Hunter Biden's Gun Trial finally exposes 2020 election Interference!

Today I was listening to the deep state swamp monsters telling us that we should "TRUST THE FBI"  and the DOJ as they are blind to politics and treat everyone the same...OMG seriously?  BARF!  So, I got on Facebook and started to rant.  But then, as I am checking some details regarding my rant I came upon something that I didn't know.  Now understand, if I didn't know it, there are very few out there that know it!  Here's how my rant went...

Remember, the FBI used a FAKE FISA warrant to spy on President Trump, his team and his associates... The FBI attempted to overthrow the Trump Presidency, by using Hillary Clinton's power and ambition to become President... and created the Russian Collusion hoax! Joe Biden gloated on video that the Ukrainian government had to FIRE the special prosecutor that was investigating his son, Hunter if they wanted a BILLION dollars in financial aid! President Trump asked the President of Ukraine to investigate this abuse of power by Joe Biden and the Democrats held an impeachment trial against President Trump.

51 former intelligence operatives signed a 2020 public letter claiming Hunter Biden's infamous laptop was "Russian disinformation" right before the 2020 Presidential election! The FBI knew about the Laptop as the repair shop owner's father contacted the FBI about concerns over the "CLASSIFIED", illegal and very personal information it contained. Now get this, the owner of the computer repair shop, John Paul Mac Isaac's father (Colonel Steve Mac Isaac) is a retired Air Force Colonel! A retired Air Force colonel tried to give Hunter Biden's Laptop to the FBI in the summer of 2019 but they were NOT interested at that time! It wasn't until Oct. 2019, during the impeachment trial that the FBI was interested in Hunter's computer...THEY HAD IT during the impeachment trial which only came about because President Trump was trying to EXPOSE the Biden's corruption in Ukraine, Russia, China, and a myriad of other foreign criminal financial exploits. THE FBI KNEW!

The Laptop was exposed to the public by the NEW YORK POST, one of the oldest and most reputable news outlets. They were censored, anyone posting about the Hunter Biden laptop was censored and the Liberal Media Mob all chanted in unison--"RUSSIAN DISINFORMATION!"

The United States President, Joe Biden, and all of the Deep state players that control him are so deeply submerged in the swamp of deceit and deception and are so afraid of Former President Trump that they are willing to destroy our Republic to destroy Trump!

Trust the FBI! Trust the DOJ! HELL NO!

and then this!-->

Here is the story of a Computer repair guy, John Paul Mac Isaac, his Father who is a 30 yr. Air Force Veteran, Col. Steve Mac Isaac and his Uncle, Col. Ron Scott, a 35 yr. Veteran of the US Air Force and their horrible and incredible journey trying to get the FBI to take Hunter Biden's Laptop! WHY haven't we heard this story??? Trust the FBI? Trust the DOJ?  Click on, "AND THEN THIS" to read transcript or watch this documentary.  2 Colonels in the US Air Force desperately tried to force the FBI to take Hunter Biden's Laptop and they initially refused to even look at it!  

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Daniella Cross is a writer who seeks out the truth that the mainstream media ignores, evades, or otherwise conceals from the public.
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