Hunter Biden's Gun Trial finally exposes 2020 election Interference!

So, 2.5 years ago, shortly after Biden took office and he began dismantling our economy by waging war on our oil industry and throwing trillions of dollars at people to stay home and not reenter the workforce, he was called out at a Press Conference. regarding very low enthusiasm to return back to the workforce. 

When questioned, about the lack of individuals who were willing to go back to work after Biden extended Trump's temporary economic shutdown, well beyond any reasonable fiscal timeframe, his response to the employee shortage was, a creepy whisper, "PAY THEM MORE."

Jump to now, we have the United Auto Workers striking for more pay, a situation that Joe Biden claimed a couple of weeks ago would not happen. But in true form, Biden is now accusing the Corporate owners of these auto manufacturers of being greedy and not sharing the wealth. Ironically he said the same things about the oil industry.  In Biden's decaying socialist mind he believes people like Henry Ford should have used their blood, sweat and tears, not simply to create a auto giant, but to use his dream, his financial investments, his successes and failures, his ideas of creating one of the largest auto industries in this country to not just pay his workers a fair salary, even during the great depression, but to also take away his wealth and give it to his workers...they "deserve" it!  What kind of bovine excrement is that?  It's just one patty short of Socialism and a quick slide into Communism!  

Joe Biden the Communist

Joe Biden claims that workers DESERVE the hard earned profits from business owners, not just a good and fair wage.

If Joe Biden had any idea of what it's like to actually own and run a business we wouldn't be in the serious economic crisis and dire inflationary position we are in now! "Pay them more" is what causes the costs of everything to go up! He has no clue that these businesses use profits to reinvest into their companies to produce a better product. Moreover, the entire point of capitalism is to make a profit, and in the eyes of the business owner, or the corporate stockholders, GOBS of money! What is wrong with that? Considering that a company's backbone is its employees, it is crucial for their workers to be paid a fair wage with good, safe working conditions so that they will continue to come to work and not look elsewhere for a better-paying job. All successful US business owners understand this!  But when you create unbearable inflation, and destroying our once thriving oil industry, as President Biden has done, the cost of everything goes up; food costs, housing, gas, heating/cooling, medical, basic necessities...

What President Biden is hungering for, is a main course of Socialism, with a side of Communism! And as most communist dictators have proven; their ill-gotten wealth, through bribes, not paying taxes, extortion, exerting political power to put their competition in prison, and 3rd world financial gain tactics, is only meant to crush its citizens...not to empower them through equity.  Look no farther than Venezuela.  

As long as corporations are not making gobs of money for themselves and their stockholders and they produce a substandard product or a diversity hire, to satisfy the idea of, equity and level the playing field, then people like Joe Biden and his handlers--the global elitists, will satiate the appetite of the low information voter who believes a business making a profit, especially an extraordinary profit is evil and these very successful companies are out to keep them or put them into these same people watch TikTok videos on their new iPhones, ordering Door-Dash, while waiting for their Amazon packages to arrive.

Dear President Biden, when you give up the million dollar homes you own, on a salary that is not feasible for such purchases...and when politicians give up the multi-millions they have made from illegal insider trading and market manipulation in the stock market, then perhaps you may have a peg leg to stand on when you lecture those who believe in capitalism, making a product for profit, and YES, even those making gobs of money!  

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Daniella Cross is a writer who seeks out the truth that the mainstream media ignores, evades, or otherwise conceals from the public.
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