Coeur d’Alene in the News Again Accusations of “alleged racial abuse.” Is it True?

Coeur d’Alene in the News Again Accusations of “alleged racial abuse.”  Is it True?
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Seems like the only time our quaint little town bubbles up in the Mainstream Media lava flow is when it has something to do with racism, white supremacy or some sort of intolerance or hate...could this be because we are mostly conservatives living in a Red state who value our Country & Constitution?   What allegedly happened to the Utah Women's Basketball team while they were staying in our lovely town for the NCAA Tournament which was being held a conversation away, in Spokane, Wa. caused me to dig a little deeper into this incident and not simply jump on the--what a bunch of racists--bandwagon as so many have a propensity to do.  Some things just didn't add up...

On the evening of Thursday, March 21st, the mostly White, Utah basketball team and evidently, the University of Irvine Women's Basketball team as well, were walking to one of the many local restaurants that are located on our main street.  This street, Sherman Ave is full of designer shops and restaurants and is just steps away from the the Coeur d'Alene Resort where they were staying.  It was claimed by one or perhaps more than one of these young women that they encountered a "white truck with a Confederate flag" revving its engine and then were accosted by racial slurs from an individual in that truck and a while later, after they finished their dinner and were taking the short walk back to the hotel, the same truck, evidently now accompanied by another truck shouted racial slurs at the same group of young women.   

Although, not as diverse as some bigger towns or big cities, you will see, at any given time, our main street, Sherman Ave., a diverse crowd of people here to enjoy our lovely town.  And just like any other small town, main street is where people show off their cars & their trucks as they cruise down the few blocks that make up the hub. There is rarely a time when some kid isn't revving their engine at a stop's just what they do.   But yelling out racial slurs? 

Just a side note, as this hotel has been brought into this local "scandal" the Coeur d'Alene Resort is the most prestigious resort  in our tiny downtown area and is world famous for its amenities, friendly staff and its serene waterfront location and has hosted dignitaries, famous actors and actresses and the uber rich of all shades of color. But as the media is reporting:  "Utah Women's Basketball team alleges racial abuse, forced to change hotels during NCAA Tournament stay."  Shame on you KREM2 and all the other "news" outlet for making it seem as though the Coeur d'Alene Resort had anything to do with this alleged encounter.  

So as the story goes, these gals were walking to one of our local restaurants and this happened as reported by a local Spokane, Wa. news (KREM2) outlet as told by, Tony Stewart, the secretary of the Kootenai County Task Force on Human Relations.

Media File as reported by KREM2 News

Now, if this is really what happened, I find that completely unacceptable.  Just as unacceptable as people of color disparaging white people.  I generally don't believe everything I hear regarding acts of racism because, well, people many times have their own agendas.  Take this incident for instance, why would these girls do this?  What would they gain?

And we all remember, the Coventon kid and Jussie Smollett...or how how about this: 

It was all made up

What really caused me to question the validity of these accusations was this quote in the KREM2 news report:

KREM2 quote

Now, New York's Black, female Attorney General, Letitia James may call Tony Stewart, “too male, too pale, and too stale” but I am just going to call him OUT for not sharing reliable facts in the form of security cam video on this alleged incident.  I'm not saying this didn't happen, but I am also not saying it did.  Do I believe that a kid in a truck revved his engine?  Heck yes!  Do I believe that 2 trucks both revved their engines on Sherman Ave?  100% absolutely!  That is certainly nothing uncommon on that short strip; it's the main cruise. The rest of the story, I'm unsure about.  The vast majority of these businesses have cameras and I am waiting to see the footage of the Truck(s) and I will listen intently for racial slurs.  If these alleged "racist" individuals yelled a slur so loud that these women heard it, then so did the cameras.  So I will wait...but the media and the race baiters haven't.  Ironically it has been a week since these accusations and not a single video.  Odd?  Yes.  You know for a fact how quickly video evidence is produced, especially when it comes to racial "hate speech."  But in this instance, with surveillance cameras all around, NOTHING. 

I do believe that it is a good thing that these basketball teams were moved to Spokane as they felt that their lives were in danger, in our town.  After all, we all know that Spokane, Wa is a VERY SAFE place to be and you most certainly wouldn't hear a single racial slur there.  

I woke up this morning with a couple of video's (audio clips) from the police call regarding this alleged incident. What I noticed first is that the caller espoused his narrative regarding the history of this town, when for a brief amount of time a man who embraced the ideologies of the Aryan Nation settled in small town, Hayden, just North of Coeur d'Alene, Id.  The citizens of both towns didn't tolerate this man or his racist agenda and the only people who paid much attention to him was the Liberal Lunatic media who painted our entire area with their broad brush of propaganda because they wanted to push a narrative that North Idaho was a bees nest of stinging racists and still, to this day that lie lives on as was evident by the comments of this caller--"many of them would be black and doesn't seem to work to well here..."  "...but it's not unknow what has gone on in this region in the past...that's discussed, but let's just say there is a stigma or a history...can't control what your hillbilly what trash people..."  Ahh, the set up.

Now, let me reiterate about our main street, Sherman Ave.  The main strip is about 4 blocks and at each block there is a stop light.  "Racing down the street" really can't happen in that small area, even if all the lights were in your favor, which never happens, there is simply too much congestion, too many people, especially at that hour of the day, to be "racing" those 4 blocks.

The next thing is the fact that this caller stated that there were roughly 100 college students, in a group walking down Sherman Ave, heading to the "Tap House" which is literally accessible through the Resort without having to go outside at all.  But if 100 or so people wanted to stroll our main street to get to the restaurant it is less than half a block from the entrance of the Hotel.  This just doesn't make any sense, unless these vehicles were "racing" away from Sherman where the stop lights end and just kept coming back, waiting for this huge group of people to exit the restaurant.  But, it they were so "afraid" for their lives, WHY wouldn't they simply get back to hotel through in interior of the area we call, "The Shops".  This is an inside plaza, owned and connected by a sky bridge to the Coeur d'Alene Resort.  There would have been no reason for these terrified people to even step one foot on Sherman ave.  

And for now, my last thought would be the fact that 100 people in a group, walking together would certainly bring some attention, and in today's age of filming everything that happens in your life, there would be many personal videos along with the dozens of security cameras capturing this alleged "hate crime"  perpetrated by some of our "WHITE TRASH" citizens.  Just as a side note, you can't say, "white trash" on Facebook without getting thrown in Facebook Jail.  It is considered HATE SPEECH!  

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