it) ironic that the legal term for pierce means, "to see through the usually misleading or false appearance of the object of summary judgment is to pierce the pleadings and allow a judgment on the merits."  Ah a cat and mouse game for intellects perhaps?  I'm playing...

So who is this Poynter Organization anyway?  I could take the traditional route and spend A LOT of time slipping further down the hole and shining a light at the dots, but I have found that it is much easier to get to the base of any hole by simply seeing who invests in the the Major Funders.

"Here is an alphabetical list of our funders, including all foundations, corporations, partners and individuals that gave the Poynter Institute more than $50,000 for 2019 or 2020. This list was last updated in December 2020."  

Hmmm, let's take a look.  

  1. Andrew W. Mellon Foundation: Although A.W was a staunch Republican Capitalist, he is long dead.  Elizabeth Alexander is the current president of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.  She is not only a Democrat but also a fancies herself a social justice warrior and donates heavily to such causes.  
  2. Annie E. Casey Foundation:  President is Lisa Hamilton who is a Democrat, Board member of Southern Education Foundation and  JIM Casey Youth Opportunities.  She is also the Director of the Hyams Foundation, which is an "independent foundation with a mission of increasing economic, racial and social justice and power..."  Another social justice warrior.  "The Hyams Foundation is a Boston-based grantmaking foundation that funds left-of-center racial-interest groups."  Oh no, we certainly don't want to use the words, "radical left" as freely as the words RADICAL RIGHT are used!  Left of center sounds so much, well, less violent.
  3. Charles Koch Foundation: Brian Hooks is the current CEO of the Koch foundation.  Brian Hooks of Stand Together, writes that Republicans and Democrats should "come together" to give amnesty to the roughly 11 to 22 million illegal aliens living in the United States and increase legal immigration levels beyond the 1.2 million green cards given to foreign nationals annually.  NUFF said.
  4. Democracy Fund:  Created by, Pierre Omidyar (founder of ebay) in 2011  There is so much on this guy, but here is a good article to sum it up. "The article is attributed to the “ERLC Staff,” and the statement is date-stamped November 6, 2020, at which point a number of states had not fully resolved allegations of balloting improprieties: most notably Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada. It is difficult not to assume that the ERLC (Ethics and Religious Leadership Council) is purposefully seeking to influence the election outcome for primarily two reasons: (1) Dr. Russell Moore, the president of the ERLC, has consistently and publicly opposed Donald Trump and actively sought to undermine his evangelical reach, and (2) the ERLC seems to have financial ties to at least three progressive billionaire activists: left-wing George Soros of Open Society Foundations, Pierre Omidyar of the Democracy Fund, and Paul Singer of the American Unity Fund."
    5.  Environmental Defense Fund:  Their Website site tagline, "Join a growing, well-informed group of climate activists pushing for faster action."  NUFF SAID THERE!
    6. Facebook!  What?  Wait?  How can Facebook be one of the top 10 Contributors of their own FACT-CHECKING system?  Are you getting the BIG picture yet?   Facebook reaches more than 2.45 billion people and it donates HEAVILY to the company, Poynter that it CLAIMS is a consortium of "bipartisan" fact checkers.  NOT!  Wait, it gets better.
    7.  Foundation to Promote Open Society:  "The Foundation to Promote Open Society (FPOS) is one of two major grantmaking foundations funded by liberal financier and billionaire George Soros." Do I need to even say anymore about this HUGE donor?
    8.  Google News Initiative:  Ummm can we say Liberal bias?  "They are — just ask the liberal Columbia Journalism Review. CJR ran a piece by Northwestern University School of Communication Assistant Prof. Nicholas Diakopoulos showing how Google News is biased wildly toward liberal outlets."

If you want to see the rest of the Liberal list that supports this supposed Fact-Checking Consortium just click here...I think I have made my point.

Get the Poynt?

You can complain, you can blame others OR YOU CAN EDUCATED YOURSELF AND SPEAK UP!  

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