BLM show their true colors as supporters of killing Jews!

War is hell and woe to the little children that find themselves in its midst...  

The only people that love war are those who profit from it and throughout human history war between nations is inevitable.  People fight over land, over resources and over strategic positioning for more war...and unless there is an immediate surrender of the people or the invaders take mercy on the innocent, people will die.  That is also inevitable; people die in war.

Even in our most civilized wars where the aggressor attempts to only attack the areas of military strongholds, there will be civilian casulitalities, even if the strategy is to knock out the military for easy ground invasion and takeover, innocent people will die.  The compassionate world groans, weeps and condemns when we see, hospitals, schools and residential neighborhoods purposely targeted by either side...the images of dead children, covered in blood turns our stomachs and breaks our heart.

But what kind of war is it when the souls of men are so black that they can purpose in their heart to see an innocent baby laying in her crib and deliberately cut her head off?   How evil is a man who can rip terrified toddlers from the arms of their hysterical mothers and light them on fire?  How heneous is the human creature who can take hold of a pregnant woman, torture her by slowly gutting her bowels to remove the innocent, fragile little baby and watch him die as he gasps for breath?  What kind of war is that?

This is not a war for land, or resources or strategic positioning, this is evil, pure evil!  These are terrorists have purposed in their hearts to rape and then kill women, torture babies and children to death, to gruesomely murder grandmothers and to make sure the world sees every drop of blood that falls to the ground.  Who could possibly support this?

ANYONE who claims, "I Support Palestine" is supporting these heinous, evil, atrocious acts against humanity!  The Black Lives Matter group posted this image in solidarity with those who purposefully set out to murder innocent young people at a celebration concert!  That is not war, that is evil!  

Black Lives Matter stands with baby murderers

BLM show their true colors as supporters of killing Jews!

These young people at this concert were not soldiers!  They were not fighting for a cause!  No, they were just celebrating and having fun with each other.  This was a very thought-out, planned attack on innocent young people, in a field, dancing to music, fellowshipping with each other, and the intent of those terrorists in the air, with parachutes, was to mowdown as many young people as possible and those women who were kidnapped will be repeatedly raped, tortured and murdered!  What type of wicked, evil person could support this?

I want to bring reference back to September 11, 2001, when Islamic terrorists attacked our country killing nearly 3000 innocent people and destroying our  Twin Towers in New York city.  This was such a heinous event but our country came together like no other time in US history.  Now I want you to remember in 2015, Donald Trump made a comment that caused the Lunatic Liberal Media and the Trump hating Democrats to lose their minds.  Trump stated that there were "thousands of people" celebrating the terrorist attacks on the US.  He claimed that he saw a video of people on a rooftop in New Jersey, cheering and reveling in the destruction of lives and the Twin Towers.  And the Democrat sponsored media went ballistic, fact checking him, mocking him and calling him a delusional liar.

Even Ben Carson claimed that he had seen a video showing many people on a NJ rooftop celebrating the horrors of 911.  And back then, in Sept. of 2001 many of us saw that video!  But where is it now?  It's gone, completely scrubbed from the internet.  But why? We all know why...the nation was so enraged that these Islamic terrorists could do something so vile to our country that our government did everything they could to whitewash any evidence of Muslim-terrorist supports of 9/11.  We couldn't have any backlash against the US Muslim communities; even though we all know that there were literally, 1000's of people living in the US that were giddy that we were attacked by Islamic (Muslim) terrorists!  Heck, every Muslim country was celebrating, "Death to America!" this is no secret or mystery!  The 9/11 attacks on US soil was highly coordinated by Islamic Extremists and not just from one country.

So, even though the video was scrubbed from the internet, and anyone who has a copy on their desktop and tries to post it, finds it is immediately taken down within moments, we still have eyewitnesses to the the horrific facts that there were people in the US cheering on the Muslims who hijacked our planes and deliberately flew them in our iconic buildings killing thousands.

In Dec. of 2015, reported this--> "In the weeks since Donald Trump ignited a firestorm by claiming "thousands and thousands" of Muslims in Jersey City cheered the fall of the twin towers on 9/11, elected officials, religious leaders and a former state attorney general denied the existence of celebrations in the city that day. Media outlets, after scouring archived news stories and video footage, could not find verified accounts of Jersey City Muslims rejoicing."   Determined to call out Trump for disseminating misinformation, and hate mongering, all the lunatic Liberals went on a rampage claiming that NO ONE living in this country would support the horrific crimes these Islamic Terrorists committed against innocent US citizens.  And although, Trump did indeed embellish the number of terrorists supporters on the Jersey City rooftop the evening of Sept. 11th, 2001, I believe that the number of "thousands and thousands" who cheered after this attack was pretty accurate, just not in New Jersey alone.

jersey city, New Jersey

"When I saw they were happy, I was pissed," said Ron Knight, 56, a Tonnele Avenue resident who said he heard cries of "Allahu Akbar" as he shouldered his way through a crowd of 15 to 20 people on John F. Kennedy Boulevard that morning.

Collectively, the gatherings amounted to dozens of people at the two locations, the witnesses said. Callers also flooded the 911 system with accounts of jubilant Muslims on a rooftop at a third location, three police officers said, but a reporter was unable to find witnesses there 14 years later"

Although the majority of police Captain, Peter Gallagher's statements regarding what he witnessed on 9/11 have been scrubbed, his comments can still be found on 

Rooftop where over 2 dozen Muslims celebrated 9/11

 Many police officers and residents of Jersey City shared their experiences of see and hearing large groups of people celebrating the deaths of almost 3000 innocent people that day.  Moreover the Jersey City 911 dispatch system was flooded with calls from local residents reporting  these death celebrations.  "There were enough calls that it was disturbing.  That's the only word I can use."~Arthur Teeter--in the radio room at police headquarters on Sept. 11.  The US Deep State in collusion with the Liberal Media was determined to make sure that they covered up and protected those who lived in the United States who were sympathisers of these Islamic terrorists!  And what an amazing job they did, as the term, Islamophobe just happened to came into the vernacular of the lunatic Left who used it to target Conservatives who spoke out against the Islamic Radicals who hate America and have infiltrated our country....and about this same time, with Obama now steering this ship, the resurrection of "White Supremacy" to disguise his own extreme Islamic sympathies and support.  In this video clip, which has been, interestingly, chopped short of Obama's answer, everywhere I have looked, his words HERE make it very clear why he won't call out radical Islamic Terrorists-->"...what I learned from listening to some of these Muslim families both in the United States and overseas is that when you start calling these organizations ‘Islamic terrorists,’ the way it’s heard, the way it’s received by our friends and allies around the world is that somehow Islam is terroristic. And that then makes them feel as if they’re under attack."  By, "these organizations" you mean, Islamic Terrorists who fly planes into buildings?  Who set off suicide bombs killing hundreds of innocent people?  Those "organizations"?  

So what's my point dragging this past  up...that then candidate Donald Trump was not just condemning the Islamic 9/11 terrorists, but all the people living in these United States that were cheering and supporting these heinous terrorists acts?  And Obama refusing to say, "Islamic Terrorists"?  My point is that our government did everything they could to protect the supporters of terrorism living in the US, but are now closing their eyes to those who are openly supporting the blatant torture, rape, murder of innocent people as well as the slaughter and beheading of babies!

We have the BLM "organization"  posting an image of a parachuter who was trained to specifically go into a celebration of young people with the sole intent to murder them!  This image is clearly shows BLM's support of this atrocity.  I would guess that they will remove this image soon, but once you have seen it, you can't unsee it.  We also have many people in our own government like Democrat Congresswoman, Rashida Tlaib for instance,  who proudly displays a Palestine Flag in front of her Congressional office, as well as Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar, both professing Muslims who have made it no secret that they have a vitriolic animosity towards the Jews!  

It is utterly appalling that there was such a cover-up when it came to Muslims who where out in the open celebrating the death of thousands of innocent Americans at the hands of radical Islamic Extremists, but no shame at all from these people, even in our own government who support or refuse to condemn the atrocities that have happened to innocent Israeli citizens who have been targeted for torture, rape, murder, even little innocent babies being beheaded! 

In this Fox News report, Congresswoman, Rashida Tlaib could have, NO-- SHOULD HAVE stopped and told this reporter that she 100% condemns the actions of the Palestinian Hamas "organization".  Even if she doesn't believe that babies were tortured and beheaded, even if she doesn't believe that a baby was brutally cut out of his mother's womb, even if she doesn't believe that young girls are being ripped from their mothers and raped and murdered...even if all she only believes is what she has seen with her own eyes, images of terrorist gliding on the clouds to murder hundreds of innocent young people at a concert celebration, or the image of a young girl screaming as she is being drug off on a motorcycle by a Hamas terrorist, or the bloodied images of a teenager girl being drug by her hair from the back of a jeep...or even, if all she saw was the unprovoked bombing of Israel where hundreds have been killed as apartments and office buildings were blasted down; wouldn't that be ENOUGH to stop and tell that reporter that she does NOT support these Palestinian, Hamas terrorists?

The simple fact that we have people in our country being protected under the guise of "Free Speech" condoning the murder of innocent people, including children is so disturbing to me.  The fact that our feeble-minded President, Joe Biden claims that "White Supremacy is the biggest threat to the homeland" when we have actual Muslim "NAZIS" who want nothing more than to see the extinction of the Jewish population, being able to spew their hate openly, without any shame or condemnation at all!  

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Daniella Cross is a writer who seeks out the truth that the mainstream media ignores, evades, or otherwise conceals from the public.
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