Time Enough at Last November 20, 1959 Twilight zone

I know that the majority of the civilized world is stumbling through the rubble, searching for their glasses hoping that this Twilight Zone episode will finally end!  But it's not...  Just when we think, ok we can all go outside now, eat at a restaurant, take our kids to the park, BE SOMEWHAT NORMAL, BAM!  The COVID STRIKES again and we are plunged into a suffocating, faceless, snitch on your neighbor form of existence.  And it has become, US against THEM!  If the riots, ANTIFA and the BLM terrorists and the Democrats who are refusing to stop it...if that weren't enough to push one over the edge, now we are forced, AND I MEAN FORCED to put cloth, plastic, cardboard, anything over our faces.  It doesn't matter ONE BIT what it is, or what it is made of as long as it conceals our features from the nose down.  Because...well...SCIENCE!  


I have written volumes about THE COVID, about the SCIENCE, about the EXPERTS and about the CENSORSHIP so I am not going to belabour this article with any of that...what I am going to discuss is the fallout, the toxic waste that is already spreading through the air and will continue to consume, fragile, timid souls and seriously affect normal, well adjusted people for years, perhaps even decades to come.  I am referring to CRAP!  Covid Reactionary Anxiety Psychosis!  And this is a real thing.  


Remember when life was normal?  I don't mean, everything was peachy and no one had problems, but a time when most things in our lives were predictable, under our control, like going out for Taco Tuesday.  We went to work, sent our kids to school, went out to eat or to the movies...many went to church or to some type of religious service...we went hiking, skiing, swimming, all sorts of normalicies and recreation were had and enjoyed by all of us.  Life was normal, until the COVID!  Then our lives, the entire globe, was turned upside down!  It was like, suddenly a giant asteroid hit the entire earth, plunging us into a type of frantic chaos none of us had ever experienced before except perhaps in the episodes of the Twilight Zone.  Life went from, normal to some bizarre alternate reality where we were TOLD we couldn't leave our house, where the zombie virus was going to kill millions upon millions of Americans, not to mention what it was going to do to the entire world.   Death and destruction was upon us...we were informed that if we didn't comply with the NEW RULES we would die or cause the horrific deaths of others.   COMPLY or DIE!  And everything we knew as normal changed to some other reality.  State Governors became dictators drunk with power, the Media Monsters report death, death, death at every turn. Social media outlets have become the keeper of THEIR TRUTH and with Nazi like authority BAN and CENSOR  anyone or anything that doesn't fit their narrative of the Apocalypse.  And now...after a slingshot ride of yes, no, yes, no, YES, we are being forced to wear MASKS!  Yup, even down to the littlest Who in Whoville, well at least all the Who's, over two are to be masked, just like you.  

I can't even imagine putting a mask on a toddler and expecting them to keep it on.  This is outlandish!  And in my opinion, as an expert parent, it is traumatizing for a child to wear a mask against his or her will.  Especially considering the MOUTH PART of a child's face is everything to them!  It is how they express emotions with that simple pouting of the bottom lip--that speaks volumes directly before the shrill scream comes out. OR, the simple fact that a child knows, primordiality, this is where life comes from, the breath of life, as well as were snacks go in to calm their savage breast.  When you mask a child you are doing much more than "attempting" to curtail a are trying to silence that child, changing his or her entire personality into submission.  THIS IS WRONG!  And just because we had parents raise a bunch of idiotic, disrespectful, ungrateful $HIT$, that we call, Millennials, who are currently raising havoc, destruction and inciting violence in our Liberal cities,  doesn't give legal licence to silence this next generation.  THIS IS PLAIN AND SIMPLE CHILD ABUSE!  Think about it, if I had FORCED my toddler grandchildren to wear masks in public, everywhere, some KAREN would have called CPS on me and there would be a LITANY of expert child Psychologists daming me in court and labeling me as a child abuser.  You know I am right!  Just thinking of masking a toddler gives me a tremendous amount of angst.  Wearing a mask myself, throws me into fits of anxiety followed by a certain amount of rage!   


With all of the deception regarding the data, with all the padding of the numbers that is plainly seen, it is no wonder that a sane person, a critical thinker, one who sees clearly what is actually going on,  would experience anxiety or even depression.  I am not talking about those people who already are predisposed to not handle difficult situations well, I am referring to people like me.  People who are desperately trying to help others connect the dots in this ever growing political sham.  We are constantly barraged with the notion that we are "conspiracy theorists,"  "hate mongers," wanting people to die because we are selfish in not wanting to wear a mask...people like me are called, "deniers," "not believing in science," and "stupid & ignorant of the facts!"   After a while, even the most stoic, the strongest of intestinal fortitude will suffer, to some degree of the CRAP!  Now if I were a Doctor, a Scientist or even held a PH.D I could write a scholarly paper on Covid Reactionary Anxiety Psychosis and it would go down in the medical journals as a condition one suffers from as a result of the Media, the "Experts," the Government DICTATORS like State Governors, local politicians, forcing an alternate reality on the citizens of this country!  A condition where we are strongly advised to avoid questioning truth, and are told how this NEW science really works and without doubt to BELIEVE what is told to us...even though the REAL truth stands right before our own eyes.  

For example, a prominent, well respected Doctor who is part of the White House CV-19 committee stood in front of the world, on National TV and said: "There are other countries that if you had a preexisting condition and let's say the virus caused you to go to the ICU and then have a heart or kidney problem some countries are recording as a heart issue or a kidney issue and not a COVID-19 death. Right now we are still recording it and we will I mean the great thing about having forms that come in and a form that has the ability to market as COVID-19 infection the intent is right now that those if someone dies with COVID-19 we are counting that as a COVID-19 death." ~Dr. Birx

How can any reasonable, logical, intellectually honest person NOT question that?  And then we hear the death toll, "over 100,000 dead from the Coronavirus" and we KNOW, yes we know this data is wrong, she came right out and told us so!  But to question the Authority is to question the new reality we are supposed to accept.  Wear a mask, anything at all to cover your face...because THIS IS SCIENTIFIC!  We know it is not, but if we do NOT COMPLY to the false reality we will be arrested, fined and or put in jail.  Hardened, violent criminals have been released from prisons to make room for US!  This is enough to cause even the most stable, intelligent, intellectually honest person to begin to feel the effects of THE CRAP coming over us!  


Simply stated a Psychosis is: "a severe mental disorder in which thought and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality."  In the video below is a prime example of the effects to one's mental stability due to the CRAP.  Mind you, this is one of the more severe cases, but nonetheless it was caused by CRAP.  As you can see, the mask is not the important issue as this woman is spreading spittle everywhere, possibly infected with the virus...her agenda is only about CONTROL!  Her external reality used to be a normal one...and judging by the colors of her hair, a happy go lucky know they type, the person that has a COEXISTS sticker on her bumper.  Well watch this and see for yourself what happens to a person when normal is taken away...when a narrative and propaganda is pushed so hard on people that a Psychosis takes's really all CRAP!

As you can see, CRAP is a REAL Disorder!  This example is extreme but you can search out videos like this all over the Interweb.

“The two things human beings crave are control and certainty. Whenever you have a loss of control or a great deal of uncertainty, anxiety is likely to increase. “Whenever you have a loss of control or a great deal of uncertainty, anxiety is likely to increase. The pandemic is like that on steroids."  Ann Rosen Spector, a psychologist

"Americans have grown increasingly anxious as they've seen this global pandemic upend their lives within a very short time. We're all concerned about our health, our families and our livelihoods, and are struggling with uncertainty. This analysis, showing that many Americans are turning to medications for relief, demonstrates the serious impact COVID-19 may be having on our nation's mental health." Glen Stettin, MD, Senior Vice President & Chief Innovation Officer, Express Scripts. (

Antidepressant use is rapidly on the rise due to the anxiety the politicians, the media, the CDC and the WHO have caused regarding this virus.  We never experienced this type of hysterics and global takeovers during other flu pandemics in regards to actual, not fabricated deaths...the seasonal flu kills many more people, world wide then THE COVID, and I mean real deaths, not someone testing CV-19 positive and  then drowning in a swimming pool!   Now I am reading that the "experts" are believing that a particular Antidepressant, fluvoxamine may stop a life-threatening cytokine storm caused by THE COVID.  “Using a psychiatric drug to treat COVID-19 may sound counterintuitive, but it’s no more counterintuitive than using a malaria drug. This drug has been around for decades, so we know how to use it safely. If effective, it could be an ideal drug to repurpose for outpatients with COVID.”  Eric J. Lenze, MD, the Wallace and Lucille Renard Professor of Psychiatry (

And this is a perfect example of CRAP!  Comparing an almost 100 yr. old drug that has been successfully PROVEN to work in patients who suffer from AUTOIMMUNE disease who experience "cytokine storms" due to an over-reactive immune system response...a drug that has been also very effective in treating COVID patients all around the world...comparing this with an antidepressant!  Hey, I am not discounting anything here, just desperately trying to not completely succumb to all the CRAP!  And believe me, it's getting harder and harder not to as I see what once was REALITY being replaced by something alter-reality.  THIS GIVES ME ANXIETY!  


Ironically, COVID REACTIONARY ANXIETY PSYCHOSIS (CRAP) manifests in 2 different ways.  The first was seen in the woman from the remember, the one who by (stereotypical) appearance exemplified peace and tolerance.  She had the classic form of CRAP where her "thoughts and emotions were so impaired" that she simply couldn't accept what reality really is beyond what she has been conditioned to believe.  The second type of CRAP is more of a constipated reaction to THE COVID.  People like me are holding in our anxiety, not allowing it to flow from our innermost bowels...attempting to stay in the "real reality" amongst those who are trying so hard to flush truth, logic and science down the toilet.   We are trying to keep it together as we encounter more and more people falling under the spell of this delusion.  I feel strongly that if I am FORCED to wear a mask to go out, to buy or sell that that I will be heralding in a "reality" of Biblical proportions!  I may be suffering from anxiety that at some point, I will be the only  sane person left, searching the rubble for my readers to fully see the extent of the NEW REALITY that is being embraced by so many.

The Masks--Twilight Zone March 20, 1964

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Daniella Cross is a writer who seeks out the truth that the mainstream media ignores, evades, or otherwise conceals from the public.
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