Tens of millions of visitors come to the US every year...In 2018, there were 79.62 million international visitors to the U.S. That being said, it is important to know that of those almost 80 MILLION visitors, not a SINGLE ONE OF THEM is required to show any proof of immunizations to enter our country.  That being said, it behooves me to consider the fever pitch of hysteria regarding immunizations that is spreading through our country and it seems that no one is immune to hearing about it, reading about it and some, in some states; California & New York specifically and literally experiencing the results of it.  

So, with almost 100 million visitors coming to the United States every year, and the relentless onslaught of contagious paranoia coming from both sides of the vaccine debate, it would be extremely logical that both sides would agree that there is something exceedly odd that the US doesn't require all its visitors to be fully immunized to the same degree of requirements of its citizens, before gaining entrance to our country.  Obviously, a Pro-Vaccer would pull out CDC documentation showing that the recent Measle outbreaks in our country have come from International Visitors.

ANAHEIM (CBSLA) — A female teenager visiting from New Zealand was infectious with the measles virus when she visited Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Park, Universal Studios Hollywood, and other popular tourist destinations, health officials confirmed Friday.  (CBS News, Los Angelous-- )

U.S. records 12 new cases of measles, raising year’s total to 1,215

The disease was declared eliminated in the United States in 2000, meaning there was no continuous transmission of the disease for a year. Still, cases of the virus occur and spread via travelers coming from countries where measles is common.  (

Pro-Vaccers should be IRATE over this breach of containment...they should be LIVID that our government does NOT require ALL visitors to be fully vaccinated up to US requirements.  After all, it is OUR citizen they claim they are trying to protect; right?  I do believe however, that the majority of US citizens are completely agnostic to this reality.  On the other hand, the Anti-Vaccers should be bleeding at the eyes at the fact that their government is imposing mandatory vaccines on their public school children but not stipulating that foreign travelers to the US meet these same rigid requirements to ward off possible foreign bred infections brought in by such travelers.  It does seem like a contagious double standard with American Citizens being those infected...our heard is very strong, until a stray comes along!  

One would think that a simple Google search would reveal the reason for this anomaly, but oddly no reason as to why the US doesn't require international visitors to be vaccinated, just pages of immunizations other countries require--generally 2nd and 3rd world countries.  This leaves a person such as myself left with no other option than to speculate.  Although, being not only sleuthy, I also consider myself a logical, intellectual researcher where speculation forms something stronger than an observational opinion.   So, I wandered over to to see what our friends on the other side of the lake were saying about this...after all, they seem to be the carriers to the US.  

I want to be perfectly clear here, I am not writing this as a pro or con to vaccines, I think there is enough documentation out there for those searching out truth, that they can decide for themselves if vaccines are safe or not.  My objective in writing this is to figure out WHY, the US Government doesn't hold its international visitors to the same medical standards that it holds its citizens to and even to those who legally immigrate to this country--we require immunizations for our children to enter schools or have a waiver from a medical professional, except in NY State where you're going to get vaccinated even if it kills you!  So, back to Euro News and the headline reads:

We should criminalise the anti-vax movement for eroding trust in life-saving medicines

By Hadley Stewart (


Seems to me that this Headline should have read:  SHOULD WE...but it is Leftist Europe and that's just what they do. So, after reading several disturbingly Orwellian paragraphs regarding the illogical, stupid, & ignorant people of the world that are not vaccinating, and their reasonings, some things became clear in this article;  A LOT of Europeans are not vaccinating their children!   Considering they are the Liberal lighthouse of the world one has to wonder why? Heading over to Buzzfeed...

"France, for example, has the highest level of distrust, with roughly 40% of its population in surveys viewing vaccines as unsafe, driving nearly 2,600 measles cases there this year. In Italy, where more than 20% of the population distrusts vaccines, there have been more than 2,000 measles cases. In Ukraine, about 25% of the population views vaccines as unsafe. That, plus its ongoing war and political unrest, explain the staggering 12,000 cases of measles reported there this year, experts say."    

I read another article and that was my light bulb moment:  "Released Wednesday, the results show that 79% of people agree that vaccines are safe. But as average income increases in countries, trust in vaccines decreases. Just 72% of people in North America and 73% in Northern Europe agree that vaccines are safe. The numbers are even worse in Western Europe (59%) and Eastern Europe (40%)...Regions with lower income levels, in turn, are far more likely to trust vaccines.'In low-income regions, the proportion of people who agree 'strongly' or 'somewhat' that vaccines are safe tends to be much higher at 80% or above, with highs of 95% of people in South Asia and 92% in Eastern Africa.'”  (  

Now we are getting somewhere!  So, contrary to the current propaganda that those who feel vaccines are unsafe are uneducated, low-income, imbeciles, this particular study shows that the distrust comes from those with a bigger bank account; which tends to go hand in hand with an above adequate IQ.  And if we simple take a look at the countries that distrust vaccines and feel they are unsafe for their children, we can see that these citizens have a few dollars of disposable income, to say, maybe go on vacation, perhaps to the US?  BINGO!  

There we have it!  Plain and simple!  Just imagine if the United State imposed the same vaccine requirements on its International visitors to keep diseases like Measles from coming in as it does to its child citizens to enter public schools or to its legal immigrants to gain US citizenship...there would be such an international OUTCRY, so much revenue lost due to visitors choosing another country to visit, perhaps Canada...who am I trying to kid, no one wants to visit Canada from Europe, it's like the same place, they want to come to the GREAT, USA!  So, it is the logical conclusion that a foreigner doesn't need to be immunized against ANYTHING to enter the US simply because...MONEY!  PROVE ME WRONG!  


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Daniella Cross is a writer who seeks out the truth that the mainstream media ignores, evades, or otherwise conceals from the public.
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