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I for one am sick and tired of the Lunatic Left hijacking the meaning of our words and changing them to further their agendas!  The word, GENDER for instance...  Less than a decade ago the meaning of the word, gender was simple.  According to all dictionaries: "either the male or female division of a species." We used the word "gender" to identify a person or an animal as a biological male or female.  Albeit it was interchangeable with the word, "sex" as a biological identifier, the word SEX was pretty much used to describe a physical interaction between 2 people regardless of their sexual preferences...SEX is synonymous with intercourse, gender is not.

But now we have people that not only encourage us to deny biological science, but are trying to force us to see a naked King as gloriously clothed.  And not just the average people in the kingdom, but those holding the highest levels in our grand courts, like a newly elected Supreme Court Justice!  I don't even know how this is possible, or how in the world this woman actually was voted in to a lifetime position as a judge, in the highest court in this country.  Does one really need to be a biologist to define what a woman is? This is the chronic level of lunacy our country is facing.

Gender Fluid, Intersex, bla bla bla...third gender?

What this is the definition of "Third Gender"  as described by 

  • a gender classification in societies that recognize a gender other than male or female.

  • a person who identifies as a gender other than male or female or as neither male nor female.

  • A "society" that recognizes insanity is, in itself, insane.  How many times did we hear, "Trust the science"  during the plandemic? Over and over and over again...TRUST THE SCIENCE.  And yet, now we are told to be science deniers to the basic biology that is responsible for our very existence.  We are being programed to believe that gender is no longer an identifier of biological facts and instead we must get comfortable using the word, SEX to qualify a biological certainty...but even that certainty is not fixed in any type of reality and can change on the whim of any individual.  A man is only a man or a woman is only a woman if they "identify" as such, no matter what the empirical science states.   


    Back in the day there was a word for people born with a gene mutation that caused an individual to have both female and male sex organs, that word is Hermaphrodite or Androgynous and both are very rare genetic conditions.  The term, intersex has replace hermaphrodite and although, depending on which site you read, the occurrence of hermaphroditism ranges from 1 in every 1,500 births to 1 in 4,500 births. However, those are simply cases of babies born with a larger than normal cliterous for a girl or an abnormally small penis for a boy and they do not represent an actual baby born a TRUE Hermaphrodite--in which an individual is born with both ovarian and testicular tissue.  Roughly 1 out of every  83,000 births (0.0012%) carry this genetic disorder.--having both sexual organs.  However, considering Intersex is such a buzz word used by the lunatic left these days, there really isn't any available, current data on the actual number of children born with these genetic abnormalities and as of 1991 there were only 500 confirmed cases of true True hermaphroditism.  And yet, we hear so many younger people, the woke generation, claim they are, "intersex."  Because why?  FEELINGS...  Science is all about feelings now or politics... If you feel like a woman, even though you are a biological male, well so be it, you are a woman and no one should tell you that you are indeed naked.

    Being born with both male and female reproductive organs is rare but happens and just like many genetic abnormalities, science hasn't been able to figure out exactly why.  I would assume, for these rare individuals, life and sexual identity would certainly be a very difficult experience, especially if a gender was chosen for them as an infant and gender surgery was performed prior to any extensive genetic testing to determine which gender chromosomes/genetics where prominent.


    Ok, so let's get back on track to changing the meaning of the word "gender." One would think, considering that this entire farcical debate on the meaning of the word, gender should actually revolve around the word, SEX mainly because that is what it's all about, SEX...who you want to have sex with, and really very little else.  Well, you do have those silly kids who pretend that they are "furries" and walk around school as cats or dogs...but that notwithstanding is an entirely different topic.

    Alphonso David, previous President of the Human Rights Campaign and attorney states this when pressed by Senator Kennedy; "how many sexes are there?"    "Well, you, I—Senator, I can't ignore the fact there are individuals who are intersex, and so, um, it's not binary."   

    What a ridiculous argument!  Just for grins I looked up the term, non binary and here was the first hit in the list: The Human Rights Campaign defined non-binary as "an adjective describing a person who does not identify exclusively as a man or a woman."  So, the HRC is running the show!

    Listening to these people being so idiotic really hurts my head!  In this next video, Senator John Kennedy asks how many genders there are and the WOMAN,  the current HRC (Human Rights Campaign) President, Kelley Robinson claims she can not expound on the number of genders as she is not a medical professional.  Well, she is right on that one, as Ms. Robinson has very few credentials in her bag of educational accomplishments as she simply holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia, in, you guessed it, sociology and women's and gender studies.  However, we can assuredly presume that "gender studies" has very little to do with science, specifically biology.  And did you notice that people like her, as well as Alphonso David, that Senator Kennedy questioned about gender like to say the word, "intersex" but will not expound on the real names, mainly hermaphrodite or androgyny which are very RARE genetic abnormalities.  Kennedy asked Ms. Robinson several times to define, "intersex" but she keenly avoided the question...he already knows the answer!

    So who is responsible for screwing with the meaning of our words like, gender and sex.  Come to find out it is the Human Rights Campaign Fund!  They dropped the word, "fund" a couple of decades ago,  I guess because it sounded too much like a money maker or even a potential, political lobbyist group?  Here is their original and current goal, right from their website: "Established in 1980 by Steve Endean and originally known as the Human Rights Campaign Fund, our organization was primarily a fund for supporting pro-fairness congressional candidates. In the early days of HRC, there were few openly LGBTQ+ officials in office...With an estimated 52 million Equality Voters across America, our community is one of the largest and most politically engaged voting blocs in the country."  Equality Voters?  

    So this is why we are seeing such lunacy in politics as well as in our changing social norms with The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) being the largest LGBTQ++xxoo civil rights advocacy group and political lobbying organization in the United States, pushing their "gender" agenda.  They are saying very loudly without saying it; don't trust not believe elementary biology and most importantly, unless you have a degree in biology or are a physician you certainly can not even attempt to define the word gender let alone the words, man or woman.  

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    Daniella Cross is a writer who seeks out the truth that the mainstream media ignores, evades, or otherwise conceals from the public.
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