Hunter Biden's Gun Trial finally exposes 2020 election Interference!

What's up with the revival of "White Supremacy"?   Seriously the Democrat KKK has been dead for decades.  Sure there are still people who are racists, but as the days progress, I mostly see that the tables have turned and the Black Panthers would be so proud.  I just don't see all these White Supremacists that Biden and his administration claim are the "most lethal threat to the homeland" rioting, looting, throwing molotov cocktails into police cars, causing billions in property damage, holding part of a city hostage...I am sure if this were happening, and the KKK were back out on the streets, the mainstream media would be reporting it!   "White Supremacists just took over 8 city blocks in Seattle!"   "White Supremacists destroying Portland!"  "White Supremacists killing cops!"  Nope, haven't read those bylines.

But let me tell you what I do see and what I do know...  So a few nights ago I was watching the History Channel and there this is really neat series called, I Was There.  I looked through the titles and saw one titled, The Oklahoma City Bombing.  Ok, let's watch that one; I remember that terrible day.

So the show starts out with some back story on Timothy McVeigh (The bomber), his military service, his cohorts, and his growing distrust for the government.  Let me digress for a moment, McVeigh closely followed the FBI setup of Randy Weaver at Ruby Ridge.  The show brought reference to McVeigh's concern about the Weaver family but didn't go into detail about the true nature of the FBI's involvement at Ruby Ridge, but those of us who know, well, we know.  The show also talked about McVeigh's interest in the mission statement and the people of the Branch Davidians, an offshoot of the Seventh Day Adventists.  But they didn't talk about what really happened at that compound in Waco, Tx and the real reason 80 people, including 26 children died in a fire during an FBI raid of the compound.

But one thing the show focused on, was a book, a book called The Turner Diaries, a fictional novel about a revolution that overthrows the US government, a nuclear war, followed by a race war where all the non-whites were killed. McVeigh allegedly was enthralled with this book and the show made sure they stated that over and over again.  But was the man who bombed the  Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on April 19th, 1995 a racist?  A White Supremacist?  Well, watching the show I was watching would certainly give one that impression as the imagery of the KKK and cross burnings were really imposing. Showing the Ruby Ridge conflict and the destruction of the Branch Davidians as part of McVeigh's White Supremacy, just didn't add up.   But the more I paid attention to what they weren't saying, the more clear the picture became.

 Randy Weaver moved up to the mountains of Idaho.  Yes, he was white and yes he wanted to separate himself and his family from the modern world.  Does that make him a White Supremacist?  No!  Randy Weaver had a great distrust for the US Government and his feelings bore much truth in the end.  I am not going to go into the Ruby Ridge story but it is a good one and worth the read.  Read about it here.  

"Weaver was charged with multiple crimes relating to the Ruby Ridge incident – a total of ten counts, including the original firearms charges. Attorney Gerry Spence handled Weaver’s defense, and successfully argued that Weaver’s actions were justifiable as self-defense. Spence did not call any witnesses for the defense, rather focusing on attacking the credibility of FBI agents and forensic technicians. The judge dismissed two counts after hearing prosecution witness testimony. The jury acquitted Weaver of all remaining charges except two, one of which the judge set aside. He was found guilty of one count, failure to appear, for which he was fined $10,000 and sentenced to 18 months in prison. He was credited with time served plus an additional three months, and was then released. […]

In August 1995, the U.S. government avoided trial on a civil lawsuit filed by the Weavers by awarding the three surviving daughters $1,000,000 each, and Randy Weaver $100,000 over the deaths of Sammy and Vicki Weaver. The attorney for Kevin Harris pressed Harris’ civil suit for damages, although federal officials vowed they would never pay someone who had killed a U.S. marshal (Harris had been acquitted by a jury trial on grounds of self-defense). In September 2000, after persistent appeals, Harris was awarded a $380,000 settlement from the government."

Attempts were made to prosecute Lon Horiuchi but neither he nor anyone else involved in the massacre were ever held accountable for their crimes.

The murder of Weavers son and wife enraged McVeigh!  As did the FBI's raid on the Waco, Texas compound of the Religious Branch Davidians, which killed 80 people.  Read about the FBI's involvement here.  Were the Branch Davidians White Supremacists?  Did they hate black people or any other race of people?  NO, they simply had a great distrust for the US government and had a stockpile of guns and ammo at their compound.

So back to Timothy McVeigh.  Was he a White Supremacist?  Did he blow up the Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma because he hated black people?  Come on man, if he wanted to kill as many black people as he could, the Federal building wasn't the place to accomplish that.  No, McVeigh was not a White Supremacist.  He was a very disturbed young man who had such distrust for the US Government and their flagrant abuse of power to the degree of murder that he did an atrocious act which killed 168 people, but race had NOTHING to do with it.  Take a moment to read an excellent short book regarding McVeigh and his ideologies on race, here.  It is really worth your time to read it.

So here is my revelation.  For decades after the civil war the Democrats were responsible for the deaths of hundreds of black people their creation of the KKK. because of their utter hatred of Black people.   Those are the real White Supremacists! But now they are spinning a new narrative. Remember tell a lie long enough...  The new "White Supremacists" are those who have a distrust of the US Government and they can be of any race at all.   They can be Black, Asian, Hispanic, etc.  I know, that sounds really stupid, but it's true.  So if you think the 2020 election was a fraud, then you are a White Supremacists!  If you feel that public schools shouldn't be teaching Critical race theory and you speak up in a school board meeting, then you are a White Supremacists!  If you disagree with anything the LGBTQ+ community says, then you are a White Supremacists!  If you are a supporter of the 2nd Amendment then you are a White Supremacists...  Do you see what they are doing?  They are instigating a race war where none exists! Like the book!  But instead of the people overthrowing the Government, this Government wants to overthrow the people!

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Daniella Cross is a writer who seeks out the truth that the mainstream media ignores, evades, or otherwise conceals from the public.
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