The Government Attorney defending the reason for Vaccine mandates lets a TRUTH slip out.

The attorney representing the government, Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar, made an admission that many of us have known for a very long time now.  Obviously she didn't mean to, it just slipped as the truth sometimes does.  She was quick however to correct her faux pas, but nonetheless it was heard.  

Government Attorney:  "...the risk the unvaccinated workers pose to others because they are so much more likely to transmit this deadly disease..."

Justice Alito:  "To other, what type of workers?  To other vaccinated workers?

Government Attorney: "YES, that is the grave danger finding..."

Justice Alito:  "I thought the secretary disclaimed that?"  

JUST TAKE A MINUTE TO LISTEN!  When the attorney representing the US Government realized that a truth bomb had just slipped from the mouth part of her face she very quickly bailed her sewage out her boat...for just a brief moment her Freudian ship was sinking and she admitted to the world that it is the VACCINATED that are at risk, or to use the term Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar repeated, OVER AND OVER, these people were in "Grave danger!" Will Robinson!

I listened to the entire hearing, but this part was where the truth slipped out and it was so telling!  And if we simply do a quick timeline, a lot is revealed.  Vaccine rollouts in Dec. 2021, within months new variants emerged and the Delta hit hard.  Oddly it didn't just infect the unvaccinated like we were told it would, it didn't discriminate, it went after the vaccinated as well.  Millions of people in Israel gave us an excellent study on that fact as did places like the most vaccinated state in US, Vermont.  All the pro-athletic teams from baseball, football to the National Hockey League proved that the virus and the variants, especially the variants, couldn't care less about that vaccination card in their back pocket!  Omicron is even less particular and it appears to seek out those who are fully vaxxed and boosted.  Well how can that be?  Hmmmmmm...  

Is it a secret that the vaccines are not working?  Are there really some people out there that believe that these "break-through" cases are rare?  How in the world could anyone believe that?  

But then again, those who are in power, know full well what the truth is, that these variants came from the vaccines not from the unvaccinated!  And we know for a fact that the Libs have no concern for us, smelly Walmart shoppers as to the "grave danger" we are in for not wanting to have our bodies be a part of an experimental vaccine program...we also know that this vaccine mandate has nothing to do with health...if it did, our Government wouldn't be withholding drugs that cure the COVID sick.

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Daniella Cross

Daniella Cross is a writer who seeks out the truth that the mainstream media ignores, evades, or otherwise conceals from the public.
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