Thneeds indeed the Liberals in need.

I am, I must say a Capitalist indeed, but please let me tell you what happens when one gets greedy with Thneed.  The Once-ler admitted, to which I disagree, "I, the old Once-ler, felt sad as I watched them all go. BUT...business is business! And business must grow regardless of crummies in tummies, you know."

Thneed is a thing quite versatile indeed, for your clothing and comfort and everything you need.  The problem you see is the Truffula tree, they grew plentiful for all and as plain as can be.  From the Tuffs of this tree is the profit of Thneed.    But the greed for the need for more and more Thneed made the Once-ler and his breed crazy indeed.  For the Once-ler had said, "There's no cause for alarm.

I chopped just one tree. I am doing no harm."  One tree, just one tree, it's easy to say when explained that all the others will certainly stay.  But that was not the case, as Dr. Seuss pointed out, and the Lorax was mad and he started to shout.  For the Lorax and I are of the same mind. When a business says, "business is business, we don't have to be kind", the world will go crazy like they are loosing their mind.  The people won't matter because the business won't care and when everything's gone they will start a great scare. 

People need land and water and trees and perhaps the luxury of some elaborate Thneeds.  The problem is, I can clearly see is this business is shortsighted…don't you agree?  There is nothing wrong in life to want to succeed, but when this comes out of greed and the peoples lives become desperate with need, we have to stop and think, who planted this seed?  It wasn't the workers who just wanted their pay, it wasn't the trees who just wanted to stay.  Who was it then you ask with dismay, and why in the world did they want it this way?

I will tell you the truth as plain as I can, I will tell you the source, where this all began.  It starts with a thought, as innocent as pie and it blooms just as quickly to the breadth of the sky.   The hearts of men are evil they say, but I really don’t think it started this way.

Back before time, when all was just bliss, the story was told as simple as this.  Man and his world were right with each other, that is until one man found fault with his brother.  They did not run a business for profit, they weren’t making money and lining their pocket.  So what does this story have to do with Truffula tress and Big Business who steal and do as they please?  Well you see, it is not about the start, it is all about the heart.  The heart of man can turn bitter and cold…it affects the young as well as the old.  And in the beginning, the sin of one man, showed the world how easy it can.

Dr. Seuss tells it simply and with him I agree, so simple indeed that a child can read.  He tells of a man obsessed with his Thneed, obsessed with his profit, obsessed with his greed.  And in the dawn when all was all gone, nothing was left not even a song, he would drop his bucket to retrieve his pay, so that you could hear the horrible story he had to say. 

Do no confuse success with the profit of Thneed, the love of money is the same as the greed.  A successful man is lucky indeed, it is not rare for him to be absent of need.  But the Liberals have come banging their pans and the pots imposing their wills and their many not, nots, saying the good Dr. SEUSS is nothing but rots. You need to know, as the numbers will show,  there are many out there, lots and lots who will expose this lie by just connecting the dots. ~Daniella Cross

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Daniella Cross is a writer who seeks out the truth that the mainstream media ignores, evades, or otherwise conceals from the public.
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