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Local New asks about COVID Vaccine reactions

And as I was reading the craziness and was responding to someone who was spewing misinformation about the vaccine having a longer immunity response than a natural infection, I came upon the Merck Pharmaceutical site and it made me wonder what do they know about these vaccines that they can't tell us?  I mean come on man, we all know the HUGE profits to be made in vaccines, especially this one.  You don't just step out of the money tornado box for no good reason.  

But, let's just look at some of the comments my local news Facebook page received regarding reactions to the COVID vaccine...and remember, this is just in my little town.  Now as you read these comments, and I am going to take some time on these because I believe it is crucial to prove how brainwashed people are regarding COVID as well as this vaccine.  You will notice that every single one of the people suffered from the exact symptoms that one would experience if they had a natural infection.  These "reactions" are not at all like one would experience from getting an influenza vaccine.  Nevertheless, these people, in these comments, all seem to be so happy that they received this vaccine and were so sick afterwards...following the identical symptoms that 99% of all people who contract COVID experience.  Some get well sooner than others, just like being naturally infected.  Some experience mild to no symptoms while some severe.   But natural or man made vaccine it is the same.  

comments from covid shot

Local people describe their reaction to the COVID VACCINE not understanding that THESE reactions mimic a natural infection!

Comments on covid shot reaction

These are just a few of the 300+ comments of adverse reaction.  I am just having a problem understanding all of this.  You get a vaccine to prevent yourself from getting Covid. Most claim they were "so sick, missed a week of work, thought I was going to die, haven't been that sick in 10 years, severe chills and fever, worst headache in my life..."  THESE ARE EXACTLY THE SYMPTOMS OF A COVID INFECTION!  And then, those who have suffered COVID symptoms from this vaccine, claim that they are glad they received the vaccine.  WHAT?  

This is what the CDC has to say about the process of this this vaccine, "Next, the cell displays the protein piece on its surface. Our immune systems recognize that the protein doesn’t belong there and begin building an immune response and making antibodies, like what happens in natural infection against COVID-19. At the end of the process, our bodies have learned how to protect against future infection. The benefit of mRNA vaccines, like all vaccines, is those vaccinated gain this protection without ever having to risk the serious consequences of getting sick with COVID-19."  LIKE WHAT HAPPENS IN NATURAL INFECTION!  WITHOUT HAVING TO RISK GETTING SICK?  Well, it seems to me that a LOT of people are getting sick...actually it looks like many are getting the same symptoms with the same varying duration that those who are naturally infected are experiencing.  

Everything I have been reading, are the symptoms of those who have actually had COVID, some more severe than others, just like the natural infection.  These are the reactions to the natural virus for more than 99% of the population.   And the immunities, as far as "science" claims are the same for the natural infection and the immunization, which attempts to mimic the natural infection. Although Merck claims, "immune responses were inferior to those seen following natural infection and those reported for other SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 vaccines."    And WHY oh why did Merck pull out of this huge money maker?  What exactly do they know, perhaps pertaining to the long term dangers of this vaccine?  

Another interesting little tidbit is that Merck held $175 million in Moderna Stock and sold it in Dec. 2020.  Now why would they do that, considering the billions of potential dollars that Moderna will receive from its COVID vaccine.  Does it have ANYTHING to do with Fauci and Bill Gates involvement with Moderna?  Seems very odd to me that on the precipice of  striking gold, Merck would sell its shares.   

It just seems very odd to me that Merck would pull, not only out of the vaccine rush, but also sell its stock in Moderna and also make the BOLD statement that the vaccine doesn't give the same type of longevity as a natural infection.  But in a HUGE twist to this story, TODAY it was announced that Merck has joined forced with Johnson & Johnson!  Something smells like a bad reaction to me. 

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