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Judging from the inordinate amount of Maskholes I am seeing these days, it is painfully apparent that the ignorant and apathetic people; you know this kind, "I don't know and I don't care" group is growing and compliance is being achieved.  Although, let me take part of that comment back, it's not that these people don't care, it is just that they really BELIEVE all the Bullchit they keep hearing.  We have the Media Monsters barraging us daily with doom and gloom statements like, "The U.S. reported its highest single-day infections — more than 67,000 cases — on Thursday. The United States reported more than 4,200 deaths in the past seven days, and experts warn that the trend could continue to get worse." July 10th, 2020

"At least 630,000 people nationwide now have test-confirmed cases of COVID-19, according to The Atlantic’s COVID Tracking Project."  April  16th,2020

But, what about the Season flu that comes around EVERY SINGLE YEAR?  The ten's of MILLIONS infected with the flu, hundreds of millions going to their doctors and almost 1 million people hospitalized didn't seem to have ANYONE batting an eye or grimacing behind their mask in 2017/2018.  Perhaps the reason for this is that the Democrats and Liberals we too focused on the Government Shutdown that had displaced thousands of government workers.  That was really all we heard...these poor government employees out of work!  

It is laughable that the Media and Democrats fearmonger a (now) 4.5 million  infection rate which by the way includes false positives and the COMMON multiple positive tests recorded by single people.  Ie.  a single person can and has tested positive several times after they have recovered from their CV-19 infection, as well as people counted as a COVID death who die, WITH COVID and NOT FROM COVID!  Because...SCIENCE!   


Not sure how many of you are aware that the CDC recently came out with, yet again, another recommendation.  10 days of isolation and NO secondary testing.  I do believe that the reason for this is because most people will test POSITIVE for months after recovering and the CDC has FINALLY conceded that this is padding the numbers!  Imagine how many people must get a test to prove they are clear to go back to work and still test positive.  THOUSANDS of these people getting multiple tests all being added to the positive infection data!  The number is so inaccurate on all fronts!  Ok, so this being said, people NOW only have to do a 10 day quarantine, and NO second test, we will see the numbers of positive tests drop dramatically by Sept. 1st.  And of course the media and the Democrats will ALL claim this drop is because of the MASK MANDATE!  But that will actually have NOthING to do with it.  The numbers have been skewed from the very beginning!  The death count has been off by roughly 50% or more as people who died from ANYTHING, TESTING + for Covid ARE being counted as a Covid one cares about this at all!  Actually I DO! And I hope you do too.   

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So, we have deaths decreasing exponentially, positive tests through the roof because of so many false positives...the CDC is"discouraging" people from getting retested because they KNOW most people will test positive for months even though they are not infected anymore...  So, as soon as all this catches up with the American population, I say about Sept 1st.  we are going to see this virus fade away.  All we are hearing now are the FEAR-MONGERS tell us about how many new cases there are...basically, it is a lie!  The CDC knows this!  Other countries are NOT employing this type of testing and that is exactly WHY they are not seeing an increase of infections.  But then again, they are NOT in the biggest election year EVER!

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Daniella Cross is a writer who seeks out the truth that the mainstream media ignores, evades, or otherwise conceals from the public.
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