Remember when President Biden and VP Harris played vaccine politics. Harris, "I won't take it if Trump tells me to."

Business owners from around the country are FED UP and are beginning to sue their local governments for their property damage caused by BLM  and ANTIFA rioters that inflicted millions of dollars of damage to their businesses.  Yes, it is about time that people started to stand up to these THUGS!  But, who should take the brunt of this responsibility?  Who went on National TV and incited these Leftists thugs to go out and loot, burn, destroy and even murder innocent people?  Well, none other than our Vice President Kamala Harris!  Not only did she tell the country and her criminal domestic terrorists that "They’re not going to let up and they should not and we should not” but she also recruited people to pay bail money for those who had been jailed for committing crimes against innocent people to burn buildings, destroy vehicles and even to destroy Federal property.  Now she didn't come right out and say to do these things, but she did INCITE these actions by her words and her actions urging people to foot the the bail  bill for jailed criminals to go back out and cause more destruction.  Harris DIDN'T say, go march peacefully and let your voice be heard.  Nope, she did not!  Let's also throw CNN's Chris Cuomo into a lawsuit as well for encouraging violence as he claimed, "Please, show me where it says that protests are supposed to be polite and peaceful..." These are words of INCITEMENT!

I think it is awesome that people are doing something about what they have suffered at the hands of these Democrat crazies!  But, they really need to go to the source and that is the SECOND in command of our country, Kamala Harris!  

We have seen what happens during any type of Government investigation...when the Democrats went after Trump before the election and then continued with the farce well after he won the 2016 election we saw so much corruption, and coups were uncovered.  But did ANY of the key players suffer ANY consequences for their roles in these crimes?  NOPE!  We now have our very own Vice President complicit with the summer rioters who were armed, dangerous and caused so much destruction in some of our major cities.  She will not be brought to justice by our government, no matter who is steering this ship.  The ONLY way for these people to experience any sort of reprimand for their criminal activity is if normal, everyday citizens who were affected by the actions of these politicians, sue them personally!  Yes, take them to court!  

If I had a business that was burned to the ground because Kamala Harris bailed a domestic terrorist out of jail, or urged someone else to do it, then she is DIRECTLY responsible for my losses.  This is common sense and called "accessory to the crime" more so, the instigator!  We have her on video encouraging rioters and telling the American people to "BEWARE!"  We have her tweets begging for bail money to free these domestic terrorists from jail so they they go back out to the streets and commit more crime, more personal property destruction...  What else do you need? 

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Daniella Cross

Daniella Cross is a writer who seeks out the truth that the mainstream media ignores, evades, or otherwise conceals from the public.
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