A few days ago I was watching Attorney General, Merrick Garland testifying before the House Judiciary Committee.  It was all, Dem against Repub as usual…but then something really interesting happened.  Thomas Massie asked Garland, how many FBI agents were embedded into the crowd of Trump  protestors, um, I mean, “insurrectionists!”  And in the blink of an eye, Rep. Massie pulled out his trusty iPad and began playing a clip from that day showing a man that was CLEARLY an agitator but has not been arrested or even questioned for his part in inciting a riot.  GO Massie…not the same as Go Brandon!

This immediately brought me back to the 2020 plot by anti-government extremists to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.  Most don’t know or even have a clue as to what really went on with that scheme but suffice it to say that the Federal government really wants to make their delusional claim that the biggest threat to the US is–> White Supremacy!  They need this to be true so bad that they set things up so the media will do their vile duty and spread the lies.  But the problem is that the Feds must make these things happen.  It’s like their union is SAG and not the Federal Government.  Although, these days it seems that our Government politicians are all SAG members!

Anyway back to, as the plot thickens…so in the conspiracy to kidnap Michigans Dictator, Gretchen Whitmer, some yahoo’s talked about taking Whitmer (by force) out of state and holding their own tribunal.  I don’t know any of those details, well, because I simply don’t care, but in the course of these discussions, the Feds got wind of it; as they probably should and then the Feds created their own script.

“According to BuzzFeed, the federal government in the form of the FBI used at least a dozen confidential informants to infiltrate the group involved in the scheme, according to a federal court filing on Monday…that the FBI had ‘induced or persuaded’ the defendants to go along with the plot.”

WOW, 12 FBI informants or more!  And this was for 6 men accused of plotting to kidnap the Governor.  Interesting. How involved were these FBI agents or informants?   How big of a part was scripted for them to make sure these 6 men went through with their evil intentions?  After all, the fact must be MADE true that White Supremacy is the biggest threat to “our Democracy!”  Regardless if it is true or not, because we all know who the alleged White Supremacists are!  Trump supporters!

This brings us to the Jan. 6th, 2021 INSURRECTION–Seige on the Capitol!  Ok now, half the country knows that this was a setup.  We knew that Antifa was there, as well as some alt-right and alt-left anarchists, both groups generally hate Trump, and then there were those who got swept up in an agitated, planned riot…the majority were Trump supporters.  But what about the FBI?  I would say about 1/4 of the country is pretty convinced that the FBI was involved in inciting the riots at the Capitol.  There were simply too many oddities from the images we saw.  Like the police simply walking around chatting with the “INSURRECTORS” as they peacefully wandered around the Capitol taking pictures. And the Capitol officers that were just standing there when “rioters” were breaking out the window and Ashli Babbitt was shot. Just way too many oddities.

So when Rep. Massie, point-blank asked the attorney general if this guy on the video was a Federal Agent or an informant sent by the FBI to agitate and incite violence, Garland sputtered and hemmed and hawed claiming that he couldn’t talk about ongoing investigations to which Massie said, “Ok, I was hoping today to give you the opportunity to put to rest the concerns that people have that there were federal agents or assets of the federal government present on January 5th or January 6th,” 

Fox News host Tucker Carlson noted: “Wait a second – there’s a huge difference between using an informant to find out what a group you find threatening might do, and paying people to organize a violent action, which is what happened, apparently according to government documents, on January 6.”

The Conservative news outlet, Revolver stated,  “It is now imperative for anyone who cares about the truth to demand that (FBI Director) Christopher Wray answer the question — to what extent did the FBI or any other government agency infiltrate the key militia groups associated with the U.S. Capitol siege?”

State of the Nation, a Conservative watchdog organization has some seriously pressing questions regarding certain groups or agitators present at the Jan 6th Rally; “What group is this agitation cell affiliated with? Who do they work for? Why are they all wearing heavy equipment and coordinating in a trained formation? Why did they sabotage the Stop the Steal event and wave people away from the permitted Lot 8 event before organizers had a chance to get there?”

The above link is click-worthy and worth your time to read.

And when the Liberal NYT’s actually Tweets about FBI involvement, but then becomes silent… Pay attention! Lots of really good information here–click the pic!


FED!  FED!  FED!  Even those in the crowd knew this guy was a FEDERAL AGENT!


Alright folks, if you don’t hear from me again, it means that my kids were right, that if I share things like this, information that the mainstream media WILL NOT REPORT ON because they are 100% complicit…well, it means that the black vans have come and taken me away.  I am hopeful, however, that in time the truth about what really happened and who was responsible for inciting the crowd on Jan. 6th, 2021 will eventually come out.


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Daniella Cross is a writer who seeks out the truth that the mainstream media ignores, evades, or otherwise conceals from the public.
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