Trump Didn't cause this Chaos...this chaos caused Trump!

This statement is most likely the ONLY honest thing the LEFT has claimed about President Trump!  Our Nation has seen racism and intolerance, evil and hatred for opposing opinions grow to mammoth proportions in the last 12 years.  The majority of this attitude and behavior began with the election of Barack Obama and if you read the last article I wrote you will see, with clarity, the sequence of events that have propelled us to the horrible place we now find ourselves living in.  Now, mind you, I was never a fan of Bush but he certainly did have his hands full with the Muslim Terrorists who attacked our country on 9/11, this day 19 years ago, and I believe he did a very good job keeping us all together...the most united this country has been since I have been alive! But it WAS Obama, this Junior Senator from, well, who knows where he was actually from as NO ONE had even heard of this man until he ran from President and won.  Seriously, no one knew this biracial man, who came out of left field to run this country.  But what we do know is that under HIS watch, and through his influence our country became racially aware, we see skin color more now than ever and are greatly divided....over everything!

and it wasn't just racism, it was everything!

By the time Obama was finishing up his 8 years reigning over this country, he cause more damage to our culture, to our sanity and to our cohesiveness than any other President in US history!  It seemed that his main and ONLY goal was to divide our country in ways no one thought possible.  He began his quest to fundamentally change our country with his affiliation and amourous relation with the Muslim Brotherhood by constantly defending the Muslim culture.  Considering we were still licking our wounds from the Islamic terror attack on our country on 9/11/2001, Obama not only encouraged the building of an Islamic Mosque close to the Ground Zero property, where the Twin towers once sat, but he chastised the people of the US for being intolerant of the Muslim community for wanting to build in very close proximity to that piece of property!  Obama pretty much said that the American people were intolerant, Islamophobes!  It didn't matter that 3000+ lives were lost by Islamic terrorists...what did it matter now!

“Ground zero is, indeed, hallowed ground,” Obama said at a White House dinner celebrating the Muslim holiday of Ramadan. “But let me be clear: As a citizen and as president, I believe that Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as anyone else in this country. That includes the right to build a place of worship and a community center on private property in lower Manhattan, in accordance with local laws and ordinances.”

What Obama did right there was to completely ignore the fact that when those Muslim Terrorists flew planes into those towers they WERE PRACTICING THEIR RELIGION!  We heard, directly from the Muslim religious leaders that their entire plan was to take over the United States without firing a shot, but by infiltrating our culture.  How mind-blowingly offensive that these people would have the nerve to WANT TO BUILD a religious Mosque very close to the spot that they had destroyed and murdered thousands!  And here we have a Muslim religious leader saying, WE BUILD THIS MOSQUE ON YOUR "HOLY GROUND" OR ELSE the situation will become "EXPLOSIVE!"  

If the Islamic leaders really wanted peace with the Muslims living in the US, then building a Mosque by the destroyed Twin Towers site would NOT have even been an issue, unless the point of building there was to say, "YES!  WE DID THIS AND NOW WE CLAIM THIS GROUND!"  Come on, it doesn't take a Rhodes Scholar to figure this out!  


From the moment Obama took office he called the pot black and stirred it as frequently as possible.  First with Trayvon Martin, then Michael Brown and Freddie Gray...Obama made it his goal to cause as much racial division as he possibly could and blaming the police for the criminal behaviors of Blacks and the Whites for their privilege!   The sad part about this is that, even though Obama was NOT our first BLACK PRESIDENT as he constantly claims, he did have an opportunity being biracial, with a White mother and a Black father, to bring this country together on race issues, but he didn't.  From the very getgo Obama went out to cause division in the races, within religious groups and the most important aspect of his goals was to disenfranchise law enforcement by baiting Blacks to hate the police like you would bait a dog for a fight...throw a little white puppy into the ring and watch it get torn limb from limb.  And although he quietly deported more illegals than ALL PRESIDENTS combined and separated children from their parents and put them in cages at the border, these secrets he kept so well that his buddies at the MEDIA didn't even know that it was HIM that put immigrant kids in cages!  Unbelievable!  

Illegal children at border under Obama, June 2014

Illegal children at border under Obama, June 2014

Illegal children at border under Obama, June 2014

the obama riots

It's hard to remember a time when our Nation hasn't been rocked by RIOTS!  Really, it's been 12 LONG YEARS!  8 of those years were at the behest of our then President, Obama who started and fueled the fire of Black revolution with the help of his Marxist upbringing with a LOT of Trotsky ideologies of "keep a revolution going" to keep a country divided, confused and angry.  And then the Democrats with the help of Hillary and the Obama administration continued with the CHAOS!   Russia, Russia Russia, Impeach, riot, loot, destroy, BURN!  It simply hasn't ended!  Remember the root of this evil.

One just needs to look at the Nazi Helmets, the Communist flag, the bandana's to understand what we are dealing with!


So the Left, well the honest ones (I oxymoron) can admit that Trump did not cause all of this Liberal CRAZINESS we are seeing. The American people were just so fed up with what the Democrats had created we needed someone to come in and try to STOP IT!  This chaos has been going on for TWELVE YEARS!  And at this point Liberals in places like Oregon, Washington State...cities like Portland and Seattle are seeing first hand the violence and destruction those who identify with the Progressive Left are causing.  We aren't just seeing riots and looting and evil destruction anymore, we are witnessing deliberate ARSON!  Entire communities being BURNED to the ground, millions of helpless animals tortured to death by these senseless forest fires being set by those who desire to destroy our country...because they don't like TRUMP children are dying in forest fires!   Well, ALL OF YOU LIBERALS are the reason that Trump was elected!  You are all now EXPOSED for who you are!  We don't have a President who looks away from your violence, your arson, your looting YOUR EVIL!  No, this President was elected to show the world how destructive the Progressive Liberal Left really is!  To shine a light on Mayors and Governors who are allowing their states and cities to be completely ruined and their citizens left feeling scared and helpless.  Trump is the reason that our Economy was BOOMING and we experienced the lowest unemployment in US history!  And Trump is the reason that the Democrats are destroying our country!  So when you hear a Democrat politician or Media Monster state:  "Trump didn’t cause the chaos. The chaos caused Trump." they are 100% correct!

So, if Trump is NOT re-elected will all of this violence end?  If the answer is to you is, YES, then you need to take a good hard look at the people who are causing this chaos and wonder where they will go?  Will they simply disappear?  Will all of Obama's hard work to create this evil mindset just change?  Will ANTIFA go away?  How about the BLM terrorists?  They were born from the Obama Nation and won't just go away.  They will do exactly what they are doing now, acting like toddlers whose parents say "NO" in the impulse aisle at the grocery store!  So what that would mean, if TRUMP is NOT re-elected is that the Democrats would be forced to appease these impudent children and give into all their demands..."if you don't see it our way we will loot, destroy and become EXPLOSIVE!"  This is precisely what President Trump has dealt with since he was elected-->spoiled, rotten children masquerading as grown adults!

How did Fauci know about the coming COVID outbreak?

Fauci knows about pending "DISEASE OUTBREAK!" How did he know?

trump improved the economy & democrats destroyed society!

For the last, coming up on 12 years now the Democrats have had utter control over our joke, they have.  They have controlled our schools, our children, THE MEDIA and the courts.  We have seen the results in our society as it is burning to the ground, quite literally!  Imagine if THE COVID hadn't mysteriously hit.  Imagine if Fauci hadn't predicted this Covid outbreak would happen?  Just imagine how booming our economy would be now.  But, Fauci unequivocally stated, like he's a Psychic or something "surprise disease outbreak...for Trump"  How did he know?  Could it be that this "outbreak" was ONLY supposed to affect the US and accidentally got loose in the entire world?  Could it be that his "LOVE" for Hillary and the Obama Nation was controlling his mind?   Either way, we have seen the Democrats controlling our society for 12 years now; causing racial divisions, creating narratives, inciting riots, and now standing down as EVIL people burn our country!  ALL BECAUSE TRUMP IS EXPOSING THEM FOR WHO THEY ARE!  

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Daniella Cross is a writer who seeks out the truth that the mainstream media ignores, evades, or otherwise conceals from the public.
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