Hunter Biden's Gun Trial finally exposes 2020 election Interference!

Now I have it from a good source that the Gigantic Chinese spy balloon was visible over the skis of Coeur d'Alene (CDA), Idaho.  Mind you, CDA is a quaint, little resort town and really nothing to see here for a spying escapade...except for the fact the world's largest military refueling station just happens to be roughly 45 miles to the West of us, just outside of Spokane, Wa. 

Fairchild Air Force Base

Chinese spy Balloon floated with 45 mile of this Strategic AFB!

When we first heard about this big ass spy balloon floating in our friendly skis it was in Montana.  Thank goodness that good ol boy took some video and sent it out on the interweb, or we wouldn't have even know.  I mean come on, sleepy Joe didn't even know until Wednesday when someone in charge of our country decided it would be better to tell him personally than for him to see it while he scrolled through his Facebook account looking for memes about his crime family he didn't like, to send on to Mark Zuckerberg...for censorship!

So why haven't we heard much of anything regarding the fact that this spy balloon pooped right into Northern Idaho so close to Fairchild Air force base?   Actually not a single person in the media, except now ME, has even talked about Fairchild AFB!  Ok, I get it, Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana has 150 intercontinental ballistic missile silos across its 13,800 Sq mile complex and that's pretty serious stuff right there.  However, I would think that Fairchild AFB would also be quite substantial spying material; you can't fly planes without fuel!  “The tankers are one of our most strategic assets for the Air Force.  We have fantastic fighters and bombers that can bring air power anywhere in the world, but they can only get there with the help of tankers.” Lt. Col. Cindy Dawson, 97th ARS commander Fairchild AFB.

According to  Brian W. Everstine, writing for Air and Space Forces, "Fairchild is the home of the Air Force’s only “super” tanker wing, with four KC-135 squadrons. The fourth, the 97th Air Refueling Squadron, which activated in 2019, reached initial operational capability in October 2020 then quickly deployed. The base’s 92nd Refueling Wing is unique among the Air Force in that it always has a squadron deployed downrange. The base has the most resources—63 total aircraft in its inventory—meaning it is often the Air Force’s first call when refueling is needed...The addition of the squadron made Fairchild the world’s largest tanker wing “by a lot,” Bentley said. If Fairchild became its own country, it would have the world’s second-largest refueling fleet behind the rest of the U.S. Air Force and ahead of both China’s and Russia’s fleets."

Man, Fairchild Air Force Base seems like a pretty big deal!  But not even a mention that this Chinese spy balloon was right over head of this base...well, not exactly right overhead, but certainly close enough to gather intel.  I'm not that smart, but smart enough to know that these squadrons, giant refueling planes and the amount of fuel that must be stored at the base is pretty important to our National Security!  So, again, WHY hasn't anyone mentioned the fact the this Chinese spy balloon was so close to this strategic Air Force Base?  

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Daniella Cross is a writer who seeks out the truth that the mainstream media ignores, evades, or otherwise conceals from the public.
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