The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) is actively recruiting people with "severe disabilities" and "psychiatric disorders" to be a part of our aviation industry!

Shut up Joe! We don't need you lecturing us on defending freedom.  Many of us have been doing just that for the last 2 years! "Defending freedom will have costs!"  How dare you even try to blame  the invasion of Ukraine  as the reason for our country suffering this stifling inflation. Your ineptitude on foreign and domestic policies and your communist comrades are the reason our county continues to suffer!  THIS IS ALL ON YOU!  Our country is suffering because of YOU!

How dare you, stand up in front of this country and make such an asinine statement that defending freedom will have costs?  Don't you realize that for 2 years so many in this country have been defending THEIR freedoms?  How many were arrested for breaking lockdown rules?  Like they guy alone on his paddle board in Malibu, Ca who was arrested for violating the unconstitutional, STAY AT HOME ORDERS? 

Or my Idaho friend, Sara Brady who was arrested for violating the stay at home order and letting her little kids out to play on the public playground that her tax monies pay for.  She should have simply planned a playdate at Home Depot!  Now I had many videos to choose from, but I picked this one as the LIBERAL Media spin was just nauseating!  And ever more so in hindsight. But the video clearly shows Sara FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM, a freedom she is still spending tens of thousands of dollars fighting in court.  Yes, still!  The case hasn't been thrown out, Idaho is still prosecuting her for allowing her little saliva superspreaders to play out in the sunshine!   Idaho may look like a RED state but our Governor, Brad Little is as Blue as the blood in Biden's oxygen deprived veins. Yes, President Biden, we understand the cost of fighting for freedom.

How about all the doctors, nurses, military men and women and everyone else that stood up to our governmental tyrannical, political agenda and sacrificed their jobs, standing up to defend freedom?  Or lets go one step further to our neighbors to the North that rocked the world with their fight to defend freedom.  The Trucker Convoy in Canada sacrificed their freedom, the finances and their ability to provide for their families all in an attempt to DEFEND FREEDOM AT A COST!  But you President Biden, encouraged Pretty boy, Trudeau to enact the Emergency Powers act to decimate this  protest to DEFEND FREEDOM!  How DARE YOU LECtURE US!  

What about all the small businesses that disobeyed Liberal Governor's dictator edicts and disobeyed orders to stay closed who were fined TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS, and lost everything all because they were "defending freedom!"  How DARE YOU LECtURE US!  

A little over a year ago, we were still suffering from the effects of this "pandemic" and those who lived with Nazi type Governors more so.  But what we didn't have was a President who gave up our right to be energy independent, a President who thought that "climate change" was the biggest threat to our democracy...we didn't have a President who allowed millions of illegals, including terrorists to flood our borders and invade our country!  We didn't have a communist President who has been sleeping with the RUSSIANS while also playing footsie under the table with Ukraine.  NO Biden, we had a President who said, AMERICA FIRST!


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Daniella Cross is a writer who seeks out the truth that the mainstream media ignores, evades, or otherwise conceals from the public.
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