Hunter Biden's Gun Trial finally exposes 2020 election Interference!

We are now going into year 3 of the COVID "pandemic" and there is very little indication that this bug is going anywhere, anytime soon.  Most of you have heard of the latest variant, the Omicron BA2 "subvariant."  Who knows how this little political bug is going to circulate throughout the world...I guess it depends on who is in power.  

So, until we get the correct data on who died OF Covid as opposed to WITH Covid, I am just going to use the inflated numbers as they are reported by the corrupt CDC to see how effective these experimental mRNA jabs really have been and if the constant regurgitation of, "THEY SAVE LIVES" is really true.  Mind you, we don't simply hear these words from the Liberal liars but also from the Conservative right who are so afraid of being RIGHT!

Alright, let's take a look at the numbers.  The total number of Covid deaths from January, 2020-Jan.31st, 2022 is reported to be 886,101.  Remember we are just one month into 2022.  Let's look at the Rona deaths in 2020 when we had no vaccines and the original, KILLER virus was running rampant.  According to the CDC there were 385,343 Covid deaths in 2020.  Then in December of 2020 an experimental mRNA vaccine was introduced and widely available to the public the following month, in Jan of 2021.  People ran like chickens with their heads cut off to get the Jab, the PSA campaigns were hot and heavy, many states were holding lotteries with huge prize money to the lucky number of the vaccinated, NYC was giving out free burgers and fries to get the vaccine...bla bla bla...

The Fauci, the CDC, the WHO and our own dementiated President Biden claimed that if you got the COVID vaccine you wouldn't get the COVID!  Alright, well was that the truth?  Did this experimental "vaccine" save lives like we are told, over and over again?  

One would assume, the advent of the "vaccine" would PROVE a decline in COVID deaths...right? That's what "vaccines" do!  Well, let's take a look.  The CDC reported in 2021,  386,233 Covid deaths.  Hmmm, 890 more deaths than the previous year.  I mean come on, how can 386,233 people die when over half the population was vaccinate?  MORE than the year before!  And then we must take a look at the first "variant" that raised its ugly head shortly after the Fauci juice started to flow into the veins of the uber Covinoid. Introducing the DELTA!

And then, while the puppet masters held the strings, high above President Biden, he told the world that this was a disease of the unvaccinated.  This was actually not true, as it was the vaccinated that were flooding our ER facilities and booster shots were required to be "fully vaccinated."  If you weren't boostered and admitted to the hospital, you were coded as UNVACCINATED! Politicians, celebrities and fully vaccinated notable people were coming down with the COVID!  As the months rolled by the next variant was born, OMICRON!  But it wasn't the unvaccinated most at risk for contracting this variant, it was the fully vaccinated.

So, OMICRON is no respecter of a therapeutic marketed under the guise of a "vaccine" and came to us proving this with unequivocal data!  RELEASE the next booster!  If you were hospitalized with the OMICRON and hadn't yet gotten your booster, you were put in the database and reported as UNCLEAN, um, I mean, unvaccinated!  Seriously!  

Ok then, so where are we with this effective vaccine in the first month and last day of January 2022?  114,525 Covid deaths so far in the 31 days of Jan. 2022!!!!  The majority of these deaths are people who have had at least 2 shots and the rest are those who are FULLY vaccinated with boosters.  Of the reported cases of OMICRON, the majority are fully vaccinated.

We  we now have over 100K deaths in just one month...a year after the SAFE & EFFECTIVE vaccines came out.  Are we such foolish people to continue to believe that this experimental jab is actually saving lives?  Are we to believe the constant rhetoric of, "it could have beens so much worse if I hadn't been vaccinated!"  There is zero science to back that up.  

An actual vaccine drastically reduces the transmission of a particular disease, especially after 50% of the population has received the vaccine.  We are well past that 50% mark and the number of deaths have increased, not declined, coupled with adverse reactions that are higher than what the Vaccine Adverse Reporting Agency has ever seen in its history.

This all being said, WHY are people still stating a lie?  These vaccines are NOT saving lives, they are certainly NOT stopping the spread of COVID, and currently people like the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau who is currently fully vaccinated AND infected with COVID, is disparaging and disrespecting THOUSANDS of Truckers who are fighting for all of our freedoms, by still claiming that the vaccines are effective as he is in quarantine!  


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Daniella Cross is a writer who seeks out the truth that the mainstream media ignores, evades, or otherwise conceals from the public.
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