Remember when President Biden and VP Harris played vaccine politics. Harris, "I won't take it if Trump tells me to."

Facebook, didn't waste any time fact checking Kamala Harris strong convictions regarding a Vaccine Mandate with a mostly false tag! Not only did Kamala Harris say she WOULD NOT take the COVID VACCINE if President Donald Trump told her to, she said it to the ENTIRE United the ENTIRE WORLD!  

Harris didn't like President Trump, she didn't put her trust in him and she made it VERY clear that if Trump told her, MANDATED her to take the COVID vaccine, she WOULD NOT TAKE IT!  She made her bold, personal and politically motivated admission that she trusted  the lying, Leftist Fauci, who was working with and for the Trump administration, but NOT the President of the United States.  And you know what, she has that right to voice her personal opinions...she didn't like President Trump, therefore she was absolutely NOT going to take an alleged life-saving vaccine if she were told to, or in other words, MANDATED to by President Trump.  And her, all-in, allegiance to Fauci tells me that she had some inside information on the COVID vaccine to make such a convincing statement to the American people that this experimental vaccine was NOT the life-saving wonder cure it has now been promoted as being.  Is the formulation different now that Biden/Harris are in charge?  Did they fire all the scientist and pharmaceutical companies that were being pressed so hard by the Trump administration to develop this experimental gene therapy and replace them with Biden/Harris approved entities?   

Kamala Harris is now our Vice President and Joe Biden our President. When campaigning Joe Biden stated that this COVID vaccine was rushed..."With deaths from the coronavirus nearing 200,000 in the United States, Joseph R. Biden Jr. on Wednesday assailed President Trump for playing politics with a potential coronavirus vaccine, saying he did not trust Mr. Trump to determine when a vaccine was ready for Americans. 'Let me be clear: I trust vaccines,' Mr. Biden said. 'I trust scientists. But I don’t trust Donald Trump, and at this moment, the American people can’t either.'” NYTs-(Ember, 9/16)

"Scientific breakthroughs don't care about calendars, anymore than the virus does. They certainly don't adhere to election cycles, and their timing, their approval and their distribution should never ever be distorted by political considerations.  They should be determined by science and safety alone."  ~Joe Biden  Sept. 2020 

SO, it is very clear and easily understandable that the safety of this vaccine is all about TRUST  (not science), IE. if you personally like and TRUST your President, Vice President and the administration they control! Both Harris AND Joe Biden made this fact abundantly clear in their statements regarding the experimental gene therapy called the "COVID Vaccine."  Because they didn't like or trust President Trump, therefore, they didn't like or trust the COVID vaccine under Trump.  THIS IS OUR SCIENCE!  

That being said, I am making a declaration, following the SAME edicts and standards that were passionately conveyed to me by our current President and Vice President:

I hereby state that I do NOT trust Joe Biden or Kamala Harris. I do not like, Joe Biden or Kamala Harris or Dr. Fauci and I have NO TRUST or FAITH in the "COVID Vaccine" that is being overseen, distributed and MANDATED by their administration.

Let it also be known that I do not come by this personal conviction by the same measure as our current president and vice president did (purely political) in Nov. 2020 when there was very little scientific information regarding the safety of this vaccine. I come to hold my deeply held convictions after months of diligent research first and foremost and then by the same ideology as our current leaders, on a purely personal level-->I WILL NOT TAKE THIS VACCINE IF BIDEN OR HARRIS TELLS ME TO!

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Daniella Cross

Daniella Cross is a writer who seeks out the truth that the mainstream media ignores, evades, or otherwise conceals from the public.
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