Remember when sicko men dressed in only a trench coat were considered vile and a moral outrage to our society as they got off on exposing their man parts to innocent non soliciting eyes?  Yeah, no one cares about that anymore...the Radical Left has one-upped that type of petulant, sexually deviant behaviour, with PRIDE!  Yes, PRIDE in showing off one's sexual deviance; normalizing it, especially targeting our young children. 

Gone are the days where it was the social norm to protect our children from sexual predators or from being we have magazines like Teen Vogue instructing youngsters how to have anal sex, convicted criminals dressing up like garish women reading perverted stories to little children at our public libraries, at our taxpayer expense...  We are seeing children being forced to watch sexualized parades with perverts whose ONLY agenda is SEX of all sorts and all perversions.  There is NOTHING normal about any of this!  There is NOTHING NORMAL about willingly bringing children to watch grown men gyrate in a very sexual manner.  I do believe it is against the law to bring a minor to a strip club, but not to see a drag queen twerk at a public library or a "pride parade"  or a Pride in the park day where they are exposed to visions and sexual innuendos much worse than they would see at a strip club!  

Just a few days ago, our mostly conservative little town was subjected to the evil Communist/Satanic forces of our radical left in promoting, facilitating and funding a "PRIDE IN THE PARK" event  which featured a drag queen purposely exposing himself to the crowd of young children.  Now you can argue with me that this was an, oops wardrobe malfunction that shot his penis right out of his thong, but come man, here's the deal, the look on his face was anything but embarrassment about the fact that his dingdong was hitting the ground!  Now granted, this is the CLEAN version as not to expose any underage brilliant kid who happens to read my stuff, but I can assure you that he was in full view to all the kids that were standing at the stage...just look at the reaction on their faces!  But then look at the facial reaction of this grown man, with GIANT, FAKE BOOBS, gyrating on OUR TAX PAID park stage.  This sure ain't River Dance!  

But why?  What's the point of these grown men, pretending to be women and sexualizing women?  Why are they portraying women as sex-crazed pole dancers?  Is this what they think of women?  Do they want little children and teens to think of women in this caricature?  Why is no one asking these questions?  But then it is really more insidious than this and it all about sex.  It's always been about sex!  Remember a few years ago when Teen vogue put out an article about anal sex directed towards their tween and teen readers?  Oh you forgot about that, let me refresh your memory!

Teen Vogue encourages tween and teens to have anal sex

And tagline for Teen Vogue is this!  I am not sure how instructing tweens to have anal sex will help them conquer or save the world in anyway.  

So what is the real agenda behind all of this?  Let's just look here at the sex offenders reading to our children at OUR public libraries. Or here, or here, here, or how about here--

Is there really PRIDE in this type of behaviour?  Has sexual deviancy become the moral majority?  No, it hasn't! Would the creepy guy in the trench coat still be arrested for lewdness if he exposed himself to a grown woman or a child? Nope, not if he claimed PRIDE he wouldn't!  And this is where we are now...

This was no accident!

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Daniella Cross is a writer who seeks out the truth that the mainstream media ignores, evades, or otherwise conceals from the public.
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