The TRUTH about who died at the Capitol on Jan. 6th 2021

Come on man, you just can't be any more blatant than that!  Why, on God's green earth do these people want to destroy this amazing country?  Why do they want to see our culture, our children, our way of life, our language shot to oblivion?  Yesterday, Chuck Schumer the Democrat Senate Majority leader said the quiet things out loud for the entire world to hear.  Take a listen and then we will break it down. 

First thing he says in his passionate speech to give all these illegals who are in our country, amnesty, is that, "we are short of workers."  Oh really?  So, do you think Chucky, that shutting the country down,  the largest economy in the world and encouraging people to NOT go back to work with Biden Bucks shoved in their face, might have something to do with that?  Prior to the plandemic the Trump administration showed the LOWEST unemployment rate (3.5) the United States had seen in over half a century!  Say that all together---THE LOWEST UNEMPLOYMENT RATE IN HALF A CENTURY UNDER PRESIDENT TRUMP!  Yes, Trump did that and it can be done again, but not with people who hate this country.

So what Chuck is saying here is that we want all these illegals to get amnesty (not even to take the citizenship test) but just pass go and collect the FREE PARKING!  There wouldn't be any encouragement to learn our culture or our language.   Man, I am getting sick and tired of listening to the radio and hearing about half of the commercials in Spanish.  Soon, I can imagine, I will be asked to press 3 for Arabic, 4 for Farci, 5 for Hindu, 6 for Ukrainian...we have just about lost our National Language--ENGLISH!  PRESS ONE FOR ENGLISH!   

Ok, next.  "We have a population that is not producing on its own at the same level that it used to."  Ok now, I am not sure what he means by, "producing on its own"?  But, it is a total lie that babies are not being conceived at the same level they once were.  In 2020, 930,160 abortions...babies conceived and killed before they could be born.  That is almost 1 million babies that could have been added to this countries population a year. And a disproportionate amount of those babies were black babies.  So for those who claim, who's going to feed all those unwanted babies.  Well, who's going to feed all these illegals and their babies, who's going to pay for their housing?  Who's going to pay for their education?  WE ARE!  The 49% of us who pay taxes, that's who.  But it is abundantly clear that these Democrats would rather fund illegals and transform our country into a socialist chit hole, than to help actual  American citizens...American families. 

And yes, the US birth rate is falling to dire numbers to sustain an economy such as ours, but who's fault is that?  The abortion industry that is killing almost 1 million babies a year?  The feminists?  The government who began the destruction of the American family in the 60's, both black and white?  The progressive liberals who loathe the traditional family?  I would venture to guess all of the above.  But here Chucky wants to populate our country with everyone else but Americans he wants to give our jobs to everyone else but Americans.  This is not about diversity, it is all about destruction of our GREAT UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

Schumer then goes on to say, "The only way we're going to have a great future in America is if we welcome and embrace immigrants.  The dreamers and all of them, cause our ultimate goal is to help the dreamers but to get a path to citizenship to all 11 million or how ever many undocumented there are..."  HUH, really Chuck?  Well by most estimates, there are easily 30 million plus illegals in OUR county!  So Americans are not enough for this great nation to have a great future?  The people that are citizens of this country are not enough to make America Great?  Folks, this says it all...the secret part was said OUT LOUD!  

These people HATE US!  They want all our babies dead, they orchestrated and funded the unemployment mindset in this country, and they are telling you, to your face that YOU ARE JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR THE FUTURE OF THIS COUNTRY!  Let that sink it...Seriously, let that sink in...

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Daniella Cross is a writer who seeks out the truth that the mainstream media ignores, evades, or otherwise conceals from the public.
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