Canadian Drug Mart prohibits the sale of books. Considers them Non-essential items.

Today I saw something a friend on Facebook had posted, and it was this image with text:  

Canadian Superstore nonessential no buy

Non-essential items such as toys are forbidden to purchase as Draconian COVID restrictions are put in place.

And of course all the conspiracies began and people were posting crazy stuff.  I, being of logical, sound, intellectual mind, chimed in and claimed that this was not some government conspiracy to take away toys from little children, good grief people, obviously this store was getting ready for Black Friday!  Yes, they do partake in our Black Friday insanity.  I mean, it couldn't be anything else...right?  So I wrote a message on the Real Canadian Superstore (Winnipeg - Kenaston) Facebook page, asking them to please put these crazy conspiracies to rest.  As I was waiting, I figured I would humor that little voice in the back of my mind and do a little research.


"From blocking aisles to hiding Christmas decorations, Winnipeg's big retailers stash non-essential goods"  CBS.CA

This was the headline from the CBC Canadian news on Nov. 20th, 2020!  The government of Manitoba, Canada and its Health Tzar have made a Communist decision to restrict the in-store purchase of anything in retail stores that is NOT essential!  Yep, it's true folks.  These ORDERS went into effect, Friday, Nov. 20th and prohibited shoppers from buying little Johnny a bike for Christmas, or Suzie a doll.  You want fresh cut flowers?  You'll have grit your teeth and go without because evidently all items like toys, crafts, jewelry, flowers, perfume, consumer electronics, sporting equipment, books, video games, CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS and whatever else might be considered a non-essential item, the communist manifesto says--NO!.  WHY?  Well, obviously because, COVID!  

Manitoba, Canada Bans non-essential items from shoppers

A supercenter in Manitoba, Canada BAN customers from buying Christmas Decorations because of Draconian COVID Communist laws!

It's not just what you can no longer go into a store and buy, but these OVER LORDS are also dictating how these people---yes in Canada, can run their lives.  No friends can come visit, no more than 5 people together, "5(2) By no later than 12:01 a.m. on November 21, 2020, the operator of a retail business must ensure that(a) non-essential items are removed from areas of the business to which members of the public have access;(b) members of the public are physically prevented from gaining access to non-essential items at the business; or(c) signs in the business or stickers on items clearly identify non-essential items that cannot be purchased." AND ON AND ON! Here is a copy of the rules !


I am quite certain that if Joe Biden takes office and becomes our 46th President of the United States this is exactly what we will experience on a large scale.  Remember we did see some of this happening here when items like planting seed were prohibited to buy in the Spring, we people needed to plant...but then some sort of sanity came back to us.  

But now that we are entering flu season, which always taxes our hospitals, despite having a flu vaccine, we are going to see all sorts of hysterics! And considering that Canada CODES COVID deaths in a similar manner as the US, meaning if you tested positive or were presumed positive and died from just about anything, it is tallied as a COVID death, then the Government overreach will be unstoppable!  And like the US, they propagate that a positive case is an infection...while tens of thousands of people who test positive are NOT sick!  This is rarely if ever reported. 

So, what I at first presumed was simply a Black Friday merchandise wrap, was indeed draconian government control of the citizens of Manitoba, Canada...coming to a US city near you? 

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Daniella Cross is a writer who seeks out the truth that the mainstream media ignores, evades, or otherwise conceals from the public.
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