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It seems like every day I see a post like this on my Facebook feed:  "I've been hacked!  I didn't send that message and I didn't open a new account!"  In this digital era we are well aware that hackers are lurking around every cyber corner just waiting to break into our accounts and steal our money, our homes, our identity.  This is a real threat that we are constantly reminded about this security threat and many companies are cashing in on the identity theft crisis, by trying to sell us their latest "alert" systems.  And YES, it is a security crisis and billions of dollars are lost by normal Joes every year due to these despicable hackers.  Even our very own FTC warns us about cyber hacking as a clear and present danger.  

How many of you have logged into your bank or credit card website to see those very frustrating words:  "Your password is incorrect."  But you know darn well that your password is correct and you argue with the input field box for a ridiculous amount of time until the system locks you out!  Seriously, they could have simply said, "Due to the large amount of cyber hackers our systems have experienced. please change your password."  I mean, I get that...we have been conditioned for years to get that!  Most of us live in some type of perpetual fear that  by one mistroke of a key, our entire world can be stolen by some insidious, evil, faceless cyber outlaw. And those overlords who run the underground world wide web know this as well.  

It's not just individual people getting hacked by these evildoers, or banks or credit card companies, it is our US Government!  For instance, one month AFTER the 2020 election we learned the our government, the most secure and sensitive areas of our government had been hacked, including our Dept. of Defense, Energy, Treasury  & Transportation and more were infiltrated/HACKED by an unseen, stealthy mortal enemy who had evil intention toward our country and its citizens.  The entire US of A was HACKED!  

Obviously I don't have to convince you or anyone else of the real, present dangers of cyber hacking...WE ALL KNOW how dangerous this is and how common.  Come on man, our entire United States government was hacked back in Dec. of 2020.  Right at the time when the COVID hysteria was just beginning --perfect timing, right!  It was also at the same time that half of the country, more than half actually were fully convinced that the 2020 elections that had taken place just one month prior, had been hacked.  

We were told, even though hundreds of whistleblowers came forward with sworn affidavits that they witnessed the voting machines connected to the internet, changing votes, tabulating incorrectly, etc. that there was absolutely NO hacking of our voting machines and none of the machines were connected to the internet!  And anyone who believed that our voting machines were hacked by the overlords who wanted their feeble minded, inept candidate to win were labeled conspiracy theorists, domestic terrorists and pushing the, "BIG LIE!"  Even the idea that our voting machines for the 2020 elections were hacked was considered by the lunatic Left as utterly ridiculous with absolutely no basis in reality, a complete LIE made up by "MAGA EXTREMISTS"!  

Seriously, our entire government had already been hacked!  But, we weren't told this until after the 2020 election, and then it was basically swept under the rug like it never really happened.  There were people exposing the truth, including our own government. They were putting it out there for all to see...but only if you wanted to see it.  Our very own (CISA) Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency stated that  

"CISA has no evidence that these vulnerabilities have been exploited in any elections."  <---THIS is the BIG LIE that the Democrats are pushing on us!  Even the Liberal Lunatics at NBC admit the truth:

And yet we were warned about election hacking in Jan. of 2020 by the Liberal Media and this was validated by our US government, we are now being gaslit to the extreme of the biggest conflagration this country has ever experienced...has NBC news come out to say this commentary with these cyber experts was a lie? NOPE!  Remember, this was almost a year (10 months) before the 2020 Presidential elections and just a few months prior to the start of the PLANDEMIC!  So, all of these warnings about the fact that the voting machines used in the United States were were extremely vulnerable to cyber hacking was TRUE then, but not after the 2020 elections?  "OH NO" we were told by the Leftist Loons, as the fires of the gaslight were intensifying, "the 2020 elections were not vulnerable to hacking..."  

Even the Communist's were admitting that our election voting machines were easily hacked!  

"For the third straight year, elite hackers from around the world who spent a long weekend hacking into voting equipment have released a report detailing vulnerabilities in machines still in use across the country."

"Each of the more than 100 machines the researchers looked at were vulnerable to at least some kind of attack, said Georgetown professor Matt Blaze, one of the Def Con Voting Village’s organizers."

"The report will be of particular concern to lawmakers going into next year’s Presidential election."

“I’m going to get this in the hands in every member of the US Senate,” said Oregon senator Ron Wyden, the most outspoken election security advocate in the Senate, as he introduced the Def Con Voting Village report."

Mind you that, Senator Ron Wyden is a Democrat!  But what he so passionately states regarding election machine hacking in the below video are 100% true...Wyden was actually referring to the 2016 elections when Trump won!  I agree with the good Senator here that even in 2016 the US elections were hacked, just NOT good enough to cause Hillary to win.  The hackers learned a LOT from that election and how to do better!  Except, they did so good, it was like betting on a 3 legged, blind horse in the Kentucky Derby and watching that horse win!  

What this all boils down to is the simple fact that we are now ingrained with the realities of cyber hacking...everything from our personal information, banking information to the title of our homes can be stolen!  We are constantly barraged with creating new passwords that can't be even close to our old ones, initiating 2 factor authentication procedures, retinal and fingerprint scans to unlock our devices, et al but still, our government's data bases were hacked before the 2020 elections and still our US cyber security agency doesn't know when, how or who did this!  We know this to be a fact, this is NOT a BIG LIE, it actually happened and continues to happen with even some major cities being kidnapped and held captive in cyber ransom, by profit driven hackers with very nefarious intentions...

To sum this all up, using the words of Democrat Senator, Ron Wyden, "Our elections were not secure last week, and they sure as heck aren't secure this week.  And anybody who says otherwise is either selling you voting machines or simply has a malicious intent towards our elections!"  

I think, at this point we need to change more than just our passwords...

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Daniella Cross is a writer who seeks out the truth that the mainstream media ignores, evades, or otherwise conceals from the public.
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