Hunter Biden's Gun Trial finally exposes 2020 election Interference!

The US COVID Marketing Campaign has come to an END!  I know, SHOCKING admission from the CDC on Thursday!  No more social distancing, test if you feel like it, don't worry about being exposed to someone with COVID...HA!  So what's with the change of draconian covid measures?  What happened to Biden's statement that was parroted by the Libtard media; "THIS IS A DISEASE OF THE UNVACCINATED!"  "A WINTER OF DEATH!"  

I suppose you can't argue with SCIENCE, but you can argue with Joe Biden, the CDC director and all those who LIED when they said,"If you get vaccinated YOU WON'T GET OR BE ABLE TO SPREAD COVID!"  

The science IS settled at this point...the experimental mRNA shot did not work and the majority of people contracting COVID are vaccinated!  Ironically, so are the people suddenly dropping dead of heart issues, strokes or deadly blood clots!  So, these people, these "professionals" LIED!  There is no other way to say it!  You can't claim something like an experimental shot is going to work if you have NO IDEA if it is going to work!  These people not only lied to the entire world, but in this country, many lost their jobs, their homes, and even worse than that, lost so many family members to the fear mongering that convinced them that those they loved who refused this JAB where horrible, deplorable people who were selfish, self-centered and didn't care about spreading COVID and wanted Grandma dead!  This LIE tore so many families apart at the seams. 

But NOW, when there is absolutely no hiding the fact that vaccinated people are contracting COVID and spreading it, the CDC now says, never mind, just kidding.  Will they be held accountable for lying?  Oh HELL NO!  Will they be held responsible for the millions of people whose lives they destroyed?  NOPE!  And what about all of those brainwashed people who "trusted the science" and walked around like self righteous bigots, condemning anyone who refused the CLOT SHOT?  Will they apologize to their friends and family for believing a lie?  I highly doubt it!

And what will the fallout be when the truth comes out that Dr. Birx, who was a major part of the COVID team at the very beginning of this fiasco told the entire country that the establishment was intending on padding the death numbers from the get-go?  Basically, while other countries are going to present their data truthfully, the United States will lie to pad the death from COVID numbers.  Seriously, she said that! 

I want you to read this statement and then read it again!!!!  "Market as a COVID-19 infection!"  This entire plandemic was a "marketing" campaign and we were told this at the beginning!  I paid attention, DID YOU?  There was a LOT of money to be made in the COVID death market from hospital "incentives"; "CDC director, Robert Redfield has admitted that the financial policies put in place could have resulted in elevated hospitalization rates and death toll statistics. Brett Grior with the U.S Health and Human Services Department has also said he believes that financial incentivization could have resulted in higher COVID-19 death rates." Funeral costs, and Federal aid--$158,000 per COVID-19 case Alaska $306,000 Arizona $23,000 Arkansas $285,000 California $145,000 Colorado $58,000 Connecticut $38,000 Delaware $127,000 District of Columbia $56,000 Florida $132,000...  

And if you think COVID was a huge money maker for greedy death mongers, our taxpayer money by the way, just try to fathom the BILLIONS of dollars pharmaceutical companies made off the experimental clot shots that have been proven worthless to protect against contracting or spreading COVID!  They are still raking in the dough.  

And now the CDC must follow the Social Science and prepare for the Mid-Terms.  Perhaps, Monkeypox will be encouraged to spread into the general population?  After all, the CDC absolutely refuses to tell gay men that they should practice monogamy or, God forbid even celibacy!  It's almost like the CDC wants this virus to spread quickly into the general population...

So when you are told to mask up against the monkeypox, or encouraged to vote by mail or drop box, I suggest you follow the link in the picture and get ready for Halloween masking!  

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Daniella Cross is a writer who seeks out the truth that the mainstream media ignores, evades, or otherwise conceals from the public.
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