Hunter Biden's Gun Trial finally exposes 2020 election Interference!

If anyone was paying ANY attention in 2012, first they would have seen Obama in bed with the Russians, second, they would have seen, CLEARLY seen that there was going to be election fraud.  How was Obama sure he would win?  Because the election was rigged for him to win!

 Although I am not a fan of Mitt Romney, he knew that the Democrats were in bed with Russia and he called out Obama for it. Obama scoffed and belittled him as Obama was so deep under the soiled sheets with Russia, prostituting our country to the Communists while lining his personal panties with cash.  

And then in 2013 the scandalous Uranium One deal which transferred 20 percent of U.S. uranium reserves to the control of  Russia. Uranium is an element essential to producing nuclear weapons!  This deal was orchestrated by Clinton Foundation, former President Barack Obama, Russian intelligence, and Russia’s nuclear military-industrial complex. Why in the world would our Leader, our President sign off on giving RUSSIA 20% control over such and important and DANGEROUS natural resource?  Let us not forget the Biden was Obama's VP this entire time...and 1 year later in 2014 Russia invaded Ukraine and took Crimea with Obama and Biden's blessings. We all know that Biden, his brother and his son, Hunter were doing their own lucrative, nasty pole dance with Russia and extorting millions from Ukraine, all under the noses of unsuspecting, ignorant Americans.  

And just one year after that in 2015, we saw Hillary Clinton fabricate, what THE BIG LIE really is; Trump colluding with Russia!  For over 4 years the Democrats pushed this LIE as they tried desperately to bleach those bloody sheets.  And now, that those who were willingly ignorant to the BIG LIE, are, maybe, beginning to see that it was the Obama administration, the Democrats, the complicit media and Hillary Clinton who had to distract the public from the GLARING truth!  This CNN clip was their attempt to MOCK Trump in 2017---

It is no surprise the Biden is sitting back and watching Russia invade Ukraine.  This deal was done a decade ago!  However, just like the shock and awe of Trump becoming President of the United States, against all odds and all forms of spying, cheating, weaponizing the FBI, DOJ, CIA and the Media; across the miles, a young man, a comic, a normal guy who had the number one sitcom in Ukraine, is convinced by his friends to run for President of his beloved country and he actually WINS!  He is NOT a politician, he simply loves his country---sound familiar?  And when the Democrats set up Trump on a fake quid Pro Quo regarding his conversation with this young President of Ukraine, Zelensky, regarding Hunter Biden's dirty dealings in that country, they were setting this Russian invasion in motion!  

No one liked this kid as the President of Ukraine, well except for the Ukrainians who wanted to be an actual Democracy, and rid the country of corruption and crime, but not countries that were secretly having an affair with Russia like the US, Italy, the UK, Germany...nope, like Trump, President Zelinsky had good intentions for his country, like, Make Ukraine Great!  

I am cheering for the Ukrainians!  I am heartbroken for them as well.  

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Daniella Cross is a writer who seeks out the truth that the mainstream media ignores, evades, or otherwise conceals from the public.
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