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It's happening again in our peaceful little town.  THE TROLLS HAVE ARRIVED!  I really can't call them anything else but what they are.  According to our local, Liberal News outlet, the CDA Press: "Demonstrators will assemble this afternoon to call for the defunding and demilitarization of the Coeur d’Alene Police Department."  Who the heck are these people are WHY are they TROLLING our town?  TO those young people,  feeling the need to rebel against authority as so many young people do, no matter the generation era, why DO IT HERE?

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Coeur d"Alene, Idaho is a tourist town and although we do see our fair share of crime, it is usually drug related and petty crimes.  This is a town that you can feel safe walking down the street at night.  Our local population is roughly 53,000 and that includes our rural areas.  People come here from all over the country and the world enjoy our many lakes, rivers, mountains and laid back living. Although predominantly Conservative in ideologies, people tend to relocate here from places like California, Seattle and Oregon to escape the crazies and live here in relative peace and harmony.  They don't come here to encounter the same Liberal TROLLS they felt they had escaped.  Unfortunately, the children they bring with them have a difficult time being deprogrammed from the Socialist, Liberal ideologies that have been pounded into their head their entire life from the public school system...the Democrats depend on this brainwashing to affect these children for life..and it doesn't matter what the parents believe, many children that move here with their parents have already been polluted by the Liberal Left's agenda that has been ingrained in them. 

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But again, we are having to arm up, stand guard and perhaps defend out community from those TROLLS who are ONLY SEEKING to disrupt our lives.  We don't have people in our community calling to defund our Police, we actually like our police!  Why, because they are our friends and neighbors.  Many are the kids that we taught in Sunday School, adult children of our friends, mature adults that we have known for years...the old and the young police officers of this town are NOT OUR ENEMIES, they are our friends!  So I ask; who is organizing this, "protest" to defund our police?  A bunch of kids?  Highly doubtful!  This is NOT the work of YOUNG PEOPLE, this is being organized by those who are pushing their Marxist, Socialist agenda's on little communities like ours.  They simply cannot have unity, but  are TROLLING for and instigating discord.  

Coeur d'Alene may be a calm and peaceful little tourist town, but we can gather are citizens and our ARMS together in a moments notice.  DO NOT THINK FOR ONE MINUTE THAT WE ARE WEAK AND THAT WE WILL ALLOW YOU TO COME INTO OUR TOWN, OR INFLUENCE OUR YOUNG PEOPLE.  WE WILL CONTINUE TO STAND UP AGAINST YOU!  


I will keep you all  informed as the evening progresses!  Pray for peace. 

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Daniella Cross is a writer who seeks out the truth that the mainstream media ignores, evades, or otherwise conceals from the public.
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