Dr. Fauci came out and plainly stated that wearing a mask “shows respect for another person…it’s the right thing to do.” Like a badge of honor. And just like that the majority of rioters and looters and those out with a goal of destruction took that advice very seriously. Image after image has shown us that even criminals are socially responsible!

It’s hard to argue with “science” and I believe that even in the midst of social discord there are still those who are showing us “the right thing to do.” There still may be some judgemental people who will argue the fact that these people are stealing and destroying from their communities in an attempt to bring about “social justice” and to those I say; “but look at how responsible these people are being, wearing their masks, stop being so judgemental!”

Now I understand, that we have seen riots before, very similar to what we are seeing now and even then, these rioters wore masks, so you may be saying to yourself, “this is no big deal, they’ve always worn masks” but please, let me point out the difference. Many of these rioters, looters, and destroyers were not wearing your typical bad guy type bandana, no certainly not, many were wearing a surgical type mask! There is a difference and if you don’t understand that simple FACT then YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM! Take the below image for instance. This man sets himself apart from the typical thief. He is showing, by wearing a surgical mask type mask that he takes responsibility for protecting his community against him passing on any type of virus! I am not so sure about the young man jumping out of the broken window however…but this guy, he shows that he cares about others!

Responsible Looter!

There are so many examples of those who truly care about the welfare of others by wearing the appropriate type of mask and those who really don’t. I mean, come on people, a bandana tied around the back of your head does absolutely NOTHING to protect the community, your friends, your family, strangers against contracting the Chinese Flu should you be a silent carrier. When I view the below image of looters who are out there protesting the death of a black man, doing their part to combat police brutality by re-decorating their homes, I can tell right away who really cares about society and protecting others! Yep, you see it too, it’s the guy with the surgical mask on. He makes me feel like he cares more because he is actually wearing a mask that looks like it will protect others…unlike the woman who simply pulled an old bandana out of a drawer. And if you think this woman cares about protecting society from the Wuhan flu, then YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM!

I sincerely hope that I have made my point abundantly clear regarding social responsibility during this time of Crisis. And to know that we simply can’t compare the masks of these social justice warriors who loot and destroy property for a cause, to those of the past. These masks are different, these masks show respect for others and even in this terrible time of social unrest, these people care and it shows on their faces! So STOP the hate and judgment of those wearing masks! They are far better than those of us who do NOT wear one!

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Daniella Cross is a writer who seeks out the truth that the mainstream media ignores, evades, or otherwise conceals from the public.
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