Black Supremacist Terrorists taking over our country!  The racial hypocrisy in what we are currently seeing in this country is mind numbing!  So a 17 year old kid, who thus far in his life has been an exemplary specimen of a teenager, gets tangled up with a bunch of BLM Terrorists!  There is NO OTHER way to describe what happened than that.  And anyone who wants to spin it otherwise is a Black Supremacist!  And I'm not even going to get into the reason Kyle was in that place to begin with because I am just so sick and tired of ill-bred louts, out looting and destroying innocent people's property and terrorizing communities because a Black man BLATANTLY resisted arrest and got shot by the police!  Has anyone even asked the Ex why she made that 911 call?  Was she scared for her life?  I have to wonder if Blake had actually gotten to the knife he had on the floorboard of his car and stabbed the cop, would people have rioted?  It's pretty clear in the video that Jacob Blake was reaching down for something before the officer discharged his weapon!  This Black man was in this position because he violated a restraining order, his ex called the police AND HE RESISTED ARREST!  He didn't simply resist, he was unphased by a taser and completely ignored a cop pointing a gun at him!  Most people that can still function after being tased are generally EXTREMELY high on drugs.  And this folks is the poor, innocent, Black man that has incited the riots in KENOSHA, Wis.  UNFRIGGIN BELIEVABLE!   And don't for ONE MINUTE think that the police didn't know who they were dealing with as they had spoken to the ex-girl friend who told them his name and that he had a restraining order and a warrant out for his arrest!  I am so utterly disgusted in these rioters!  But no outrage or riots for 5 yr. old Cannon Hinnant who was shot in the head, execution style by a Black man!  Why wasn't that Black man called a Black Supremacist? 


black supremacist

Kyle joining other GOOD people cleaning a wall vandalized by BLM idiots! Photo credit: Fox News

Let's all be intellectually honest here!  Does that concept even exist anymore?  Those who support the BLACK LIVES MATTER group are without a doubt, BLACK SUPREMACISTS!  How can I say this?  Well besides the blatantly obvious...if you say, ALL LIVES MATTER to a BLM supporter, you will get murdered, just like Jessica Doty Whitaker, a 24 yr. old mother of a 3 yr. old!  If you even suggest to a BLM supporter that a White life is just a valuable as a Black life, the chances that you will get bashed in the face are great!  And this racism has taken over our country to the point of distracting the truth towards a flat out lie.  

Now we know that White, basement dweller, Millennials have, to a large degree taken over the this BLM terrorist group, fighting for; the end of police brutality?  NOPE, fighting for Black Supremacy!   Ok, so let's talk a bit about this kid, Kyle Rittenhouse for a minute.  

Kyle is "an Antioch, Illinois, teenage supporter of police who filled his Facebook page with pictures of guns and law enforcement advocacy and went to Kenosha to protect people and a Kenosha, Wisconsin, demonstration over the police shooting of Jacob Blake..."   

This teen loved all forms of law enforcement  and the Fire department and proudly posted, “Blue Lives Matter” on his Social Media.  "He was interviewed hours before the shooting by The Daily Caller’s Richie McGinniss. He explained his presence in Kenosha by saying that “people are getting injured, and our job is to protect this business.” He looks preposterously young for this role, not like some ’roid-crazed militiaman but like a kid who has somehow guessed that the code to his father’s gun locker is his own birthday. Rittenhouse has been called a “white supremacist,” but none of his comments during interviews at the scene mention race."  The Atlantic

Oh, but don't let his comments stand in the way of the Media Monsters spinning it!  I know this first hand as our neighbors directly to the West of us, Spokane, Washington saw many fully armed North Idahoans come over in May to help them out, after the BLM terrorists showed up from various other places to wreak havoc on that city.  And even in our own little town, we had hundreds of armed citizens protecting our downtown area as we had intel that these terrorists were coming our way!  You can read about that here.  Ironically the Liberals in our town called all of these citizens who came out to protect our community--yes, you guessed it--WHITE SUPREMACISTS!  They didn't however, call the ARMED, BIG Black man protecting the BLM supporters a BLACK SUPREMACIST!  I wonder why?  Nope, just the White people! 

Unlikely forces

BLM supporter and Community protector fist bump. Coeur d'alene, Idaho May 1st, 2020

if you hold one race above another you are a supremacist! 

Why is it so hard for people to call members of the BLM movement, Black Supremacists?  I mean, come on, that is EXACTLY what they are!  They hold Black lives to be more precious than any other and if you disagree with them...well, you know the thing...

The point is very clear as is the objective.  This has nothing to do with Police Brutality because if it did, then those in the BLM group would pick much better martyrs to be their heros other than, criminals, those who blatantly resist arrest and get shot.

They would focus on innocent black people who don't run from the police, who don't have a lethal dose of drugs in their system, who didn't bash in the head of a hispanic man as he patrols his people who who don't steal from convenience stores and then man handle the asian owner and then after the 911 call, resist arrest and try to take an officer's gun, or black men who violate a restraining order to harass and possibly cause harm to their EX-girlfriend with a warrant for their arrest and then get tased, continue walking from a cop who is pointing a gun at them...Yeah, not those people.  If it was really about police brutality, then they wouldn't choose THOSE Black people!  Or are the Liberal American people just THAT STUPID?  YES!  YES they are!

Black Power Fist!

I think that if the Media can jump on this 17 year old kid as being a White Supremacist, when he was so clearly protecting himself from a mob of White, Black Supremacists and kills TWO WHITE people in the process, then I am going to label every single BLM supporter a Black Supremacist and it doesn't even matter if you are White.  If you hold one race to more worth over another, then you are a racist and in the case of Black Lives Matter, you are also a Black Supremacist with your Black Fist slogan--BLACK POWER!

Black man rear-ends vehicle and then executes White dad, daughter and other family member in critical condition.

I am going to call this Black man a Black Supremacist!  But there will be no riots, no looting, no cities being destroyed because, well, BLM.  If this had been 3 black people, an innocent family, minding their own business, and a White person rear-ended their car, got out and shot them all in the head, well, the Media Monsters would SCREAM, "RACIST, WHITE SUPREMACY!"  AND IT WOULD BE FRONT AND CENTER, ALL OVER THE NEWS!  Riots, looting and destruction would ensue. 

I am sick of this, sick of the narrative being played out and can't wait until Trump is re-elected without the Russian Hoax, the Ukraine impeachment or any of the other crap this President has had to deal with for the last, almost 4 years!  This will be his last term and I am hoping that he will just start kicking some ass!  Starting with the Racist, Black Supremacist, BLM group!  Let's throw some of those White kids in prison and see how long this solidarity of stupidity lasts! 

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Daniella Cross is a writer who seeks out the truth that the mainstream media ignores, evades, or otherwise conceals from the public.
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