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I have been following the West Maui fires diligently from the day they started, Aug. 8th.  Mostly because my oldest daughter, her husband and their 3 children recently move back to the mainland after living in Maui for the past 10 years.  I am pretty sure that I have watched every video and read about every conspiracy theory regarding the intent of the it is obvious that this was no ordinary fire, but appears to have had intentions of its own as what it was going to burn and what it was going to spare.

For anyone that was watching we saw downed power lines looking like they were the culprit to the cause of this fire, and perhaps they were, but is that it?  Is that all there is to it?  Or were they a distraction to what really happened, what was planned to happen. There are some question that must be asked and truthfully answered, like why did Democrat Hawaii Governor, Josh Green declared a State of Emergency for Hawaii a few weeks BEFORE  the West Maui fires started. Green claims this action was a, "bold action to streamline processes for creating thousands of affordable housing units."  Maui does have a housing crunch for affordable, long-term housing for locals and we know they are the ones who keep the millions of tourists that visit the island, happy.  But was this really Green's intent or was it something much more nefarious?

There has been so much suspicion and speculation and conspiracies abound and seriously how could there not be?  Emergency sirens were not set off purposefully, water was deliberately diverted away from the needs of the firemen for hours, roads intentionally closed to trap people in the fire zone causing hundreds to burn to death.  And then strange issues like blue things weren't burning, the glass windows on cars melted and the certain metals on the cars were liquifying from extreme temperatures that are not indicative of fires caused by grass fires.  These fires were simply much much too hot to have been caused by spreading grass fires.  One also must question why some homes and buildings were burned to ash while a home within feet didn't even have melted siding and 2 vehicles in a vacant lot melted in an area with nothing surrounding shirts found in the rubble and ash of a completely incinerated retail building that were not even touched by the conflagration that had surround them and blue patio umbrellas left unscathed.

I could easily write 10 pages about the fact that this was NOT a natural fire but the video below is so compelling and so thorough that it sums up the beginnings of the end.  So, I am just going to leave you all with this.

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Daniella Cross is a writer who seeks out the truth that the mainstream media ignores, evades, or otherwise conceals from the public.
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