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The "I AM" ideology really began in the 60s with the Feminazi movement and now is such an integral part of our society, our parenting, and how we are supposed to communicate and respond to each other--only positive affirmations with no critique or corrective criticism.  We see pastors of Megachurches preaching the "I AM" sermons to millions of men, women and children.  Just take a look at Megachurch Pastor, Joel Osteen, promoting his book, "The Power of I Am".

So has this ideology proved to be successful in producing a better society? Better parents, better children, or better friendships? With all of this positive affirmation are we more confident?  More calm?  More at peace with ourselves?  The answer is NO!  A big, LOUD resounding, NOOOOO!  

The answer is so much (NO) that more people than ever in our history are on some sort of mood altering or enhancing drugs to make them feel better, feel worth, feel confident, calm down, focus... Here is a SHOCKING breakdown by age of people in the US on some type of mood-altering drug. Pay close attention to the staggering number of babies, toddlers, and young children on these mind-altering/mood-adjusting drugs!  This should terrify you, as this is what the secular "I AM" god is up to.

The data in the boxes below comes from IQVia (formerly IMS Health), the largest distributor of U.S. physician prescribing data.  The information below was taken from the IQVia Total Patient Tracker Database for 2020, presented January 2021.

These numbers are deeply disturbing and it numbs the mind at the number of children on these types of drugs...not just children, but infants. INFANTS!  Why in the world would any infant be prescribed an antidepressant?  According to Dr. Mary Margaret Gleason, a pediatrician and child psychiatrist at Tulane University School of Medicine said, “There’s a sense of desperation with families of children who are suffering, and the tool that most providers have is the prescription pad.”  I highly recommend reading the entire article!   Are people so self absorbed with the "I am" wonderful, fabulous, intelligent, and my CHILDREN ARE PERFECT as well, that they resort to medicating their babies because they cry or throw tantrums?  Some of these doctors are prescribing psychiatric drugs to infants who cry too much!  Or to toddlers who throw fits in the grocery store...YES they are!

When I was growing up in the 60s and 70s kids didn't have the type of self-esteem issues that they have now. Kids killing themselves was very rare, and suicide rates in general were low. Schools were not shot up daily and teens were not committing  heinous crimes to the degree they are now. Divorce rates were low and having a baby out of wedlock was frowned upon. Now we have an explosion of divorces and more single parents struggling to raise their children than ever before.  This is all happening in the, "I Am" society and yet, so many simply, AREN'T the great I AM they have been told they are. They are constantly accoladed with, YOU ARE: great, wonderful, intelligent...can't do anything wrong!

So how can this be the blatant truth in this, ME (I AM) generation? Don't judge, don't criticize, don't call out bad behavior...Perhaps all of these positive affirmations that we are supposed to divulge are making society worse. When infants and toddlers are on Psychiatric Drugs to make them "better" more manageable, we must admit that there is a really big problem with the "I AM" ideology!  Maybe, just maybe we need to go back to pointing out our faults, confessing our sins, come to the realization that sometimes we are bad and do bad things and think bad thoughts.  Our children are not perfect and as much as you may not like this comment, they don't always deserve praise...and we don't, as adults, deserve praise for being responsible, productive's just how we should be.

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Daniella Cross is a writer who seeks out the truth that the mainstream media ignores, evades, or otherwise conceals from the public.
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