Jedediah Bila schooling the ignorant & stupid Joy Behar about COVID vaccines!

Let's just start here and unpack this interview with ex-VIEW member, Jedediah Bila and the Communist like VIEW Comrades, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar and Attorney, Sunny Hostin.  So, Bila was the token conservative VIEW member until better opportunities to get away from her Marxist co-hosts came knocking on her door.  But, why was she there that day?  I mean after all, she was going to get bashed like every other conservative that goes on the (obstructed) VIEW and obviously she knew that, but she wanted to push her new book but didn't even get the chance. 

So, was it worth it?  Oh heck yes it was.  I could care less about her book because what she showed Americans about the sheer STUPID ON PURPOSE agenda of Communist organizations like the VIEW, was priceless!  What Bila stated on National TV was 100% truth!  First she states the fact that her doctors (plural) have advised against her getting a COVID vaccine for health reasons, even going so far as to document the reasons for this.  Then she discusses the fact that she has a high level of natural immunities in her system from a past COVID infection and again documented by her doctor.  But then, the real trigger moment is when Bila states that the vaccine does not stop people from contracting COVID, and even spreading it...especially the Delta variant.  Oh wow, Joy Behar just about flipped a lid, telling Jedediah, "Oh my goodness that's not so!  Come on! Come on!~~~Audience applause"  And she was so smug and condescending in her grandstanding ignorance.  

Bila was just great and kept speaking the truth and then Sunny Hostin bursts in with her emotional RANT...and then Whoopi jumps in with HER the factless, emotional rhetoric, fully loaded with a large dose of virtue signaling, negating all of the SCIENCE and facts that Jedediah had just stated.  They didn't care that getting this experimental vaccine could cause Bila to become a death statistic, just as they are completely agnostic to the fact that natural immunities have been PROVEN to be far superior than vaccine induced antibodies.  These psychotic, emotional driven, agenda purposed, hive mentality women evidently don't realize that there is a huge difference between natural, long lasting, perhaps lifetime immunities and vaccine induced antibodies that have proven to wain after roughly 6 months as boosters seem to be needed in perpetuity.

The Communists of the VIEW are very irresponsibly spreading disinformation that if you are vaccinated you can not contract or spread this virus, which is odd as 2 of the VIEW hosts had positive COVID tests which caused Kamala Harris to decline an in person interview.  How strange that all of these people have been vaccinated and yet they fear an unvaccinated person who has strong natural immunities...and regardless of natural immunities, if the vaccine works, why would people be so afraid of someone who is unvaccinated if what Bila said wasn't completely true?  They ratter themselves out.

The sheer stupidity, disinformation and virtual signaling the communist left spews is the entire reason that so many don't trust the media and the VIEWS of moronic woman pushing a false agenda.

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Daniella Cross is a writer who seeks out the truth that the mainstream media ignores, evades, or otherwise conceals from the public.
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