Remember when President Biden and VP Harris played vaccine politics. Harris, "I won't take it if Trump tells me to."

What did all these rioters do for George Floyd when he was alive to help him kick his drug addiction? What did they do for Breonna Taylor's life, living with a drug dealer? What about 13 yr. old Adam Toledo? Who was helping to raise him to not be a gun-shooting thug? Where were the BLM rioters who are unceasingly burning down and destroying black lives when Daunte Wright held a black woman at gunpoint? Who was helping him to be a better person? Where was ANY member of BLM for any of these people that they claim are so oppressed? Where they out patrolling the streets to fight black-on-black crime? Were they funding rehab centers for these drug addicts? Were they helping a little boy to stay off the streets so he could grow up and be a responsible, productive member of society? Where was Maxine Waters when all these people needed her? NOWHERE!

You see, no one wants to address any of the problems that are commonly seen in the Black communities because you would first have to ADMIT where the problem stems, and it ISN'T a racial one, it is a criminal mindset. But NO ONE wants to admit that, and the radical left exploits that fact!  We could say that the unprecedented black on black crime that we see happening in our cities is due to racism, but then we would have to admit that blacks are racist against themselves.  But what is much more obvious is that in these communities, BLACK LIVES DO NOT MATTER TO BLACK PEOPLE!  If this weren't a true statement, then there wouldn't be so much crime and violence in these predominately black areas.  

Oh yes, they come out in droves, rioting, looting and destroying the very lives of those whom they claim "matter" but I just don't buy into the bullchit.  Because that is what it is!  What we are experiencing is Trotskyism plain and simple.  A constant agitation from the far left, Marxist in origin with propagandized division and non-stop revolution.  Truth doesn't matter, criminal behaviour is rewarded and encouraged and people are pitted against each other.  This is exactly what we are seeing now.  

The Marxist group, BLM has nothing, NOTHING at all to do with helping or even saving Black lives, and I wonder when people, especially those on the left begin to see that truth.  Joe Biden is becoming a major player in this takeover of our country by these far left extremists by playing right into their hands.  And sadly, we have a WOKE culture that has absolutely no understanding of our country's history.  This is how Joe Biden can spew words like, "Jim Crow" because the majority of the uneducated population of this country is completely ignorant of the fact that it was the Democrats who established these laws.  They simply have no idea what the Democrats have done to the black people since before the Civil War!  And they have no clue how racist Joe Biden actually has been in his long life because the Main Stream Media is silent on this fact.  

And then we have people like Maxine Waters inciting violence, our Vice President, Kamala Harris encouraging her supporters to bail violent rioters out of jail so they can go out and destroy the livelihood of black people.  Is anyone getting it yet?  It is all about confusing, dividing and causing panic in the hearts of the American people.  It is all about REVOLT!  But not from anyone but the extremely radical left.  

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Daniella Cross

Daniella Cross is a writer who seeks out the truth that the mainstream media ignores, evades, or otherwise conceals from the public.
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