With the world wrapped up, still, with Covinoia due to increased testing resulting in increased positives, albeit with decreased death rates, I have to wonder what the numbers of infections and death rates of the Seasonal Flu would look like if we took the same approach with it as the Medical community is taking with the RONA!  If the numbers would scare the dickens out of people?  Would citizens be up in arms if the MILLIONS of people in the US who were infected by the seasonal flu died during their infectious period, like in a car accident, or cancer, or drowning or anything...but their cause of death was listed as, "SEASONAL FLU!"  The death toll would be scary high.  But because, SCIENCE, I don't think our Doctors do that?  Or do they?  I guess we really don't know.  But what we DO KNOW for 100% sure (except for George Floyd) is that ANY DEATH in the US, that is presumed or validated positive with COVID at the time of death, IS COUNTED and ADDED to the US death toll as a COVID death.  This fact has been publicly told to us numerous times by many in the medical field, by some who vehemently oppose such fake numbers being used for "scientific data" to those like Dr. Birx who flat out said, "while some countries are reporting coronavirus fatality numbers differently, in the U.S. you are counted as a victim of the pandemic if you die while testing positive for the virus, even if something else causes your death...There are other countries that if you had a preexisting condition and let's say the virus caused you to go to the ICU and then have a heart or kidney problem some countries are recording as a heart issue or a kidney issue and not a COVID-19 death. Right now we are still recording it and we will I mean the great thing about having forms that come in and a form that has the ability to MARKET as COVID-19 infection the intent is right now that those if someone dies with COVID-19 we are counting that as a COVID-19 death." (EMPHASIS MINE)

I know, I have gone over this issue ad nauseum but this still chaps my hide!  What Dr. Birx, the Medical Scientist is admitting, TO THE WORLD, is that most other countries record an ACTUAL cause of death and they don't fake the numbers, while the US is needing to MARKET this virus to the ignorant US population as being responsible for someone's death in, say a car accident, or a drug overdose or anything actually!  I am not sure if the word "MARKET" that came out of the good doctor's mouth was simply a slip of the tongue or intentional...doesn't really matter because in that White House briefing statement, she made the farce of the COVID death rates 100% clear!  Anyone who denies this fact has no capacity for logical thought or any thought at all.  But in my usual form, I didn't start writing this to vent about the painfully ignorant, blindly gullible public.  Oh, wait, yes I did!  Just regarding a slightly different topic.


It's interesting how different a word is perceived when it is marketed in a particular way.  Pandemic for instance...every year, all around the globe, the Seasonal flu hits, infecting HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of people worldwide.  That is the definition of a pandemic; something that affect the entire world.  The CDC makes estimates each year, using data from the previous year, also taking into consideration the effectiveness of the current flu vaccine to determine the burden of flu "related" deaths for that particular year.  For instance, look at the image taken directly from the CDC site.  These are "estimates" for the US only.  2017-18 was a particularly bad year for the flu as the vaccine proved to not have the viral strains the virus(es) that were circulating the globe that year.

But wow, take a look at those numbers! If the CDC was really trying to push their flu vaccine, I don't think this is a great marketing approach.  Do you?  Now, just imagine if the seasonal flu was treated like the Coronal Virus.  We know that people don't line up to get tested for the flu like they are for the RONA...although a bit less invasive, it still requires a 3 foot long swab shoved up one's nose.  What if the government was INSISTING that people who showed flu-like symptoms or tested + or even presumed to be infected with the seasonal flu at the time of their death became a STATISTIC IN YEARLY FLU DEATHS?  That means, everyone in a nursing home, or adult care facility, every child and adult who died testing positive for the seasonal flu would be counted in those yearly deaths and consequently would be included in the yearly estimates.  RIDICULOUS YOU SAY!  That would skew all the other data for the REAL cause of death, like cancers, heart disease, car accidents, drownings, drug overdose, etc.  Yes it sure would, but just imagine if an experienced, professional, well known, Medical Doctor came out and said:  "well, we know that all other countries are being scientific with their cause of death data, but we have decided to MARKET the flu to the public differently."  Pretty sure, the number of flu vaccines would drop drastically!  

If we look at the dates on this CDC graphic, and understand this is just when the Covinoia machine was getting all lubed up and ready for action, we see pretty average, albeit low estimates from the CDC from Oct. 1st through March 7th.  I say low, because the CDC admitted that this years strain of flu was not a match for what was hitting the US...similar to 2017/18 season...shocking, I know.  Regardless, look at the numbers.  And for argument sake, and the purpose of this writing, I don't want you to compare to the rona just yet.  As we look at these numbers most of us are pretty sure that these individuals are suffering from the seasonal flu, after all, the CDC has had adequate amount of decades to extrapolate influenza symptoms.  In Jan. of this year, Healthline.com stated, "The flu is still going strong, with 49 states and Puerto Rico (Trusted Source)  seeing widespread activity. Up to 26 million Americans have gotten the flu this year. Hundreds of thousands have been hospitalized for the flu, and up to 25,000 have died, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)Trusted Source reported Friday.  And though the coronavirus, which was declared a global health emergency Thursday by the World Health Organization, is also serious. You’re still more likely to contract the seasonal flu at this point. One in 10 people get influenza each flu season. We also know the flu virus spreads easily (Trusted Source) from person to person: People can get influenza from being within 6 feet of an infected person or coming in contact with particles from a sick person’s sneeze or cough.

Coronavirus is far less prevalent in the United States, and though we know it can spread from person to person, we’re still uncovering exactly how transmissible it is. Health experts suspect this could be a very deadly flu season — similar to what we saw in the 2018–2019 season. That’s not the only surprise about this year’s severe and fast-spreading flu season. It also got its earliest start in 16 years.

We’re seeing more B strains than we are A strains: something that hasn’t happened in the United States in nearly 30 years, and presumably the reason so many people don’t have any residual immunity to what’s going around. And, unfortunately, the vaccine missed the mark with B/Victoria, the most common strain we’re seeing this year."    Remember those words--"and up to 25,000 have died..."  

I want to point out something interesting about that quote...a lot of interesting things actually, but the one glaring thing that caught my eye and actually bothers me are the words in MY parenthesis, (Trusted Source). If you go to this site that posted this information, you will see that those words are NOT visible until they are copied and pasted into another document. Now why would that be?   Another thing is the "1-10" people will contract the flu each year.  So with a US population of roughly, 331 million, that would make the number of seasonal infections at about 33 million.  However, the CDC estimates those deaths well above that number and in some cases, as seen in the 1st CDC graphic I provided from 2017/18, that number more than DOUBLED to 79,ooo estimate.  


So, what if hundreds of thousands of seasonal flu tests were done every day?  I think we all know that the majority of people who get the flu just suffer at home until it passes...because, well, it's the flu.  But what if people lined up in tidy, 6' apart,  rows at hospitals and clinics to get tested, even those who felt perfectly fine?  How large would the number of infected people actually be?  Well, that is if they had the flu that is being tested for; but let's just assume the vaccines are accurate and everything is correct.  I think it would be very safe to assume that the number of season flu infections would be at least double the HIGHEST number the CDC estimates., and by their own data, certainly much higher than 1 in 10!  And what if the guidelines put out by the White House expert, Dr. Birx were applied to people who died in the US who had the seasonal flu at the time of death?  OR, what if the data is being so manipulated that NOTHING is "science" based anymore?  

So...by May 20th, there were less than 6,300 seasonal flu deaths? But wait!  What about,  "up to 25,000 have died..."     How can that be?  Both of these images are directly from the CDC site.  So are we to believe that influenza deaths were reduced this year by 4-10 TIMES or more, considering this was projected to be a "deadly" flu season as the vaccines didn't hit the mark? But what about the CDC claiming that at least 25,000 had already died by Jan.?  And now, knowing first hand that anyone with Corona symptoms, tested or not, or anyone that tested positive post mortem are being considered as a Covid-19 death, this should cause every American to DEMAND that the fabrications, guessing and LYING, STOP!  We would NEVER tolerate this type of deception regarding the seasonal flu...or do we and we just don't know? 25K instantly going down to less than 6,500?  How does that happen?  What I do know, mostly because I can actually remember from year to year, is that many of my friends complain of catching a flu-like cold Late Spring, early summer...every year.  "The rhino-, corona- and parainfluenza viruses that cause upper respiratory infections in winter are joined in the warmer months by a particularly nasty accomplice: enterovirus, which can cause more complicated symptoms" ~Dr. Bruce Hirsch, attending physician for infectious diseases at North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset, N.Y.   So a "spike" in any Corona virus (there are a myriad of them out there) would be very likely in the summer months and then, flu season starts all over again.  

Bottom line; why are we allowing any of this to happen?  Where is the outrage regarding the fake data?  Why are we allowing these  progressive, liberal, so-called, "FACT CHECKERS" to persuade gullible folks into believing things that are NOT TRUE and silencing those who are desperately trying to expose them?  Especially when this is extremely detrimental to the economy of our country and the well being of our citizens, both mentally and physically?  The American people must demand that our medical community STOP fabricating data, changing data and outright lying to the American public.  And the worst part is that they are lying out loud!

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Daniella Cross is a writer who seeks out the truth that the mainstream media ignores, evades, or otherwise conceals from the public.
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