2020 Election Interference Finally Exposed as The Deep State Media and the FBI exposed with Hunters Laptop!

2020 Election Interference Finally Exposed as The Deep State Media and the FBI exposed with Hunters Laptop!
Hunter Biden's Gun Trial finally exposes 2020 election Interference!

So everyone remembers when Hunter Biden's Laptop exploded on the scene in 2020...but most of you don't know that the computer repair store owner, John Paul Mac Isaac had already given it to the FBI almost a year prior...and they basically told him that, "SNITCHES GET STITCHES!"  As a matter of fact the FBI had authenticated Hunter's laptop by November of 2019.  "IRS whistleblowers revealed the FBI verified the authenticity of Hunter Biden’s laptop by November 2019, nearly a year before social media companies censored stories about it."

When then, President Trump called out Joe Biden at the 2020 Presidential debates, Joe Biden knew the laptop had been verified by the FBI...but he lied and so did a LOT of people, including 50 former "intelligence" agents.  

Biden lied to get elected and so did these former "intelligence" agents!  And then the mainstream media and the Social Media Giants colluded with the Deep-State to silence the validity of the damning and criminal charges Hunter's laptop exposed, involving the entire Biden family.  Polls clearly show that Joe Biden would NOT have won the 2020 elections if people had been made know about the validity of Hunter Biden's Laptop.  But the mainstream media made sure that didn't happen.

Over and over again the MSM told the US voters and the world that the information on this laptop was part of a "Russian disinformation campaign."  And they all knew what a pitbull Rudy Giuliani was at getting at the truth...after all it was Giuliani who went to Ukraine and discovered Joe & Hunter Biden's illegal money deals with Ukrainian and Russian Oligarchs, so, besides Trump, he was their main target. Giuliani was dangerous to the Left. And to think so much of this subterfuge was going on right in President Trump's own administration!  It was Trump's FBI that concealed the contents of Hunter's laptop from the public and they didn't just allowed the media to lie and social media to censor, but they encouraged it!  The FBI could have very easily put out a public statement to counter the MSM's disinformation about the laptop, but they didn't!

The American public witnessed two repugnant and very purposeful election interference crimes.  One in 2016 with the Obama administration and his DOJ colluding with the CIA, FBI and Hilary Clinton to thwart Donald Trump's election.  Who can forget the Russian Collusion Hoax, bought and paid for by Hilary Clinton?  Or Obama's FBI conspiring to make sure Clinton won & spying on the Trump Campaign .  And then in the 2020 election with blatant election interference by Joe Biden who lied to the American voters, the FBI concealing the the truth about Hunter's laptop and the Mainstream Media lying through their teeth with only ONE GOAL, to get Biden elected. 

So now that Hunter Biden is on trial for lying on his gun application, and his Laptop being used as evidence by his own fathers DOJ--the FBI validating it as real and as Hunter Biden's, the election interference in the 2020 election by President Biden and the FBI is now more clear and obvious than ever!  

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Daniella Cross is a writer who seeks out the truth that the mainstream media ignores, evades, or otherwise conceals from the public.
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