Hunter Biden's Gun Trial finally exposes 2020 election Interference!

Nope!  You didn't read that wrong.  The  FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) is actively recruiting people with "severe disabilities" and "psychiatric disorders" to be a part of our aviation industry--that is our airline industry folks!  This is all due to the WOKE emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) agenda.  

Oh but wait, the infamous, Lunatic Liberal outlet SNOPES, in defense of this DEI hiring agenda doesn't give any positive outcomes of this policy but claims that this outreach and special hiring incentives to the severely disabled and those with psychiatric disorders by the FAA has been on their site since, well, as far as they are concerned, at "least 2013"-- "It has been included on the FAA's website since at least as early as February 2013. It was present during the entirety of the Trump administration, and it remains present at the time of this reporting."  

The first occurrence of  the words, "severe disabilities" on the FAA website are on June, 2nd, 2013, during Obama's second term.  So before we discuss this policy being in play during Trump's 4 years of his extremely tumultuous Presidency where he fought off poison arrows from every direction, let's just stop for a moment and dissect what the FAA is saying.  

"Targeted disabilities are those disabilities that the Federal government, as a matter of policy, has identified for special emphasis in recruitment and hiring. They include hearing, vision, missing extremities, partial paralysis, complete paralysis, epilepsy, severe intellectual disability, psychiatric disability and dwarfism."   "Special emphasis in recruitment and hiring."  So, what that means is if a non-disabled person who is qualified for a particular position in our AIRLINE industry, will be passed over for a disabled person as a "special" hire. Kinda like how Kamala Harris was hired or even our newest Black Supreme Court Justice--Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson whose IQ deficiency prevents her from having the mental acuity to define what a woman is.    

Let's just take a look at the types of disabilities they--the airline industry--will give special hiring preference to; a deaf person--ok, well, just because you can't hear doesn't mean you can't see if a plane is going to collide in mid air with another plane. I'm all onboard for the FAA to hire deaf people just as long as it is not in a position where someone yells, "OMG FLIP THAT SWITCH!"  Next--blind people.  If you are blind I am sure the FAA, using taxpayer grants & incentives would create an entire braille environment for you.  I would also assume there are positions that require acoustical agility which a blind person would actually have the advantage over a hearing person.  As long as a blind person is not in charge of flying the plane, I'm all for a blind person working in the aviation field.   

Ok, what's next; missing extremities--alright, that's really no big deal as far as being able to work in the airline industry not even sure why that was included.  Unless the position requires someone to have the complete use of, say, two hands, or 2 legs, I don't see this as an issue. 

From here it gets a bit dicey.   Partial paralysis & complete paralysis.  So, say you have no feeling from your waist down and are confined to a wheelchair.  Well, I don't see that as an issue, unless you need to do a lot of running, or you're hired as one of the people who flag the planes in during bad weather.  But complete paralysis?  WHY?  I mean seriously, unless you're Stephen Hawking...WHY?  Now, I am certainly NOT belittling someone who is completely paralyzed, I just don't think they have a place at the FAA, unless, perhaps as an analyst?  Ok, yeah, sure.  

What's next?  Epilepsy.  Well, perhaps in a desk job or in a position where if an epileptic fit occured it would have no effect on the lives of the thousands of people in the air at any particular point.  Alrighty then, what's next? Severe intellectual disability!  OK, I actually have to find the definition for this as to not get flamed for my own personal interpretation.  

Now this may sound harsh, but I really don't want anyone with a severe intellectual disability working at the FAA! From my research-Most people in this category cannot successfully live an independent life and will need to live in a group home setting or need constant supervision for day to day life activities. Why on God's green earth would the Federal Aviation Administration include a person with this type of disability as a consideration for hire?  And not just a consideration for hire, but a special emphasis in recruitment and hiring!   We have already tried this with the current President of the United States and we know for a fact that it doesn't end well for the folks he works for!  The FAA is NOT Social Services and should NOT hire people that need constant care or supervision!  NO!  

Ok, Next.  Psychiatric Disabilities!  WHAT?  So basically, crazy people!  The FAA is stating that they will give special hiring incentives for people who are on the crazy spectrum!  I'm sorry, I don't really want and people who hear voices, are clinically depressed, bipolar or schizophrenic anywhere near or have anything to do with the plane I am flying on!  Is it just me?  

And lastly, Dwarfism.  WHAT THE HECK?  Man if I were one of the little people, I'd be suing the FAA for putting me on this list and last, out of the Severely intellectually disabled and then the crazies!  SERIOUSLY?  I'd be a LITTLE pissed off if I were a Dwarf.  It's almost like the FAA put a little egg in there--they might as well have said, AND THE EASTER BUNNY!  I mean, if the Easter Bunny can be hired by the White House to lead President Biden around, he is surely keen enough to sit in a control tower making sure planes don't crash into each other RIGHT?

Ok, so back to who was the President during these FAA, WOKE hiring agenda's.  The Federal Aviation Administration (FAAis a U.S. federal government agency within the U.S. Department of Transportation and when these "special" diversity and inclusion hiring initiative policies came into being, it was President Barack Obama who was in charge of the FAA.  Our WOKE world began with him.  

When Donald Trump became active President in Jan. of 2017 and the Luunatic Libs were already calling for his impeachment...almost 3 years of Russia, Russia, Russia and then the Ukraine Impeachment as he was trying to expose Joe Biden's you really think Trump had any time to right this absolutely insane wrong?  I highly doubt it, but I have a feeling he will when he is reelected! 

So the next time you get on a plane to fly the friendly skies you may have more than turbulence to worry about. So buckle up, pay very close attention to the emergency procedures and for goodness sakes keep you tray in the upright position. OH, and have a beer because, THIS WOKE'S FOR YOU!  

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Daniella Cross is a writer who seeks out the truth that the mainstream media ignores, evades, or otherwise conceals from the public.
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