Finally! It is over and the Mueller report is complete. I think we have all seen or heard Bill Barr briefing the world on the billions of witnesses, the myriad of subpoenas, the zillion interviews, bla bla bla and Trump is exactly as he has claimed all along, INNOCENT! However, I am not going to go into the media having their usual meltdown when things don’t pan out the way they steered their narrative, but I am going to point out something extremely important that Mueller and Bill Barr completely missed in this ENTIRE investigation. Well, yes, this 2-year investigation DID find that Russia was guilty was spreading disinformation and propaganda on lots of Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter and their main goal was to divide the American people. Now pay close attention; the Russians played BOTH sides! Their main goal was to divide, so they had bots and some real actors posting negative stuff against BOTH candidates! Remember their goal was not to pick their favorite candidate and make that person win, they just wanted chaos in our country. You know, like how the Liberal, fascist, Antifa, or the racist BLM groups like to stir up trouble, except with the Russians, they didn’t pick a side they just posted stuff. Or should I say, “some people did something.” They posted lies and propaganda during an election year…like that is something new to any election! So, yes, we can say that the Russian were pesky little Ruskies! I suppose in a broad sense of the term, they attempted to “influence” our elections. But that’s not what I want to discuss…


It’s not about how Russia influenced our elections, or even about Trumps’s innocence in colluding with the Ruskies, I want to talk about the words because words mean things and in this case, we have lots of words that haven’t been in our vernacular, well, like really…EVER! So, let’s begin with the word, COLLUSION. “Collusion is a secret cooperation or deceitful agreement in order to deceive others, although not necessarily illegal, as a conspiracy. In collusion with the enemy.” Webster. Then let’s move on to the word, Disinformation. “False information which is intended to mislead, especially propaganda issued by a government organization to a rival power or the media.” Then next, Propaganda. “Information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.” And, Finally, Dissemination. “the action or fact of spreading something, especially information, widely.” So, now that we have a pretty good understanding of what these words mean, we are faced with Mueller’s report that our Attorney General, Bill Barr summed up with the words, “NOT GUILTY!”  So if Trump was NOT guilty with Colluding with the Russians, who was?


Bill Barr, taking his cues from the final report of the Mueller investigation claimed that Russia did indeed try to influence our elections with their divisive rhetoric, but the elections played out and Trump won and considering that Russia was an equal opportunity offender, attempting to poison both sides of the river, who actually did the colluding? Ok, I do tend to write to an educated audience, so for most of you, the answer is quite obvious. But, for those of you that lack literally comprehension, please refer back to the FOUR definitions listed above. I’ll wait… Ok, unfortunately for us, Mr. Barr neglected to name the colluders so I will have to do his job for him! Over the course of almost two years, we have heard a preponderance of “evidence” from the Mainstream media that, without a shadow of a doubt, Trump colluded with the Russians. I could sit here and quote the myriad of rock-solid claims the media blared on a daily basis, but I think for time sake I will simply let them speak for themselves. However, we must first have a very good understanding of the psychology behind WHY there needed to be that SOMETHING… that something that caused some people to do something.

Now as much as I want to talk about Hillary Clinton's involvement in this, I won't, simply because at this point it seems that, as I predicted, Mueller covered all his bases when he stated in his final report, "and no other American citizen colluded with the Russians..."  So, for now I call a foul on that play.  But, if you took the time to watch that compilation of  clips it is blatantly obvious that the Propaganda stage was standing firm and it was supposed to be deeply planted into the mind's of Americans that there was NO WAY IN HELL Trump was going to win this election!  Like, NO FRIGGIN WAY!  But..Then...He...Did!  So what exactly are they to do with this win?  This, impossible, it will NEVER HAPPEN win?  Simple, you make something up and you throw it to a teammate and attempt a Hail Mary and cheer on the media to Disseminate, Propagandize, spew disinformation and play directly into the hands of Russia...YOU COLLUDE with them to finish what they disjoint the American people, to cause great divisions and they did it so well that not even the Media realizes that they are in Collusion with the Russians.  They've been PLAYED!  And they are guilty of COLLUSION!   

It really doesn't get more clear than this; The media is guilty of attempting to influence an election, the media is guilty of Disinformation and Propaganda against Donald Trump and the media is guilty of Disseminating false information!  And it is the MEDIA who is guilty of colluding with Russia as they did exactly what Russia set them up to do!   But should the finger point directly at the media or was there more?  Is there another word we are missing? Ahh, but yes, yes there is indeed one more is not one of the fifty cent words that we can all simply rattle off our tongue now, it is short, and it is French in origin (go figure) and it is COUP!  "a sudden decisive exercise of force in politics..." generally used to overthrow a government or a President currently in power.  

So, we must ask ourselves; RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA?  Is it easier to fool the American lemmings by constructing, bit by bit, piece by piece a globulous monster that wants to take over America, make us all speak Russian and all drive a...well, whatever they drive.  The point is, that for decades, specifically after WWll we have been programed to fear the Russians, well at least my generation has.  But what about this younger generation that is so mentally vacuous they really had no presupposed anxiety about that pending mushroom cloud in their backyard?  Well, folks, now the entire population, from tiny tots to moronic Millennials have experienced the resurrection of the Red Scare, the Golden Sickle about to digitally slice through the country like a ripe beet.  And it only took a few short years from Obama's amorous, "HOT MIKE MOMENT" with the Russian President to rekindle that flame of fear.  And what a better mouthpiece than Trump to breath air into that dwindling fire. After all, his threats to "Drain the Swamp" were certainly not idle!  And everyone knew that.

Collusion, Propaganda, Disinformation, Dissemination...All of these strategies were perpetrated by the MEDIA, they had a goal and a very obvious agenda and they are guilty!  But who, WHO was standing under the Endzone?  Who tossed the ball onto the field?  Russia?  Naw, even Obama openly chastised Mitt Romney, when Romney stated that Russia was the "biggest threat facing America."  See Romney has a couple years on Obama and he remembers as do I the constant fear that was put into our hearts by the global cheerleaders that a hostile takeover by Russia was imminent, so it would take very little effort to bring back those memories to us seniors.  Obama's response was, "The cold war has been over for 20 years...the 1980's are calling, asking for their foreign policies back." 2012.    Obama also made it clear to the American public that "rigging" interference was impossible and that for Trump to even suggest that a US election could be "rigged" was “unprecedented” and “irresponsible" Obama goes on to answer a question regarding Russia, "The bottom line, is that we think that Russia is a large important country with a military that is second only to ours, and has to be a part of the solution on the world stage, rather than part of the problem."  There was so much in this transcript of Obama's Rose Garden Speech that is crucial in understanding who handed the ball to the Media that you simply have to hear it from, then President of the United States (at that time), Barack Obama.  Listen carefully to what he attention!  THIS is in the huddle.

Now you know, beyond a shadow of any doubt who owns Team Media!  And our word of the day is, Coup.


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Daniella Cross is a writer who seeks out the truth that the mainstream media ignores, evades, or otherwise conceals from the public.
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