Did members of the Utah women's basketball team have racial slurs hurled at them in Coeur d'Alene, Id?

There are very few times that I see a critique on a small forum debate that actually makes sense. This was one of them. I am not sure why The folks of "The Breakfast Club" have such a large platform with a Youtube viewing audience of well over 5 million, as they come off as, uneducated, racist, entitled and victims in just about every episode I have seen...and this one was no different.  These people gleefully admitted that they have no idea what the 3 branches of our US Government are! 

What was so great about this video, was the man who was critiquing this small forum debate with the "gang" and Vivek. What I found most ironic is that these people love to focus on past history, claiming that their descendants "built this country" when in fact they completely leave out all the Asians and other immigrants who were instrumental in building the majority of our country's infrastructure.  Roughly 20,000 Chinese immigrants built the United States  Transcontinental Railroad and hundreds died during the construction of our country's most important railway system!  

Do we constantly hear the Chinese people whining about their ancestors slave-like history in the US?  Heck no, they are kicking our ass and taking names in almost every sector of the United States!  Asian immigrants to the US worked their butts off to achieve the American dream and not just Asian's but also poor, disadvantaged people from all over the world that came to this country in the late 1800s-the early 1900's to build a successful life for themselves and their families.  Why don't we hear all of these other groups of people claiming their entitlement to entitlements like we hear from so many in the Black communities?

Vivek knows this all too well, as he went into his family's past regarding the struggles his ancestors had during the British colonization of his country and how his parents came to the United States to have a better life and worked hard to achieve that especially for their son, Vivek.  But you will see in the video below that some entitled little Twit, as well as the rest of the pablum eating miscreants from the Breakfast Club are only interested in wanting Government handouts, they have no desire to be judged on merits but on skin color, and regarding the female imbecile, she believes that being class president in the 8th grade is more important than creating a company that developed life saving drugs...the sheer ignorance, arrogance and stupidity of these people is infuriating to me and the fact that Vivek was too kind, too polite and too humble was not a selling point for me.  

This man can intellectually run circles around these idiots and when little miss arrogant ignoramus claimed that Vivek had been "sitting around in the country my ancestors built..." he should have jumped all over that comment!  Sorry sweetheart, your ancestors did NOT build this country!  Immigrants from all over the world were instrumental for building this country.  I am so sick of this victimhood rhetoric and Vivek must start to address this issue with indisputable facts.  Stop with the poached eggs and preach solid food beginning with the fact that the Breakfast Club gang seems giddy that they are so uneducated that these grown adults with a huge viewership admitted they don't know the 3 branches of Government.  SERIOUSLY????  If you have lived in the US your entire life and do not know what the 3 branches of the US Government are, you shouldn't be allowed to vote!  

Ok, enough of my rant and let's get onto this really great critique.

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