Candace Owens NEW President of KKK

Candace Owens NEW President of KKK
Candace Owens Swearing in to tell the Truth in front of Congress.Candace Owens

Candace Owens the new, black leader of the KKK!

Do I have your attention?  Sorry to lure you in with FAKE NEWS but it seems, these days that is the only way to get someone to read something and disseminate it far and wide.  So, what I am going to tell you today is something that I want to be shared over and over and repeated as Truth...because it IS THE TRUTH!

Yesterday I watch a 27 minute clip of Candace Owens addressing the  House Judiciary Committee hearing on Hate Crimes and White Nationalism.  She began her comments with a bit of personal history of her heritage; her father and grand father's experiences growing up in America and their experiences with the KKK and White Nationalists.  She then moved on to the fact that she had given the house chair her entire Bio and they reduced it down to one sentence which would give one the impression that Owens, a Black woman was the Head of the KKK and leader of a White Nationalist Movement!  She was grilled by Democrats who seemed to agree that Owens was simply in Black Face and was portraying an Uncle Tom and couldn't possibly be a REAL Black woman...perhaps it is because she speaks so well for a black female.

I am not going to belabor this with the outrageous cross examination Owens received by the Democrats, as if she were on trial for a hate crime and not simply there to share her experiences and opinions.  Perhaps if Jussie Smollett...nevermind, we won't go there. What I do want to address are two issues that were brought up.  The first was Mr. Lieu's deceitful attempt to incite a false narrative and to urge, more like eggon the Media to portray Ms. Owens as a Nazi sympathizer and a Hitler loving commie!  And he did exactly that.  Just read the news and you will see page after page and all the Liberal newscaster's telling the world that Candace Owens believes the "Hitler was OK!"    Guess what?  I AM NOT OK WITH THAT!  So, the first thing I want to do is to show you where this Hitleresk propaganda comes from...really truly this is right out of Saul Alinsky's hand book, Rules for Radicals!  Below is the video of Owens at the conservative event in London on Dec. 11, 2018.  Owens was answering an audience member who asked for a "longterm prognosis" about the terms "globalism" and "nationalism."  I have also taken the time to listen to this very carefully and typed up a transcript as it is sometimes more clear to actually see the words that were spoken.  Ok, take a listen and then read the transcript.

here is what she said!  

“I actually don’t have any problems at all with the word, ‘Nationalism.’ I think it gets,  the definition gets poisoned by Elitists that actually want Globalism.  ‘Globalism’ is what I don’t want.  So when we think about, whenever we say, ‘Nationalism,’ the first thing people think about, at least in America is, Hitler.  He was a ‘National Socialist.’ But if Hitler just wanted to make Germany great and have things run well, okay, fine.  The problem is that he wanted, he had dreams outside of Germany.  He wanted to Globalize, he wanted everyone to be German, everybody to be speaking German, everybody to look a different, way.  That not to me, that’s not Nationalism.  Um, so in thinking about how we could go bad down the line, I don’t really have an issue with Nationalism, I really don’t.  I think it’s ok, I think it’s important to retain your country’s identity and to make sure, um, that what’s happening here, which I think is incredibly worrisome in terms of just the decreased in the birthrate that we are seeing um, in the UK is what you kinda want to avoid.  So, I’m not…I have no problems with Nationalism, it’s Globalism I try to avoid.”

Keep in mind the QUESTION ASKED:  "longterm prognosis" about the terms "globalism" and "nationalism."  But let's not take anything out of context but view the ENTIRE Question the man asked at this event:  "Ok, so in the current age, I feel like the political debate stems around Nationalism and Globalism, which however they are weaponized in the media.  I feel, especially in Europe and the like in America these movements are being energized.  Do you feel the momentum will last?  In regards to the EU,  Geeve Hoffstedt  referred to his base of the movement as the “Summer of Populism” in, in quotation marks.  But 2 years down the line these governments are realizing there is a clear trajectory in the opposite, like against the status quo. How do you feel like the long term, like prognosis is for these particular movements?"  


And, if you really want to know, first hand, everything that was discussed, with Charlie Kirk, Candace Owens and the audience in attendance at this event, click HERE!  It's worth the watch.

what's in a name?

We've been watching a lot of historical documentaries with our kids, mostly revolving around Germany and the events that led up to the Second World War.  There really hadn't been much time to recover from WWl or the ensuing Great Depression that affected the entire world.  Countries were struggling to see "normal" again, desperate to love their country, their homeland, their personal world.  The Stock Market Crash plunged the entire world into darkness and chaos.  The only thing people had to cling to was the terra firma of their country, their NATION.  Nationalism was not born then, no indeed not, it lived long before this time in history.  What was conceived however was a bastard of a idea that meanings can simply change if enough intellectuals agree.  Journal of Social and Political Psychology, 2015, explains (THIS IS IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND):  'At the end of World War I, a number of intellectuals and scholars who had suffered the devastating consequences of the conflict began to articulate a new and critical interpretation of nationalism, very different indeed from the one formulated by the ideologists and prophets of historicism in the nineteenth century. In line with this new view—that became established in the West a quarter of a century later—nationalism was no longer related to the awakening of the People to their history and destiny, their demand for independence or the expression of their own singularity. The historicist account of liberation and collective progress seemed to then turn into a drama of death and ravage, cruelty and mass crimes, war and apocalypse. According to these authors, nationalism had inspired “the violent expulsion of people from their homelands, justified campaigns of territorial conquest, signalled danger, restrictions on liberty, and not infrequently a threat to their very survival'”    

The author of this academic paper went on to extrapolate further; "From 1918 to 1945, the meaning of the word nationalism was also linked to the harmful effects of prejudice, ignorance and mental narrowness, the painful and deplorable effects of fanaticism, intolerance and the drive to war. Although nearly all critics of the time continued to participate in the legitimization and naturalization of the ideology (e.g., taking for granted the antiquity of nations and the existence of national characters), the primary objective of their work was to denounce nationalism as a threat against world peace.  Philosophers, politicians, educators, moralists, sociologists, even historians—who for decades had spearheaded nationalism—were now quoting Le Bon and Freud to denounce its atrocious and inhuman consequences...A significant number of intellectuals in the mid-century identified nationalism with extreme, intolerant and destructive ideas and behaviours that needed to be explained through psychology and condemned in moral terms."  But not everyone was willing to jump the shark just yet on changing the meaning of the word, "Nationalism."  "The sense of the term contrasted with the criterion that had prevailed until then among the intellectual elites. When the Great War ended, many Western politicians and intellectuals still trusted the virtues of nationalism to avoid the risks of a new world war. In fact, the American President Woodrow Wilson, and those who had negotiated the Peace Treaties, considered the idea of national self-determination one of the keys to avoid war."  

In the end, the "Intellectual Elites" won the War Of The Words and the  real meaning of NATIONALISM was fully expunged from our minds.  Now taken directly out of my 1931, Webster's Dictionary, which is quite steadfast regarding preserving original meanings of words, well at least until the pressure to change the meaning affects their bottom line..."Nationalism:  n. the state of being national; national idiom, characteristic, or independent."  And in context to the etymology, "National:  adj.  pertaining to a nation; public; general; attached to one's country."  That doesn't sound bad does it?  That doesn't smack of White Supremacy or the KKK or even racism in the slightest!  However, let's take a look at the NEW MEANING of the word, Nationalism.  Webster's current era definition: "1loyalty and devotion to a nation especially a sense of national consciousness, exalting one nation above all others and placing primary emphasis on promotion of its culture and interests as opposed to those of other nations."  Well that was a big guilt trip?  How dare I even think about myself when I should be thinking about things GLOBALLY!  Helping OTHER nations, not selfishly being loyal to the United States.  See what they did there?  They didn't even need to mention the term, "Globalism" because even though your tears of guilt, the obvious is just, well, OBVIOUS!  

What did Candace really say?

I sincerely hope that in my digressions I haven't lost you and I pray that you are paying attention because this is important!  Grab more coffee, or a glass of wine and listen up.  So, why is the Liberal Media having a hayday with Candace's Owens comment on Nationalism?   Well, perhaps it has to do with a smug little Asian man, yup, I said ASIAN, because that is important information...maybe it is because  when he has his turn, he humiliatingly (yes that is a real word, no red line) states:  "of all the people the Republicans could have selected they picked Candace Owens." (STAB)  "I don't know Miss Owens" (OH BUT YOU KNOW OF HER)  "I am not going to characterize her, I am going to let her own words do the talking..." He then coyly pulls out his Samsung Galaxy and says, "I am going to play for you the first 30 seconds of a statement she made about Adolf Hitler."  And then, without ANY context he holds his phone to the speaker.  Oh, wait, I almost forgot; why is it important that I commented on his ethnicity?  Because Mr. Lieu is a Taiwanese American and Taiwan, as well as Okinawa and Hong Kong have been seeing a strong tsunami of Nationalism.  What better spokesperson than Mr. Lieu to calm the sea and condemn it!  If we begin to see the rising tide of Nationalism, then Globalism can never wash across the world.  I was going to say, "wash around the world" but I didn't want to offend any flat-earthers who may be reading this...just keeping it cool.


Oh the humanity!  So if you scroll up you will see what she was responding to; the terms, Nationalism and Globalism and the difference.  She pointed out that if Hitler had simply confined his thoughts to Nationalism, to the wellbeing of his county, that would have been fine.  But Hitler Didn't!  He had GLOBALISM on his agenda, he desired the world to have a wiener schnitzel in every pot and  in every driveway a volkswagen.  And she was 100% correct  in her  statement; "the definition gets poisoned by Elitists that actually want Globalism."  Are you understanding yet?  Wipe those guilty tears away from your eyes and see clearly!  

are you stupid?

My second issue, and perhaps the most egregious because it was so, IN YOUR FACE, was when Ms. Owens finally had the chance to set the record straight regarding her Hitler loving comment that Lieu had so pompously shared to Congress, to all those attending and basically to the world once the Media got their grubby little divisive hands on it.  Candice Owens states:  "I think it is pretty apparent the Mr. Lieu believes that Black people are stupid and will not pursue the full clip in its entirety..." And just like that, Mr. Nadler , looks up from his newspaper and slams down his gavel and rebukes Ms. Owens for calling Mr. Lieu, "stupid."  WHAT?  I thought I missed something and rewatched several times.  The astonishment on my face mimicked Owens.  She was in utter disbelief that, as Nadler, lost in his agenda, catching up on his Washington Post daily reading,  heard the words, "Mr. Lieu" and "STUPID" in the same sentence and made the obvious connection, but NOT WHAT SHE HAD SAID!  If you think about it, his knee jerk reaction was very Freudian.  And the more I think about it, I am now laughing!  Not really a laughing  Candace held her own and once that the door was open, she walked right through and basically called Mr. Lieu, "Stupid!"   All of the words she used to describe what Mr. Lieu had done, his little bit of deceitful trickery, was STUPID!  


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